Rush Limbaugh’s Comments Worse Than Bill Maher’s?

Slut vs Twat

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Ever since Rush Limbaugh called Sandra Fluke a slut and a prostitute, talk about civility in political discussion has been all the rage. Limbaugh has faced a backlash of advertiser bailouts, both in his national commercials, as well as at the local level, leaving radio stations across the country to have to evaluate their lineup.

But, some conservatives have been crying foul, saying that this represents a double standard in our political culture. They point to instances when people like Bill Maher have made offensive statements about Sarah Palin. They ask where the outrage was then.

The response usually is that Rush Limbaugh is a political activist and Bill Maher is a comedian. Liberals say there is no parallel there.

Rick Santorum disagrees. When Santorum was asked about his opinion on Rush Limbaugh’s comments, he said, “He’s being absurd, but that’s you know, an entertainer can be absurd. He’s in a very different business than I am.”

Here are both comments. When Bill Maher called Sarah Palin a “dumb twat”, and when Rush Limbaugh called Sandra fluke a “slut” and “prostitute”. What do you think? Is there a difference?

Rush Limbaugh’s Comments Worse Than Bill Maher’s?
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  • Mike Cowan

    typical leftist media with a double standard, but intelligent tax payers can see right through them, they are only making things worse for the dems.

  • Beth Hitz

    They are not the same. Mz. Palin is/was a public figure and Mz. Fluke was not. Rush Limbaugh is not a comedian and Bill Maher is. Bill Maher does not have sponsors to please and Rush Limbaugh does. Rush advocates and tries to influence political schemes. Bill only does commentary on it.

    I am a republican and find it shameful that Rush gave such a limp apology. He did not apologize for saying Mz. Fluke should tape her sexual escapades. Bill Maher never said anything that offensive about Mz. Palin.

  • Catherine

    I’m a comedian-my friends think i’m hysterical! so it’s perfectly ok for me to call a woman-any woman- a see you next Tuesday because that’s what the liberals say. So I am a comedian and I think Beth Hitz is a see you next Tuesday and twwwaaattt.. This is great and I am-once again, a comedian so it’s all good.. Right Beth? This is so much fun and I’m getting the hang of it-thanks Beth!

  • Catherine

    Oh and I have no sponsors and I only do commentary so once again you are a Cunnnttt! love ya!

  • Beth

    Catherine, there is a big difference between what private people say about each other, what public people say about each other and what public people say about private people. I don’t think either of them were correct. But, in my opinion, the remark that needed an apology was the video one. Name calling, although not nice, happens all the time, everywhere.

    Again, Rush should have apologized for the video remark. In my opinion, he apologized for the wrong thing.

    Please note that I made a mature choice NOT to call you names in a public forum.

  • Steve

    What can you call a dumb twat if you can’t call her a dumb twat? I mean,…seriously?

  • Michael

    Rush called a citizen that testified before Congress a “slut and prostitute” simply because she was unmarried and takes the pill. He went on to suggest she publish a video of herself having sex so he could watch. She was not a public person, and her only “crime” was doing what a majority of American women do.
    Maher referred condescendingly and crudely to a public figure calling her a “dumb twat”. Public figures expect ridicule. That’s what Maher and Limbaugh are getting as they are also public figures. However, as Maher points out, they both have the right to be rude, crude and disgusting. The difference is that Limbaugh demonized a majority of American women, and Maher belittled and objectified one.

  • Unreal

    This is not a double standard, but completely different circumstances and completely different contexts. Rush called this woman a ‘Slut’ and a ‘Prostitute’ because she wanted her birth control covered. Besides the fact that he is completely ignorant of how birth control pills actually function, he missed the point that these pills also serve purposes besides allowing one to have sex without the risk of pregnancy. It is otffensive because as many as 80% of American women are or have taken birth control and most of them to not believe themselves to be prostitutes nor sluts because of their use of the birth control pill.

    Bill Maher called Sarah Palin a Dumb Twat which is a comment on her intelligence more than her gender as men can and have been referred to as twats as well. There is no implication that all women who run for vice president, are from Alaska, are hockey moms, are mothers of 5, or married a part Inuit, secessionist, snowmobile champion husband are ‘Twats’.

    That is the difference that the right wing media is missing in this as they once again cry victim for having their ignorance on display and paying the price for it in sponsorship dollars.

    Can’t believe this is an issue or even required explanation.

  • Shelley

    It’s all about using celebrity to proffer your own political agenda via personal attacking the opposition. Now Maher has set his sites are on Rick Santorum. On NBC’s Tonight Show [February 15] Maher cracked that the former Pennsylvania Senator “thinks life begins at erection”:

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