Rush Limbaugh Eulogizes Andrew Breitbart

    March 1, 2012
    Mike Tuttle
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In the opening segment of his radio show today, Rush Limbaugh spoke about his friend Andrew Breitbart. The transcript of his comments was made available.

“A few words about Andrew Breitbart. I’ve known Andrew Breitbart since the 1990s when he was working with Matt Drudge to help produce that page, the Drudge Report, each and every day. He grew up in West Los Angeles, surrounded by liberals, father-in-law Orson Bean, the comedian. Sometime during the 1990s, the early nineties, Breitbart had an awakening. He was constantly questioning what was all around him, which was really extreme liberalism, and he became, as many of you in the audience know, a bulldog. He literally was an indefatigable bulldog for the conservative cause. He did things that nobody else has done on the Internet where there are a lot of players. He accomplished quite a lot, much more than a lot of people.

A lot of people get into the business for a number of reasons. His was to effect change. He really sought to affect change above everything else. A lot of people get into it to make a name for themselves. He was about that, too, of course, but he really was about affecting change, and he did on numerous occasions with ACORN, Anthony Weiner, Shirley Sherrod, just to name three of his most famous examples. But he was a bulldog. He was walking outside his home in his neighborhood in Brentwood just after midnight, keeled over. People had talked to him two hours prior, he sounded perfectly fine. They’re shocked. Family’s stunned. I mean there were some reports of health problems, but there was no indication of this.

So everybody’s in a state of shock today trying to make sense of it. And when something like this happens to somebody a lot of people know at a very young age, you could say he died too young by half, he’s 43, life expectancy in the early eighties. You’re reminded once again, it’s become a cliche but it’s worth mentioning. You only get one life, and most people don’t get as much out of it as they could. Human nature. And one of the reasons that most people don’t get the most out of their lives that they can is they can’t stop thinking about themselves. And the more you think about yourself the more depressed you’re gonna get. Human nature. The more you think about yourself, the less you are aware of things going on outside your sphere. It’s hard not to do that, and Breitbart did that.

Breitbart was outside himself in all of his quests. When I say indefatigable, I never heard of him sleeping. I know he did, but he was constantly on the go. He was also a grateful guy and very thoughtful. He was guest at our wedding in 2010, and about two months prior he sent Cookie a note, wanted to know if she knew who one of my most inspirational figures was. She told him. He presented us with a classic painting of Ronald Reagan, and every year since, every birthday, three birthdays, he has sent me a giant painting, a different rendering of the American flag.

It’s a very sad thing to see this happen. And I’ve been made aware that some of the leftists on Twitter and other blog sites are filled with an unspeakable callous and coarse mean-spiritedness today. When I heard about it I went to some of these sites and I read some of the tweets, some of them from well-known left-wing journalists, Slate.com, you would not believe it, I’m struck. What is there to compromise with these people? Where is the area for compromise with these people? I mean it is really vicious stuff, which, in the end he would have loved and was a testament to his effectiveness and effective he was.

Even today, the AP in their story, slash, obit of Andrew Breitbart misrepresents him, even in death. And maybe fittingly, given his quest in life, this AP article is a textbook example of the kind of outrageous mendacity in the news media today that he fought against. Even in death the AP cannot refrain from lying about him and misrepresenting him. They treat his posting of the Shirley Sherrod video clip as one of the highlights of his career only in order to use it against him. But Breitbart’s clip did not misrepresent her views.

The clip that he posted — he had the Big Government websites, Big Journalism websites — the clip that he posted of Shirley Sherrod contained enough of her comments that any fair-minded viewer would realize she was telling the audience about her previous prejudices. This was the case involving all of the mythical black farmers that were signed up for a giant government payout. She and her husband were in on that, and so many of them were not qualified to receive the payment. They all got the payment on the basis of past racism and bigotry and all of this. He exposed Shirley Sherrod, just as he supposed Anthony Weiner’s photos, or Anthony’s Weiner photos, he exposed ’em. Where’s Weiner today? He’s walking the baby to the dry cleaners in Queens.

