Russell Brand Tackles American Culture On “Brand X”

    June 25, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Russell Brand may be a British import, but he’s certainly dominated U.S. headlines in the past couple of years. Between his true tales of drug fueled debauchery on comedy stages, his outrageous roles in box office hits “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and “Get Him To The Greek”, and his brief, tabloid-fodder marriage to pop star Katy Perry, he’s kept us captivated for a while now. And that’s not even touching the fact that he’s brash, outspoken, and highly opinionated.

Which is why we love him

Now, Brand is set to host his own television show, “Brand X With Russell Brand”, which premieres this Thursday on FX. Since it’s a late-night show, and since it’s ballsy FX, there will no doubt be some of Brand’s salty language on display, but the real entertainment will come from seeing Brand try to break down American culture and pop culture.

“Remember Mork?” asked Brand.” “He had to understand he was an extraterrestrial. He was trying to, I think, get a green card, and essentially that’s what I’m doing.”

FX has ordered six episodes of the show, which is taped before a live studio audience. Knowing what they know about Brand thus far–which is very little outside of tabloid headlines–audiences might have a pre-conceived notion about what the show will bring. But Brand says he can’t worry about everyone’s ideas.

“All I want is for people to be happy. I don’t mind what people think about me. What people think in their minds is not my business. They have to live in there. But I listen to others. You must be humble. It’s very important to have humility. There are lots of people with very informed perspectives. I have a tendency to fly off. I’m tangential and I’m also narcissistic, so I have to be very careful, otherwise I start to get messianic complexes.”

  • Monique

    I absolutely adore Russell. He’s funny, smart and gorgeous! Can’t wait to watch his show. Thank the Brits for lending him to us.

  • Thomas Jackson

    He’s a dweeb and I can’t wait for him 5 minutes of fame to be over with.

    • renny

      Wouldn’t it be 6 years and a few months of fame? Are you 15 years old?


  • glenn grab

    this guy’s a born loser. the show won’t go more than 6 episodes….send him back to England…

  • Givem

    Do the best you can, with the time you have. This message is for anyone out there, not some “celeb” that is already a “never was” and sinking like a torpedo-blown supply ship. Calculate, plan, recon, move & evaluate. Do not just throw your polished turd in front of a camera and expect a miracle. This dude from the UK is not a part of my life since I still consider the UK the fkn enemy.

  • DB

    Russell Brand is wonderful. I look forward to watching his new television program.

  • mindy

    I cant wait to watch this show! I absolutely LOVE Russell Brand!

  • Taylor

    Send Russell back to Britain. He Is disrespectful, rude and bashes America and Americans. Lets also send Simon Cowell and Piers Morgan back too. I don’t get how they can come here and disrespect the people in this country and foolishly people here just accept it. I don’t watch their shows..I won’t help give them the ratings they need to keep going.

  • LoveRussell

    Russell Brand is a talented comic. He makes it look easy but it’s not. He keeps you guessing and finds a way to make you smile. I think Russ’s critics just don’t understand or appreciate British/sophisticated humor.

  • Kathy

    It takes sharp people to appreciate his extrodinary sense of humor. The best comedians are very smart. I’ve always liked him but have a new appreciation. Won’t miss his show…love FX for putting him on.