Sabrina Bryan Eliminated: DWTS “All-Stars” Week 6

    October 31, 2012
    Chad Sweely
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It came as a shock to many during last night’s results show when Disney Cheetah Girl Sabrina Bryan and Pro-dancer Louis Van Amstel were eliminated. One of the main reasons why this came as a shock was because they received the highest score of the previous night’s “Country Night” with an 88.5 (cumulative from the week before).

Sabrina performed an awesome Rumba with Louis to the song “Wanted” by Hunter Hayes, starting off the performance with a very content-rich solo, and then partnering with Louis for the rest of the song. Her performance included: solid chemistry between her and Louis, exquisite Latin hip action, clean open breaks and sliding doors, and well-synchronized Rumba walks. I have provided a clip of this performance below:

A weird coincidence about Sabrina leaving during this point in the competition is that she also was eliminated during week 6 of Season 5 when she was paired with Mark Ballas.

Sabrina’s closing remarks prior to the end of the results show were “This was my second chance. I’m grateful for this experience, and Dancing With the Stars honestly has been just an absolute dream.”

  • http://Yahoo Carolyn Tramontana

    Its all fixed. I bet the producers have the final say. There is no way Kirstie Alley is better than Sabrina. I’m sorry, she didn’t deserve to be voted off and you can’t tell me with the highest points that she got the viewers least amount of votes.

  • EG

    This whole program has become a joke. It has nothing to do with the quality of the dancing but a popularity contest. I’ve lost interest in this show. In fact the 3 so called lowest were 3 of the best teams performing! Kristie, Giles and Emmet should be embarrassed! Until the last 3 are identified the judges should be able to have more say about who goes and who stays (ie who to ‘save’) …perhaps the public votes only on the bottom 5 from the judges’ scores. There has to be some way to fix this farce!

    • lita

      I agree. one of the best did go home last night.

  • lita

    idont think sabrina deserved to go home, i think people r voting on who they like, not best skilled. which is not right.

  • http://billygentry.com Bill

    DWTS has become a JOKE,, its FIXED by the producers,, good go home BAD stay!!! no wonder their ratings are deceasing every year. its become a Monday night Soap,,

  • MP Lovejoy

    This was the first eliminations that really upset me. Sabrina has been one of the hardest working and best contestants ever. Her partner Louis is also one of the best regular dancers and has never gone this far in the competition before. He has been thrilled every week to have such an able partner since every prior season he got the people whose potential was obviously limited. Sabrina just doesn’t have the fan base to keep her in competition. Could storm Sandy have influenced this vote? A lot of people were not able to take part this time.

  • George Ramos

    Something definitely “STINKS” at DWTS! This the second time Sabrina has been robbed from appearing in the finals and possibly becoming “DWTS Champion”. I am digusted with this show. This happens too often and there should an investigation concerning possible vote manipulation by the FCC or by whoevers jurisdiction this type of possible corruption falls under. Are you reading this “Dancing With The Stars”, Producers? Are you reading this ABC? This has to “STOP!”

  • Deb

    How can anyone think that DWTS is a honest show after last nights results. What a cruel joke. Sabrina got robbed again. She did not deserve being sent home.

  • Marguerite McGee

    I have never cried for a DWTS person before.:( So, say. Something is going on with this show. It has to be ridged. And votes not counted at all. They themselves make up there mind who is to go. Bring them up and let them down after. Everyone can see with there own eyes. What Sabrina is all about Dancing and no tricks for the public votes. And that is what everyone is doing. She wants to win fair and square for her Dancing. Because I guess she things is about Dancing. And I am now realizing its an entertainment show and the most popular entertainer wins. It is so sad. Again they have lots a lot of people looking at the show.:(

  • andi

    if you dont vote then you cant complain!!! they stated that the bottom 4 were safe that left it up to the viewers to make sure their favs were staying you had 3 episodes to make sure of that so if they went home it wasnt the producers fault it was the public. You voted for her to come back but couldnt vote for her to stay