Then there was ACORN. Remember the James O’Keefe videos. That was Andrew Breitbart. They went walking in portraying a pimp and a prostitute looking for ways to scam the system, and there was ACORN telling ’em how to do it. All caught on tape. It caused ACORN to theoretically shut down, and change their name and come back to life as a bunch of separate organizations. The AP article damns Andrew Breitbart with faint praise. It describes him as “an outspoken critic of the mainstream media but was lionized by his fans for his efforts at exposing government corruption and media bias.” Now, was he only lionized by his fans?

Wouldn’t you think that real life journalists would applaud Breitbart’s efforts to expose government corruption and media bias? I mean, what does the media claim to exist to do? To hold the powerful accountable! “Speak truth to power,” is that the phrase? Well, the mainstream media has become part of the power. When that power is held by the Democrat Party, the mainstream media covers up the corruption. He was exposing it. He did more and greater work than Woodward and Bernstein! He should have been one of their heroes. But he wasn’t. He should have been given the same kind of hero worship that Woodward and Bernstein have gotten. And unlike the work of Woodward and Bernstein, Breitbart’s investigations were actually truthful.

Now, at the bottom of the article, the AP notes that, quote, “Breitbart’s websites also featured a 2009 hidden-camera sting video that brought embarrassment to the community group ACORN. The videos show ACORN staffers offering advice on taxes and other issues to actors posing as a prostitute and pimp,” close quote, which is another blatant misrepresentation. We all know that those ACORN staffers were doing more than “offering advice on taxes and other issues.” Why else would they have been fired? They were all fired in humiliating disgrace. Why didn’t ACORN lose its funding? Why was it disbanded, and then rebranded and put back together?

Because of Andrew Breitbart.

All in all, this AP article just goes to show that the country desperately needs another thousand more Andrew Breitbarts, if you ask me. He was something. Constantly on the go. Constantly revved up. He was at Tea Party event. He went to CPAC. He would even occasionally go to breakfast meetings of various Republican members of Congress, sit with them and discuss strategy, the way to effectively advance ideas and be victorious. You know, all of us are unique. It’s true to say that there will never be another Andrew Breitbart. There will never be another anybody because we’re all unique. I hope that the people who worked with him can maintain the tradition, the energy, and the effectiveness that his websites all were after his passing.

I know they’re going to try, and I know they’ll do it with a sense of honor, duty, and devotion to Breitbart as well as the fact they love it, too. It’s just really a sad thing. Everybody is totally taken by surprise, as I say. He was on the phone with people two hours before he died. Nobody knew that anything was wrong. Now, he’d had some health problems. People knew that. But there was no terminal diagnosis involved here. There was no ongoing illness that people were aware of. There were some health problems, but nothing that indicated anything like this. Except maybe to people very close to him. Who knows?

But at ten o’clock last night people were talking to him on the phone and two hours later he keels over on the sidewalk in his neighborhood in Brentwood. He’ll be missed by a lot of people. I will say one thing that happened to him. The Pigford thing. That was the Shirley Sherrod case. That was the USDA. The Pigford settlement. This is where all those black farmers scored big on the federal government for past discrimination way, way back. They just tried to find as many people as they could that had never been farmers; family had never been farmers. It was one of his highlights of his career. But I noted change in him over the years, and I think this is a life lesson.

Over the years, the whole thing he was involved seems to lose some of the fun factor as the intensity and the seriousness of it picked up. And this loops back to the notion that we all only have one life. I hope that that didn’t have anything to do with it. I mean, he was very intense. He was profoundly intense, and at times he’d get very mad, very angry — as we all do — and very frustrated. Everybody wants to matter. Everybody wants to be effective. He was far more effective than he probably ever dreamed, but probably wanted to be even more so. So let’s hope that the people who were around him, who were inspired by him, can keep his work going as though he were still there.

‘Cause that work is crucially important to a lot of people on the conservative side. As I say: Remember, now, he grew up in West LA. He grew up surround by liberals. He told me. We interviewed him here for his book. We interviewed him for the Limbaugh Letter. He described the process that he took, or that occurred to him as he began to question some of this stuff that just been inculcated, drilled into him from the time he was born. He began to question it. A lot of it didn’t make sense. And then one day, a big burst of reality hit, and his life changed forever. Andrew Breitbart was 43 years old and he’s going to be missed by everybody who knew him.”

Also check out what others, including some liberals, some not so nice, said about Breitbart today.

