Russell Brand Destroys Heckler During Stand-Up Show

    May 9, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Russell Brand isn’t someone you’d want to mess with. Take, for instance, his over-the-top reaction to a paparazzo’s attempt to snap a pic of him using an iPhone. Instead of asking the guy to shove off, Brand snatched the phone from the would-be photographer and tossed it through a nearby window. Like I said, this isn’t the sort of individual you would want to get into some sort of confrontation with. Chances are, he’s going to mess you up, be it physically or mentally.

During Brand’s stand-up routine at Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa in Atlantic City, New Jersey, someone in the audience thought it would be hilarious to shout Katy Perry’s name during his performance. Perry, of course, is Brand’s ex-girlfriend, and I’m sure the nerves of their broken relationship are still exposed and very, very raw. As expected, it didn’t take long for the situation to take on a life of its own.

Fed up, Brand asked for the house lights to be turned on. Afterwards, he hopped off the stage and proceeded to get directly in the face of the man responsible for giving him such a hard time.

“Let’s see you, mate. Let’s see how your mental illness looks in the daylight. It’s you, is it? Oh, dear. I was hoping that your personality was as a result of physical beauty. I thought, ‘this guy’s confident probably because he’s incredibly handsome,’ but look at you! You look like someone who’s fallen off the outside of a church,” the comedian ranted.

You’d think that would be enough to humiliate the guy from never setting foot outside of his house ever again. Brand, however, proceeded to take the insults one step further. “They say of course, don’t they, that empty vessels make the most noise. What an enormous echo of nothingness from you. I think silence is your friend. I think keep your lips firmly, firmly clamped together, because everything that comes out of your mouth, from your idiotic announcements to your disgusting halitosis which is cutting through this room is an abomination.”


Although the audience thought it was a good show, what do you think of the comedian’s behavior? Did the heckler have it coming, or is this just the childish rantings of a man on the edge of a nervous breakdown? Leave your comments in the space provided below.

  • jason

    Anyone that starts in with a comedian deserves whatever he gets (with the exception of another Kramer incident)

    • ldean50

      I agree. and what really makes him special is that the guy is brilliant. He has an off-the-wall I.Q. and knows how to use it. :)

  • aqsdfgh

    One of the most over-rated ,unfunny stand up comedians ever.If you’re going to shout some memorized insults at a heckler, at least make them funny.If you want to see how it is really done, find out how Jimmy Carr does it on Youtube.

    • renny

      Watch Russell Brand Scandalous Live At The 02 show…

    • Dan

      Except Russell Brand is intelligent, whereas Jimmy Carr? *Ahem* Not so much

  • Vern

    Where did Russell Brand come from, I thought he was a musician? Who found him?

  • dhager

    He exhibits 'over the top' sarcasm and being that excessive at someone elses expense is inexcusable. However, if it was planned and he had his tyrannical rant made up in advance … well, i still think it inappropriate and a form of bullying.

    • Esmond Kim

      I can see where your coming and his rebuttal may have been excessive but it was a rebuttal none the less. He is paid to do a service for an audience, but that service agreement doesn’t include heckling by rude audience members. He has every right to stand up for himself and although his rebuttal was excessive I think he handled it pretty well

    • themattj

      While I would never condone anyone to berate and abuse someone in a public setting, for any reason, I must argue that there IS, in fact, an excusable situation for doing it – when it is your job! Russell Brand is paid millions of dollars to be clever and insulting. If you have ever watched anything that he has ever done, you will see that he is quite talented at it. Although Russell’s exhaustive rant on this man is extreme and far exceeds the offense, it should be anything but unexpected. It is akin to a gun-control advocate running onto a shooting range, waving a pistol. You are going to be shot dead, many hundreds of times!

      What you should, as I do, admire about Russell, is that he is a very spiritually-elevated, soft-hearted man who performs his appointed duty by regaining control of his domain through an entertaining barrage of incendiary comments, then, feeling this man’s pain, invites him onto the stage and lets the offender take part in the next planned bit. Although this act of kindness could encourage more heckling, I believe Russell did not have the heart to continue with his show, knowing how hurt the heckler may have been.