Samsung May Have Ruined Christmas with an Ad Referencing a Mrs. Claus Sex Tape

    December 17, 2012
    Josh Wolford
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A few months ago Samsung released a 30-second ad for the Galaxy S III called “Work Trip,” which promoted the NFC-beaming of information from phone-to-phone with a little joke about a NSFW tape made by a wife for her traveling husband.

“I also made you a video,” says the wife before bumping phones with her departing husband. “But you probably shouldn’t watch it on the plane.”

Ow ow, right? Here’s that ad, for reference.

But now, Samsung has taken it too far with a Christmas-themed version of that ad that involves another, more famous couple. In the following ad, dubbed “Santa’s Work Trip,” Mrs. Claus informs Santa that she also made him a video that calls for discretion. Ah come on, Samsung.

Never has the phrase “coming down your chimney” sounded so wrong. And to sell a phone. For shame.

  • Sam

    Is the author one of the overly religious types? Because “too far” might be over exaggerating it. get over yourself.

  • Tiler

    How come no ones said anything about the koofo commercial with the vibrator wrapped in a box?

  • Pamela

    I agree. They have gone too far. Offensive.

    • B-radical

      Theyre married! Married peeps have sex! Christians like… celebrate that fact. You guys are prudes.

  • yahoodotcom

    mrs. claus was hot i’d fuck her