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  • Dennis Quigley

    As usual Rush says it best. As usual the compassionate and caring leftists show their true colors.

    • Michele

      He’s such a hypocrite. He says name-calling is wrong, but it’s perfectly fine for him to call Sandra Fluke (who is not even a public figure) a round-heeled slut on his broadcast. Perhaps he’s back on drugs.

      • david

        When Rush is calling people names, he’s illustrating the hypocrisy of the left. He does what they do, and when he does it the left erupts with bleeding hearted liberal rage. Yet when the liberals do it, they dismiss it as acceptable.

        For the same reason he pronounces certain words just as the “reverend” Jesse Jackson does, because the liberals claim Ebonics is an actual dialect. But when Rush uses Ebonics, the liberals freak out.

        The liberals HATE to be treated as they treat others.

        • Paul

          “When Rush is calling people names, he’s illustrating the hypocrisy of the left.” Oh NOW I get it. *LOL* Is that how you see it? Once again a Tea Bagging right-wing apologist is running to the defense of a person of proven moral deficiency. A bloated, vile, drug addicted misogynistic racist is no role model. Oh yes, I guess he is …. if you are a conservative. David, you are a hoot. Your post was the laugh of the day. Now don’t get mad…. I am just doing to you what your hero Rush does, to show you the hypocrisy of your convictions.

          • Jack Zippo

            You did exactly what he said liberals do. You can’t resist the name calling. Duh!

        • Ronnie

          Well said!!!Dittos to you!!

        • BarryO

          good one.

        • JustA Guy

          Guess what guys everybody does it Liberals Conservatives alike do the same thing…THEY BITCH, THEY’RE HYPOCRITES, THEY ARE LARGE CHILDREN WHO WANT THEIR WAY! Im so sick of ppl forgetting what they’ve done wrong. Breitbart unapologetiically talked about Ted Kennedy after his death! & Now these “so-called’ caring, lovey dovey liberals are taking turns rejoicing at a mans death. Shame on You Liberal & Conservative ANIMALS! GROW UP & BE HUMAN…SERIOUSLY WHEN WILL THE DAY COME WHERE PPL CAN JUST BE HUMAN TOGETHER. STOP BEING PAWNS IN A LARGER FUCKED UP AGENDA & BE FUCKIN HUMAN! YOU ALL SOUND LIKE CHILDREN!HONESTLY COULD YOU SAY HALF THE NONSENSE YOU WRITE TO THAT PERSONS FACE! YOU’RE ALL INTERNET TOUGH GUYS! GROW UP & LEARN TO BE A FUCKING HUMAN BEING!!!

          • sue

            You’re right and I share you’re frustration….but try to cut down on the colorful language, you can make your point without that.

      • holly may

        You would have to listen to the whole thing before you can really judge what he said and meant.

        • DA

          He does those thinks because he’s a racist hypocritical jerk. It has nothing to do with retaliating for liberal behavior. He was perhaps relevant in the early ’90s. He is now just a divisive partisan ahole that can find no fault with the right. A real critic of the political machine challenges his own party too. Rush is a fraud.

          • lawdog

            @ DA


            Your post is a wonderful tribute to the ignorance and arrogance of liberalism. It screams, “I’ve never listened to Limbaugh, so naturally, everything my liberal friends and liberal commentators say about him must be true.”

            If you’d listened to Limbaugh, you’d know that he regularly rips the Republican establishment, and has never shyed away from when he believes that the RINOs are on a rampage. He has, many times, taken Republican party members to task for poor policy decisions, for caving in to the liberal media establishment, and for outright stupidity.

            Racist? Nope. Again, we see how liberals are immune to irony. The destruction of the black family and black community has been brought about by the policies of liberal Democrats, not Republicans. Oh, I’m sorry, was that racist of me to point out that the party that is actively enslaving blacks and minorities is the same party that wanted to keep them as slaves back in the 1860s?

            Just keep drinking your Koolaid, and you’ll never realize that the mind-numbed robot is you. Yep, opening your li’l mind might cause it to break.

      • Jack Zippo

        Did you hear the comment? If you didn’t you don’t know what you are talking about. I heard it. I know what he said and that was not it.

