Russia Warns U.S. of Fallout if Syria is Struck

    August 26, 2013
    Bennett Rieser
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Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov spoke to reporters in Moscow today about the United States’ potential counter-strike against Syria in the wake of allegations of chemical weapons use on a Syrian suburb.

Bloomberg has Lavrov using the words “slippery slope” to describe American desires to retaliate against Syria, and that any military intervention that takes place outside the UN Security Council would be a “gross violation of international law… Western leaders are making statements that indicate that they won’t wait for the results of this commission, they have already decided everything… It’s a very dangerous slippery slope that our Western partners have gone on before. I hope common sense prevails.”

Russia’s Foreign Ministry warned that the chemical attack could have been staged by Syrian opposition groups as a pretext for a preemptive American strike against the Assad regime.

Syrian opposition groups remain steadfast in their claims that 1300 victims were killed by nerve agents on Aug. 21 in a chemical attack on the suburb of Ghouta in Damascus. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said in an interview with Russian paper Izvestia that such allegations are “nonsense… First they make an accusation and only then search for evidence.”

The UK’s foreign secretary, William Hague, has said that Britain remains convinced that Assad is responsible for the attack, and that agreement on the parts of the United States and France were needed to take action. Turkey’s foreign minister has said that they intend to start a coalition against Syria if the UN takes no actions.

A Forbes story recalls Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel saying that President Obama will “prepare options for all contingencies.” Unfortunately, this kind of post-911 posturing is the same behavior that frustrated the world with former President George W. Bush, and Russian lawmakers are calling President Obama a cloned copy of the younger Bush, particularly with regard to his drive for war:

[Image via an ABC News video on Youtube about the subject]

  • Morton M


    • dave wallace

      our police department should stay out of it,and let those countrys over there handle these problems

  • vernon cunningham

    We don’t have to Obey the russians. On the other hand, why get involved when both sidfes of this conflict are americas enemies? I haven’t seen any ,muslim group denounce the hatred they ( Muslims) seem to have for america.

  • dave wallace

    I don’t feel that the united states should get involoved over there,who gives the USA the right to police the world,let countrys over there figure out how to handle all this.I don’t like whats going on over there,and I feel bad for there country,but we have no right to get involved.lets fix our own problems before we try to fix all the others.It all cost money so I say,lets fix our own problems first(borrowed money???)those people over there have been fighting for thousands of years,we cant fix the world,lets fix our problem first and then try too help.i remember IRak was suppoed to be paid back with there oil,(we all known that oil stays in Eoupe,but I know the war over there was suppose to be paid with oil from irax:dave

  • http://yahoo loubrock obomer

    If we can’t afford food stamps to feed our people, how do we have money to start another war to feed the war profiteers? I despise obomber as much as I despise bush. Will the rest of the world please band together and boycott everything usa’n until we’re brought to our knees and hopefully our senses and end this endless war machine?

    • Eve

      And so it begins………….

  • essayons


  • Tiggy

    I think someone has to do something. Women,children and men are being slaughtered and poisoned. Russia doesnt seem to mind but their record speaks for itself. The world needs to stand up and say no more!If the USA has to lead the charge again so be it but these people need to be taught a lesson.

    • erina james

      Yes! My dear Tiggy, but why now? Where were you when under our very eyes, Saddam Hussein (Late) used same chemical weapons against Iran during the 8 year long Iran/Iraq war, and against the Iraqi Kurds, but you never recommended or talked by then about military action against Iraq? Where do you think Saddam got his chemical weapons from if not the West? Or is it because, as usual, Saddam may his soul(RIP) was acting on orders from the US and her allies for their selfish interests? Indeed, The world is really an interesting place where one Nation will be punished for one particular crime and another Nation enjoys impunity for committing same crime. Bravo! To “Western Double-standard” Tiggy, according to your intentions and deeds, people like you will have to perish for sure. As for the USA and her allies, the days are fast approaching for the decline of their evil powers. Let’s keep on watching the ticks of the clock and see if Nations characteristic of unjust deeds will continue to prosper. May the innocent souls lost so far and yet to be lost as a result of lack of truth and justice RIP. May those who are rendered homeless be provided with shelter, food and security from God Almighty. I cannot prompt God, but may those treacherous Nations receives their rewards appropriately and soonest.

