Sammi Kane Kraft Dies at 20, “Bad News Bears” Star

    October 11, 2012
    Chad Sweely
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The entertainment and baseball industries say goodbye to a young shining star who was just getting started in her career. Sammi Kane Kraft, a talented child actor from New Jersey, has died.

Sammi Kane Kraft was very proficient in athletics and baseball. Her talents with these helped land her an acting role in the 2005 remake of Bad News Bears, a story about Thornton, a little league coach who attempts to turn his team of misfits into champions. In this remake, Kraft performed the role of Amanda Whurlitzer, who was performed by Tatum O’Neal in the original movie.

Apart from her acting career, she also wanted to always take her baseball triumphs to the next level. Kraft competed in the Junior Olympics, and wanted to be involved in the Olympic Games, telling from the quote below from IMDb:

“I love acting, but my real long-term goal is to compete in the Olympics.”

Unfortunately, Sammi Kane Kraft died on Tuesday, October 9th, 2012, after being involved in a car accident while being a passenger in a speeding car of a drunk driver on the 10 Freeway in Los Angeles (source: Los Angeles Times). Many fans of Kraft’s budding career have left their respects via Twitter:

  • http://wearetheriverflow.tumblr.com Jamie Oliveira

    Knowing her as a college friend, we all knew her for her music: a true expression of Sam’s soul. Sam was a rad chick. Here’s the music the left behind: http://soundcloud.com/scarygirls

  • george

    sad, very sad. friends dont let friends drive drunk. take their keys, even if youre the @sshole in their minds.

  • jacko

    Who cares? The slut deserved it for being in the car while a drunk was driving.

    • Jamie

      wow, you’re about a douche bag

    • Diane Stremlau

      When a vibrant young person passes away it is a tremendous lost to all of us.Regardless of the circumstances of Sami Kane Kraft’s death, she is a unique,contributing member of society and should be respected in both life and death.Curious whether the persons writing negative comments have lost someone near and dear to them. This young lady made a poor choice of riding with someone who drove drunk and paid the ultimate price…….her precious life. SOMEONE greater than you and I will determine Sami’s fate and yours.

    • Diane Stremlau

      Missing……empathy. Hopefully you will never lose anyone you love.

    • http://Webpronews Susan

      Must suck to be as angry as you…or is it you’re just really stupid?

  • Pamela


    • Diane Stremlau

      Great short quip.

  • http://webpronews elaine

    I think that this Jacko character is intentionally saying these horrible things maybe was even paid to say them but seeing as this site is not filtering out such blatant disresepct I WILL NEVER READ SHIT FROM HERE AGAIN AND I SSUGGEST THAT ALL OF YOU THAT DONT AGREE WITH THE TURD JACKO DO THE SAME!

  • steve

    so she got in a car where the driver was full blown drunk? I’m guessing she was drunk too. sounds like all little hollywood super stars.

    • DEE

      If she knew that the driver was drunk, then why did she get in the car in the first place and was she drunk as well? I’m sorry for her parents to go through this shit- I hate drunks and driving drunks…Wake up people- This may be cruel coming from someone whom is not involved with drinking nor drug taking- but it’s just as much as her fault as the driver.

  • Cynthia

    It is always unfortunate when you are the victim of a drunk driver whether you in the car with them, walking or in another car. It is still murder in my book.

  • bill

    I was an extra in that movie (Blue Team) when I was 12. I never met her but I remember playing a pickup football game on set with the whole Bears team. Sad that I just found that out. RIP.