    • Grunt

      Rush is and will always be a draft dodging drug addict, but the right wingers love him and have made him rich.

      • C Mack

        He has sold them a bill of goods. He has the best con game in the usa.

      • daniel

        if true, i guess he is more similar to bill clinton than we thought.

    • http://strategicdefaultbooks.com Gary Anderson

      Sorry, with all due respect, Rush is a pig. Don’t know about the other guy, except that he did fake a lot of videos of ACORN according to the AG’s of Californian and Brooklyn. And the truth be known, ACORN’s CRA lending had just a small part in the housing bubble. The conservatives have lied about this, but truth is, the private, unregulated shadow banks made up 76 percent of the toxic lending and the CRA 24 percent. And all prime toxic loans were not CRA either.

      Thanks to Rush and Cavuto and Stossel, most Americans believe a total lie about the housing bubble, which was really hatched at Basel 2 in 1998.

      • Jack Zippo

        Please come out of your cave. Open your eyes. Is it possible for anyone to be as stupid as you seem to be.

      • BarryO

        my g-d. You EEG is totally flatlined.

        • BarryO

          that comment was directed at Gary

    • David Hill

      Don’t watch Fox’s obituary of Kurt Vonnegut. Seriously, the whole ‘leftists showing their true colors’ pablum will get rock by conservative ‘compassion’ referring Vonnegut as ‘irrelevant’ a ‘sell-out’ and writer of ‘hysterical leftist screeds’. Remember, this isn’t Limbaugh or Hannity or O’Reilly. That’s their hard news department’s obituary of someone they disagreed with politically.

      So enough with the ‘true colors’ projections. And keep in mind that they only reason these pundits love Breitbart is because he hated liberals. Not because he added anything to the discourse, not because he created anything to make America better, but because he hated and hated and HATED.

      And that will be his legacy.

    • Laurie

      true colors= karma’s a bitch

  • rich

    could not have happened to a nicer guy, bye bye dickhead, now if rush would go the world would be a better place

    • M.

      hey rich – way to go – you just proved that everything Rush just said was right. Good luck in the world with all the rest of the haters.

      • detailer

        Your passing will cause no more notice than a fart disappearing in a high wind.

        • rich

          to detailer, my car needs cleaning get to it, i do`nt want you to hurt yourself by thinking to much

          • Jack

            Do you mean DON’T?

          • Noneofyourbusiness

            And I suppose YOUR comments WERE well-thought-out and phrased as intelligently as possible, huh Rich? That’s part of what I LOVE about these forums….you meet such GENIUSES!!

      • philip dean

        I know just how you feel. I baked a cake and took it to the office to celebrate Ann Richard kicking off. What a great day that was, and when Teddy died was even better. I know how people felt when his brother died, that was another great day for this country.

        • Eddie

          Let’s Pop Champaign but its not complete until fatboy rush goes down! Cmon say it with me, “please let rush be next!” “please let rush be next!”

          • Frank

            If you hate Rush so much why do you listen. Or do you listen? Do you just pick up on what other brain dead liberals are saying

        • laura

          you really need your head examined. your F*** sick.. get a F*** life…..

      • rich

        and rush is not a hater,my god i`ve heard him say thing about the poor about anyone of a different color or orgin, and you idiots just eat it up, i`ll say it again conservatives are just closed minded mean people in general, and the world be a better place without most of them,and those are my true thoughts

        • Steve

          Rich or is it Dick? Without conservatives working to pay taxes you would not get your handouts so be careful what you wish for.

          • rich

            to steve or is it asshole,i have a really good job and i might pay more in tax than you make,and still i`d rather pay for people in need than give the greedy top 1% tax breaks that are breaking our country, they should stop complaining and pay thier share like a man

          • Donehere

            Rich: They already pair their share as well as about 50% of the population’s. But, continue on. We all know that you don’t care about the needy or anything other than your petty self. You just are envious of those that have more and are seeking a way to tear them down. Nothing more. Nothing less.

          • BarryO

            Rich if you make good money it must be because you married the boss’ daughter. You have only exhibited a lack of intelligence here..

        • Elizabeth

          Oh, Steve. Facts can be hard to digest.

          FACT: Red states get far more federal tax dollars back than blue states do – conservatives aren’t doing anyone on the left – or red or center for that matter – any favors.

