Rush Limbaugh Has A Bomb Scare

    March 2, 2012
    Richard Stalker
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Rush Limbaugh has always been a controversial figure. From his beginnings as a radio talk show host at KFBK 1530 in Sacramento, to the nationally syndicated show he has now, Limbaugh has been a conservative figurehead in the United States since the late 80’s. Because he is a very controversial figure, he tends to have crosshairs on him from left wing activists who think he is dangerous. So when people hear that Rush Limbaugh has a bomb scare, they no longer think twice, whether due to their hatred or that they are desensitized because they feel like it happens all too often.

The suspicious package was delivered on Thursday at around 430 PM and staffers who weren’t expecting a package moved it to the guest house to x-ray it with their mobile machine. Staffers didn’t know what it was, but thought it had the potential to be dangerous. “Some type of a plaque that was electronic in nature. Something to do with the assassination of President Lincoln and John Wilkes Booth,” Palm Beach Police Department Spokesperson Fred Hess said.

Police were able to find out the package was sent from Wexford, Pennsylvania and they were able to contact the person who sent the package who then apologized for sending something that could be construed as being dangerous. After about 3 hours the Palm Beach Police Department gave the ‘all clear’ to the staff at the house and things went back to normal. Limbaugh, through his staff, thanked emergency crews for their prompt response and called the incident a “non-event.”

  • Suzanne

    Maybe if he didn’t say such bull people wouldn’t despise him so much. He has some nerve calling the law school student a slut when everyday he gets paid to pander to delusional people. Worse is they buy what he says. He get’s paid to rile these folks up with his tripe. Who’s the whore, Rush?

    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/richard-stalker Richard Stalker

      Why are the things he say bull? There are way more of him than of you. Millions more, so just think that YOU are on the outside looking in. In all reality, you views because of the numbers are extreme and outside the norm.

      • Lenai

        If you don’t think the crap he spewed over the past three days about this law student are lewd, crass and ignorant, then you sir need to go to your mama and get educated on the birds and the bees.

  • p

    I think I would not miss him
    I don’t listen now (nor do I listen to old Hitler speech replays nor Benito for that matter) so he can go leap a frog for all I care.
    Or back to one of his wives——–moral man that he is.

    • John Smith

      Maybe, if you listened to him once in a while – you would not be so ignorant. You obviously like to listen to the propaganda, that comes out of the White House today…

    • dave

      morality…JFK humping everything that moved…Ted kennedy murder/coverup…clinton,sex with young,vulnerable intern..B Frank,gay whorehouse ..edwards?..Etc.theres immorality everywhere honey,not just on the right.

      • Stac

        You have it backwords, you are the one who listens to propaganda. If you listen to Rush then you know he is all lies as well as Fox News.

  • James Trandel Sr.

    Rush Limbaugh runs this play out of his playbook all the time. The large package contained 50 lbs. of Oxycontin, his male prostitute will be at his show right at closing time as usual so the sham marrigages look like he’s straight.
    This is what the right wing looks like today. Thanks Rush for showing your kinder and gentler side. The underbelly of a snake looks nothing like the top. Although this snake looks like he just ate a hippo! POS and nothing more.

    • Virginia Hamm

      Limbaugh, gay? They don’t want him any more than most women.

  • John Smith

    Actually, you are the one, who spits venom. Aren’t you supposed to tolerate other opinions? (that’s what liberals claim they do)

  • dave

    I am sure this happens often to Rush,I love his program and 98% of his views :that being said,he crossed the line on this one.Sorry Rush,love you buddy.He would normally apologize but the timing is bad;he has been slamming obummer and the regime nonstop for the apology to the afghan’s and he’ll look like a hypocrite.He should though.

  • P Fredric

    An obvious stupid publicity stunt! Getting a police bomb squad out! They should charge him for that or he should offer to pay instead of the local taxpayers. What a moron!

  • Eddie Harris

    I personally would not care if someone dropped a bomb on Limbaugh’s house or on the studio from which he spouts his poison to the morons who love him. Hejis proof that there certainly is EVIL in this world.

    • John Smith

      Aren’t you a kind person?

      • http://webpronews walmar626@aol.com

        There certainly is EVIL in this world. Al Qaeda, Ahmadinejad, certain people in the congress in BOTH parties. But you sir, Mr John Smith, are a very EVIL person to not care if a bomb would be dropped on Mr Limbaugh’s home. John, you are the moron, not Rush. If you so despise the man, simply don’t listen to him. Find a better way to suit what you enjoy. Try fishing, or hiking, or better yet, GET A JOB MORON.

    • Virginia Hamm

      Oh, I care. I don’t want a hair on his fat head hurt or harmed. He’s too valuable at stirring women to vote. Even my neighbor, a die hard Conservative was so offended by what he said yesterday she just about had a stroke. She was outside bad mouthing him; and that was something that I never thought would come out of her mouth. Oh, he’ll be his own undoing, mark my words.

  • john lockwood

    rush is all about propaganda. he just doesn’t clear it with his superiors.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/richard-stalker Richard Stalker

      Rush is all about propaganda, MSNBC is all about propaganda, Drudge Report is all about propaganda. It is all about pushing their point to people. The only honest news source left in America seems to be the Wall Street Journal.

  • Virginia Hamm

    I’m betting it was an inside job and it was done to divert attention away from what he said yesterday. And I’m willing to bet that either Limbaugh had something to do with it, or one of his die hard fans did it. Its just way to coincidential that yesterday he went off like crazy man and crossed the line from provocateer to mad man, and then this package magically appears.

  • REX

    Rush is human, Rush makes mistakes,some intentional(to see if anyone’s paying attention), and some few goofs. I feel he’s right all the time, and the left do and say things that would set them off for months if it happened to them ! Rush is a news man and a performer, so chill out. Quit watching Chris, Ed, and Rachel, every now and then, and listen to common sense on FOX with Sean and others.Your president has almost ruined our Republic in a little over three years, WAKE UP ! Is this what you really want: massive take over of the automobile industry, continued bailouts of Freddie and Fannie, more and more tax money used to buy votes from blacks, mexicans, muslims,and other non productive paracites that have been allowed in with no legal certification. Socialism hasn’t worked anywhere else ! what makes you and your leader think it will here ? Just remember this…..RUSH IS RIGHT !