Russell Brand Talks to Westboro Baptist Church [VIDEO]

    December 18, 2012
    Josh Wolford
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The Westboro Baptist “Church” has been spewing garbage for years, using their constitutionally-protected free speech rights to sling ridiculous, hateful nonsense at everybody from the LGBT community to dead American soldiers. They really don’t discriminate in their hate and are truly deplorable people – end of story.

But that incontrovertible fact was made even more apparent when the group recently announced plans to “protest” the funerals of the children killed in the Newtown, Connecticut mass shooting last Friday. That drew the attention of hactivist group Anonymous, who declared war on the group and proceeded to release personal information, attack their website, and hack members’ Twitter accounts.

So, this incredible interview is even more relevant than ever. Below, watch Russell Brand talk to two members of the WBC clan, one toting a “Fag Pimp Brand” poster. Hilarious.

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    Wä a al

  • Roma Henry

    Hi there, Good old Russell Brand, why did he not tell the 2 Baptist chaps that only God can judge us, and anyone of us that does it shall enter the burning fires of hell ???? :-)

  • BCmum

    Oh my… God doesn’t HATE anybody. God love everyone… he hates the sin and these people give true Christians a bad name… Ughhh. I love you Westboro Baptist but you need to re-read your Bibles!

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