          FACT: Breitbart called Ted Kennedy just after he passed on a “villain,” “a big ass motherf@#$er,” a “duplicitous bastard”, a “prick” and “a special pile of human excrement.”

          Practice what you preach. Karma is brutal.

    • Ken

      Typical mean spirited liberal showing the left’s true colors



    • Anthony Marcantonio

      Spoken like a true compassionate liberal. I hope you are proud of yourself.

      • rich

        to philip, thats real good , wow what a dumbass

      • rich

        i am

      • Paul

        And are you proud of Rush calling women sluts? Spoken like a true bloated, vile, drug addicted misogynistic bigot. I meant Rush but if the shoe fits…

      • Elizabeth

        Because Breitbart was so compassionate? His day has come – he must lay in the bed in which he made. It must be awfully prickly in there.

    • Jim

      You are a hateful fool. I actually feel sorry for such a pathetic person.

    • Rodney

      The only one that needs to go is you.

    • Weiner

      I’m with you all the way Rich. We need to silence the right wing and today is a good day for all of us who support social justice and higher taxes on the thieven banks and wall street.

    • you moron

      you are not intelligent.

    • Eddie

      amen well said

  • rob

    you’re truly pathetic

    • rob

      this is a reply to the rich guy’s comment above

  • Jin

    “Why do you grant a BULLY special status upon his death?”

    • Dwight Collins

      This person spoke of hate all the time may God have mercy on his soul he preach hate

  • http://blatantgratuity.com poorexiles

    its amazing that Rush is still alive, that fat bastard, full of hate and contempt. His black heart should’ve given out by now.

    • Ken

      Such a “Caring and compassionate” liberal

  • Stephen

    It’s just too bad that Rush had to throw in a few comments about liberals. Must everything in this country be bi-partisan?

    • Den

      Come on, Stephen. Can’t we all just get along?

  • Ken

    The same reason they granted special status to all the crooked Kennedys Jin

  • jasmine M

    Rush we liberals are gonna show our more true colors when you go also,
    remember the way a man lives is the way he die’s this man lied and hated others who did not share his opinion he die full of hate.

  • rsm

    All you folks who get sore because the leftist BIG LIE gets exposed and then lampooned by people like Brietbart and Limbaugh should just man up and take what’s comin’ to ya. Otherwise, wise up, do as Brietbart did, and recognize the folly and ignorance of left wing public policy.

    • Elizabeth

      More like distortion… I hope Sherrod gets every dime he ever had.

  • Blair

    Rush Is a freaking homo and Brightboy is was an asshole, Thank god he’s dead. All you conservatives suck!

    • detailer

      “It is easy to be brave from a distance. Sometimes it’s even safe”
      old Lakota saying…

    • Matt

      Another liberal intellectual at their best

    • Den

      Mo enlightenenment.

  • Jim

    You can sure tell by the comments who the real haters are. I am a true CONSERVITIVE and would never say any of the things you people have. I would not even think them.
    That is the difference.
    God Bless this man and his family. May he rest in peace with the lord.

    • rich

      screw him and his famly

  • Ron

    Rush calls Sandra Fluke a slut then proceeds to eulogize this prostitute. I’m sad for his family but now we have one dead Monkey with talent and one dead monkey without…

    • Frank

      Hay Ron what else would you call a woman that wants the taxpayers to pay her for having sex????

  • http://www.itsaboutliberty.com IronDioPriest

    Breitbart was a much needed general on the battlefield for the future of America.

    Let’s not forget – a few short weeks before his untimely death, he revealed that he would release video of Barack Hussein Obama as a young anti-American Leftist radical in his college days.

    We’ll be looking for that release.

    • Ron

      Yea…Keep looking..Another Obama “conspiracy”…You can sure tell what “wing” you’re from…

      • http://www.itsaboutliberty.com IronDioPriest

        A videotape is a conspiracy?

        There’s one thing Breitbart never did – he never promised to have something and then failed to deliver.

        I am from the American wing Ron. I consider all Leftists to be my enemies, in the literal sense of the word, and all it implies.

        • anti_reichpublican

          Considering that conservatives have never achieved anything for America NEVER. EVERYTHING great about the USA is because of liberals. You want to live in rightwing religious(believe in fairy tales) paradise I suggest Iran or Somalia.

