Rush Limbaugh Reassures Affiliates It’ll All Be OK

    March 22, 2012
    Mike Tuttle
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After all the advertiser upheaval of late, Rush Limbaugh has taken a little time to send a message to his radio show affiliate stations. The recorded reading of a message refers to his calling Sandra Fluke a slut, talks about his apologizing for that, and assures his affiliates that this too shall pass.

Limbaugh has said on his show that he is not concerned in the least about losing advertisers. He says that the advertiser boycott currently underway is an astroturfed effort on the part of Media Matters for America to get him kicked off radio entirely.

Here are the comments Limbaugh made in his recording sent to affiliates. The YouTube video below contains the audio. (Note: text notes on the video are those of the uploader, not of WebProNews).

“We’ve been through a lot together for a long time — you and I. Your role in the development of the program for over two decades is one of the greatest stories of partnership ever told. You’ve taken risks along with me. You’ve reaped the rewards of success and occasionally you’ve felt the sting of opposition that wishes to censor this program using lies, economic pressure and even attempts at legislative action. They’ve all failed. Every single one went bust. And there’s a simple reason why. We tell the truth with passion, with integrity, with humility. We’re not always right, just 99.6 percent of the time. Last week, we experienced that .4 percent. I am truly sorry if it’s created any problems or difficulties for you. I apologized for my choice of words and it’s now time to move on to return once again to making every day FUN, INSPIRING, MOTIVATING, and PROFITABLE too. We win because we entertain and inform. It really isn’t any more complicated than that.

We’re a team, you and I, and I can’t tell you how highly I value our work together. As long as we stick together, we can sail through any storm we encounter especially one based on fiction and pettiness. With truth on our side, I promise you we will prevail. It simply can’t be said often enough, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support. I know some days are tougher than others but you have my word that I’ll do my best, very best, always to deliver for YOU the way you deliver for me.

I have forever noted the relevance, the importance, of our affiliate radio stations to my success. All of you helped me become what I am. All of you have enabled me to enjoy this profound life and success that I’ve enjoyed and I will never forget it and I thank you profusely every chance I get from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you again for your support and for all you do day in and day out because as I’ve always said and as I still believe, I couldn’t do this without you.”

  • Cathleen Judge

    The notion that most complaints to Limbaugh’s advertisers arise from “astro-turfing” by Democratic activists is wishful thinking on Limbaugh’s part, in my opinion, despite Media Matters’ prominence in opposing him. I’ve been a registered Independent for decades who’s voted Republican as often as I’ve voted for Democrats: in 2008 I not only voted for McCain, I even put up a campaign sign supporting him in my front yard. But Limbaugh’s distortions about the core of Sandra Fluke’s testimony — that many if not most women need to take birth control pills at some point in their lives, not for contraceptive purposes but rather to manage serious medical conditions of their ovaries and uteruses — and his demand that she post videos of herself on the web having sex for his entertainment and that of his audience, convinced me that as a woman and the mother of a teenage daughter who suffers from such a medical condition, that he had gone so far beyond the pale of what is tolerable in a civil society I had to take action personally. I have therefore started listening to the advertisements on his show as broadcast on WPHT in Philadelphia and am calling and writing all the advertisers whose products or services I currently or might ever use to tell them I will not do so so long as they advertise on his program, and I am forwarding copies of my emails to friends and family, asking them to consider doing the same. I have no affiliation to Media Matters or any other organized group opposing Limbaugh if only because my own political views are doubtless too conservative for us both, but I am so incensed by Limbaugh’s attacks on Sandra Fluke that I intend to pursue these efforts until Limbaugh’s advertisers — and WPHT — experience an economic cost. This is my real name and I’m in the phone book in the Philadelphia suburbs.

  • Margaret Russell

    Rush Limbaugh’s recent remarks are part of an ongoing pattern of misogyny and distortion of information. As a woman and a person who values integrity, I also have contacted advertisers to ask them to no longer support this man. Support of differing opinions is valuable, but only if those opinions are informed with integrity and expressed with civility. This applies throughout the political spectrum. I shook my head in disbelief at the notion that my outrage has been somehow manufactured by Media Matters. I am simply deeply offended by Limbaugh’s remarks in totality, not just by two words. I , like the writer above, plan to continue monitoring Limbaugh sponsors and maintain my efforts to ask advertisers to discontinue providing a platform for misogyny and misinformation. As Limbaugh said to his affiliated, “We are a team…” The same applies to his advertisers.

  • LarryLinn

    Rush can put it out , but he cannot take it. Pardon me women, but he is such a wuss.

  • Samantha Wall

    It is insulting and short-sighted of Limbaugh to accuse his detractors of only being a part of Media Matters. He refuses to fathom that women run our nations’ households and have to think for themselves every minute of the day. He’s pissed off every woman in America and every one of us is taking action against him in one way or another. It doesn’t matter if we are Republican, Democrat, or Independent, we value our Constitutional Rights and will fight for them above all else. Women will shut him down, once and for all because women decide how 82% of the American dollar is spent. Most of us didn’t know how ugly, sexist, and racist he was before the Fluke incident because we are too busy to listen to his stupidity. Now that we know we are stopping the men in our loves from listening to him. All that is left of his audience are old white loser guys who are dying off and with no women in their lives. Can’t make much money off them.

  • Jon moser

    It is wishful thinking for Rush and the Fox Network cronies to say this thinking is all part of a concerted MM campaign. I am the father of a young woman who could easily have been similarly victimized my limbaugh’s sexist, misogynistic and just vicious and uncontrolled ventings. I am not part of any group…I have also listened to Rushs program in the past and also praised his ability to deal with his deafness caused by his OxyContin addiction…I have since decided he is toxic in his cherry-picking of the “truth” as he sees fit. I see his biggest destructiveness is in the undisciplined, non critical thinking of his legions of ironically yet aptly named “ditto heads” who seem to agree with everything this “entertainer” exposures. He is as dangerous as any war propagandist ever was. He is a master debater, using obsfucation and intimidation to silence his challengers. He does untold damage in his manipulation of the truth.

  • ronald trahan

    give a loud mouth gop enough rope and they will hang themselves, rush and all of the haters of america way are finding out only by the grace of the america people they have lasted as long as they have. But talking about peoples in a personal way will not be taken. America is speaking and sponser better listen, they don’t tell us we will are will not buy anything we tell them. So if you know what good and right you will stay away from rush and he’s counter parts.

  • bb

    Grassroots/astroturf, no matter how he calls it we’re a thorn in Rush’s toe, and a rather painful one at that. Dump Rush to the dustbin of podcasting.