  • http://rdsouth.info rdsouth

    Unlike the promise to cut off military aid to countries that have coups, the “red line” in Syria is not an official government policy. It is a policy of the president himself. Thus we have the option to not respond: the nation will not lose credibility, just the current president. I’m not voting for HIM again.

    The UN exists to keep peace by ensuring no nation violates another nation’s sovereignty without repercussions. At the time it was set up, that was how peace was violated. It has served well in doing that. But it is not prepared to deal with civil wars or terrorism, so those crimes continue unabated.

    It should have a system in place to allow recognition of legitimate governments to be shifted, which makes the other side in civil wars be the violator. But that’s a really slippery slope, creating a power system likely to be hijacked.

  • Christina

    The USA and its allies need to do the right thing..The Syrian Regime
    has used deadly neurotoxic gas, possibly sarin gas, or other, to murder
    the citizens near Damascus. The world in good conscience cannot ignore
    this atrocity..Action against this regime needs to be taken without delay..a massive surgical strike from sea..targeting key sites that are
    used by the Regime to wage atrocities against the Syrian people needs to
    begin ASAP..no ifs ands or buts..

    • http://www.co.ls tonki

      we all know that America is now ruled by evil sprits… we can not let this planet Earth to be in controll of US, hell no!!! Their money. if Assad is killing people in Syria then who mudered people of Afganistan, Iraq, Libya,Syria and Egypt?? I am afraid that there are some Muslim countries which are not aware of this game America is playing using them as their close friend/allie. Brothers and Sisters its time to wake up.. I personnally support Russia and its allies to stop this bullyin of US over poor country as it is not doing enough by stealing their resources!!! We are sick and tired of US, Britain and France, who supply those terrorists with weapons in Syria who are fighting the elected government?

      • Gem

        Tonki pls do away with your American or Europian sentiments. Why would Russia prioritize their arms deal with syria over human life. wake up.

    • debbie

      better hope not christina if we butt into syria we will have russia china and iran as mortal enemies we would not survive if that happpens becasue russia is very powerful so obama needs to step down on syria and what really will change the assad regime would be replaced by al queida thats a lot worse

  • I2ndAdmendThat

    Bomb the hell out of them!

    • erina james

      God punish you

    • Reality

      Can’t see the forrest for the trees can you.

  • Reality

    If we go into Syria, what will change? After all the things we have done since 9/11, what has actually changed? Nothing has changed in the rest of the world, but everything in the US. The only thing that has changed is us.

    We gave up everything because fear. All this NSA stuff is just the BEGINNING of what is to come. People are so naive as to what technology will be put on the market in the next 5 to 10 years. Utterly naive.

    Right now we are transforming into a Police State simply out of fear of supposed mass terrorist threats. A threat that really has always been with us and one that will always be with us. It was with us since the 1940s and we never needed all this NSA and Patriot Act measures before. Terrorism is just the realities of life. There simply will always be fringe lunatics. But you don’t change everything you are because of them!!!

    Do you realize right now we have 5% of the world’s population and 25% of the world’s prisoners???? We incarcerate more than the Soviets did under the Gulag System. These numbers do not include those people on parole and probation. This will be getting much worse.

    We are transforming into a fully functional police state. When that completes, one will only have to look at the past 10 years to see when it started.

  • http://thirdworldreflections.blogspot.com malcolmaaaron

    I think we would all like to believe that we live in a world where if your more powerful enemy used chemical weapons against you a foreign, more powerful entity would love you and indeed humanity so much to come to your rescue, but unfortunately things don’t seem to be that simple. Of course we all want to see such atrocities stopped in Syria, but this current course of action seems like it may create more problems than it solves. And we shouldn’t try to put all the blame on Obama, who is just doing his job of being the figurehead of the United States and likely doesn’t make these decisions himself and probably doesn’t personally give a damn what goes Syria. All of that being said I hope the US follows all of the proper, espoused protocols this time instead of taking rash actions.

  • Jose

    Let the UN take care of I’m sick, and tired of seeing our young men , and women getting killed, and maimed in a useless war were all sides hate us.

  • james

    i believe hat if this war starts, the USA will be no longer. and why are we going over there? plain and simple, money, now i may be only 17 years old, but i understand whats happening, so as i recommend to every, just start building a fallout shelter, as i will try and do within this week, rember be prepared.