          • http://www.itsaboutliberty.com IronDioPriest

            Clarity over agreement douchebag.

            If all Leftists would lower their masks like you do, the eventual task would be that much easier.

            Please. More hate.

    • Woo

      Why do you hate so many Americans?

  • Andrew Gall

    Fantastic eulogy for a fantastic guy!

  • whyzupp

    Rush should be careful HE doesn’t have a coronary. Conservatives are so full of bile and self righteous anger they should be falling like flies in this enlightened time.

    • Truth Serum

      Can’t wait for the coming Civil War! Can’t wait to meet up with pukes like you. Can’t wait..Can’t wait.

      • anti_reichpublican

        Will not be a civil war. We libs are going to put you all in camps.I am going to operate the showers. You will be the first in line, after we off load you from the trains.

        • Donehere

          Nah, there won’t be a civil war or camps of any kind. Conservatives out number libs more than 2-1 according to the latest polls. . . and since they’re all a bunch of “gun-toting rednecks” (according to the libs) it also means they have the vast majority of guns. Just ain’t gonna happen. Besides, your reptilian mind (though that’s being generous) doesn’t control squat in the world so your desires are utterly meaningless and devoid of reality. You should probably just go back to your video games where you can actually pretend that you matter.

    • Den

      You be enlightenin’ up all our lives.

  • whyzupp

    Rush should be eulogizing the TEA Party and his plummeting ratings.

    • Truth Serum

      Your messiah, Odumbo is toast. Five dollar gasoline and communist tendencies do not a reelection make. Phuque you and your fellow community gay organizers.

      • rich

        to truth sreum, you guys do not have anyone who can beat obama, and thats the facts of your sad pathic life loser idiot that you are

        • GQ

          Big man when behind a keyboard huh Rich.

          • Woo

            Oh yeah? Fuck you GQ. That’s right, you’re gone.

          • rich

            to GQ, i live in st louis, what do you want to fight, like i said before conservatives are complete idiots, no not a big man just on the right side, you sad little greedy repuks just make me sick. and by the way you will get whipped in november learn to live with it, its going to happen

          • Donehere

            Greedy? Funny, wonder why conservatives give more to charity than libs then. . . ? Oh! That’s right. I forgot, you’re only generous with other people’s money. You could careless about giving to the needy when your YOUR money is on the line. All you care about is yourself and seeing others better than you destroyed.

    • Den

      Rush ain’t no plummer.

  • Yessir

    These liberals are so hateful. I never see conservatives post these things when liberals die…

    It is truly sad to think these people our teaching in our classrooms…god help us. I am so scared for this country…I really don’t know what happened to us as a country…but these people have ought to be ashamed of themselves…

  • wallace

    Funny the hateful conservatives are crying about someone saying negative. While Russ Limberger, Sean Hate nity, and Bill o’rell lie say and do vile things towards anyone with a different point of view.

    • Truth Serum

      You’ve never considered another point of view you liberal POS. Liberals are always right. Right?

      • anti_reichpublican

        Yes we are and you cumservatives are always wrong.

        • Den

          How enlightenin!

  • wallace

    Funny the hateful conservatives are crying about someone saying negative. While Russ Limberger, Sean Hate nity, and Bill o’rell lie say and do vile things towards anyone with a different point of view.

  • wallace

    Funny the hateful conservatives are crying about someone saying negative. While Russ Limberger, Sean Hate nity, and Bill o’rell lie say and do vile things towards anyone with a different point of view.

    • Truth Serum

      The only hateful people I know are liberal POS like you. Phuque you lib, though I doubt anyone would.

  • Truth Serum

    Odumbo is a gay community organizer that moved to Chicago with a mysterious Connecticut SS number. Never vetted by the press. America has awakened.

    • Den

      Don’t talk about Blowbama like that.

  • anti_reichpublican

    Ding, Dong, Dell Andrew’s gone to hell. Listen all about,hear him scream and shout, ding dong dell, Andrew’s gone to hell.

  • Independant

    I like how Rush who cares so much for his friend had to use his death to attack those who he hates and hates with a pasion. When are you blind followers going to get an orginial thought for yourself and stop listening to this jerk off. If this is how he shows his friendship then thanks but no thanks to ever wanting to be a friend of mine.

    • Truth Serum

      You’ve never truly listened to Rush or any other conservative, therefore quit offering an opinion on something you don’t even understand. You only know what you read on the Huffington Post or hear on MSNBC. All you are is an inconsequential liberal POS. A bitter one at that.

    • Den

      Liberals have never figured out that we conservatives have been thinking like Rush way before he came along. He was just the first broadcaster with enough balls to say it on the air.

  • Chris

    I’m a “liberal”, or forward-thinking as I like to call it. I’m definately not a “compassionate” liberal…All you backwards (backwoods) CONservatives, REPUKElicans, or Libtard-arians can go FVCK yourselves. Us, the true Americans, can not wait until the same happens to Rush Lumptard

    Who’s the man with the master plan???? A liberal with a motherfvcking gun!!!
    See you in Hell Andrew

    • Truth Serum

      We conservatives have the guns you POS Muther Phuquer. Waiting on folks like you. Waiting on you. Little liberals like you will want to arrange flowers and go to homo bars. We’re waiting.

      • Woo

        Too chicken shit to actually do something?

    • anti_reichpublican

      I liste to flush, pill popping, wife cheating, fat ass limbaugh. He is a joke. What kind of idiot uses the term ‘ditto head.’

    • Den

      You have such a word with ways. Sign me up for your school.

  • http://www.itsaboutliberty.com IronDioPriest

    There can be no unity or reconciliation with demons wailing and gnashing their teeth.

    As King Theodin asked in LOTR, “What can men do against such reckless hate?”

    I have some ideas.

    • anti_reichpublican

      I do too, round up the repbublicans and put them in camps. I am all for it. I will run the ‘showers.’

  • anti_reichpublican

    I am a liberal and I have guns. We need to round conservatives up and place them in camps. I think you reichpublicans know the camps I am talking about.

    • http://www.itsaboutliberty.com IronDioPriest

      Keyboard commando.

      You’re probably a morbidly obese homosexual living in your momma’s basement eating twinkies and whacking off to porn 6 times a day.

      • anti_reichpublican

        Dream on you backwards inbred conservative who is afraid of a fairy tale god.

        • GQ

          Big man when behind a keyboard huh ?

          • Den

            They’re pretty much just animals.

          • Donehere

            Now, now, I think it was uncalled for to so ruthlessly insult animals like that!

    • Donehere

      Yawn. Obviously, all you want is attention. Evidently, this is the only way you can get it. . .which means you are clearly a failure in every sense of the word in every aspect of your pitiful existence. I pity you.

    • Will Teal

      Yeah,send all that trash to texass and drop a bomb on the shithole!

  • Hal Call

    God hates the haters. What goes around comes around.

  • wew

    Whitney Houston’s death was a tragedy,Breihbart’s just means less pollution from one less conservative in the world

  • Independent

    If he was a true warrior or was really fearless……..he would have tried to expose the democrats and the replubicans but no he only went after the left because it was profitable…….this whole liberal and conservative thing divides us……..make you believe there are two kinds of Americans……..we are all Americans and a true patriot would love all Americans……..this us against them crap is being used for monetary gains……..political careers,cable news.radio and book deals and until we expose the people that are tearing us apart we will continue to struggle as a country………..RIP and may GOD bless his family.

    • Den

      There ARE two Americas. That’s the problem. The ones who think “American Idol” is important, and the ones who have looked at The Constitution more than once since the 8th grade. The Constitution exudes(overflowing with, for liberals) conservatism and Libertarianism.

  • wallace

    turthserum you are just another punk assed puke, so kiss my liberal ass

  • Nadia

    Breibart carried too much hate and anger. He self destruct. God will take you outta here!

  • anti_reichpublican

    Andy breihtfart is DEAD, DEAD, DEAD! cumservatives-deal with it.

  • Derrel H Green

    What if Rush were to speak but no one were to listen?

  • Bob Mells

    Rush knows a slut and a prostitue when he smells one.

  • mr fun

    Who cares what Jabba the Hutt has to say? Only the brain-dead pay any attention to his screeds anyway.

  • Pete

    I wonder where all the Government DEPENDANTS would be if there were no Government to take from those that do to give to those that don’t do. Jussayinyall

    • anti_reichpublican

      Yeah, I wonder where all the people who hate government would be if there was no governments to build roads, pay for a military, pay for airports, schools, develop the internet, satelites, etc. Justsayinyall.

  • Eazy Breezy

    I did not like this guy. I always thought he was a jerk, however I would never celebrate his death. That is wrong no matter how I felt about him, but I’m damn sure not going to shed a tear about it either. God’s will be done. I hope Mr.Breitbart can rest in peace.

  • Dennis J. Bridwell

    Why do Liberals come here to post nasty garbage? They need to stay on their Liberal, fact-free, blogs where the truth is never seen, heard or sought. Rush is speaking the truth to America and the Liberals simply hate that. Liberals want their lies spread around so their dishonest agenda can be promoted.

    • Eddie

      so dennis calling an innocent girl a slut that speaks up about needing contraception is the truth?? that’s why we all know that if a kkk member had a choice democrat or republican he’d comfortably choose the republican party. We all know that. Its the elephant in the room but we also know people like dead boy brietbart and hopefully soon to be dead boy rush would be proud to welcome their kkk brothers. good riddance andy! rest in hell!

  • Eddie

    Just too bad him and rush couldn’t have Overdosed together! Both are drug addict crack heads! Please let rush go next! Maybe the husband or boyfriend of the innocent girl that spoke up about contraception will put his foot down rush’s throat and choke him to death too. For calling her a slut.

  • Don Anderson

    Fuck Limbaugh he’s an asshole who cares what he thinks!!!

  • JP

    I am not a fan of Rush or Andrew. I pesonally have found both of them to be hypocritical and self-serving, not true conservatives for the sake of conservatism. However, I find Rush’s comments to be sincere and heartfelt. I truly am sorry that any man with a family has passed at an early age for our times.

  • Phil McCracken

    Good Riddance to that F***t Breitbart!

  • Ron

    Rush is a moron

  • Thomas

    This was well said Rush, thank you. Our loss is heavens gain.
    To hold the powerful accountable! “Speak truth to power,”
    This is a trueism that ahould be carved in stone somewhere too.
    Good job!

  • Ray Hawkins

    Yeah, there are people out there showing a dead man no respect. But then, in life, Breitbart was not particularly kind to those who died with whom he disagreed, the most egregious being his three hour long profanity filled Twitter rants following the death of Ted Kennedy. And no, this is not made up by the liberal press. Check it out yourself. Don’t let me or Rush or Ann or Glenn or Sean or FOX news or anyone on the left tell you what to think. Find out for yourself. There’s a lot of misrepresentation and outright lies on all sides. It’s up to you to find the truth. So do it. Or can you without being a “ditto-head?”

  • Grim Reaper

    Today March 1st is known as National Pig Day and guess what? Rush Limbaugh(a Right Wing Pig)is eulogizing Andrew Breitbart(a Right Wing Pig) Coincidence???? How’s that ticker feeling Rush?

  • http://webpronews.com Jim

    Good now hopefully limbaugh and hannity follow him
    soon !

    • steve latham

      GOD BLESS ANDREW,FUCK THE IGNORANT LIBERAL HATERS.by the way the rightwing is GODS chosen people!!!!!!!

  • Walt


    I would love to see you eulogize Howard Stern. That would be entertainment. This eulogy is one of your political opinions. And everyone already knows where you stand. Nothing important about Andrew himself. Just more of your blather of how important being conservative is. Guys like you make partisanship what it is today. You can’t mention the deeds of someone else with twisting it to your view on life.

  • Curtis Coleman

    Limbaugh is what is wrong with the GOP. It is the too far right views that are wrong. He is a turnoff for millions. Maybe he is still a pain pill addict and should be in rehab instead of his racist lies bieng broadcast.

  • steve latham

    The president and his numnut administration,followers,liberals, should sleep a little more secure tonight,now that one of his watch dogs is gone,

  • GraceW

    I respect Rush’s right to mourn a friend and a colleague. I do notand never will mock anyone’s death even those I disagree with. Unfortunately, Rush would never subscribe to the same attitude and would do a jig on the grave of a liberal blogger if given the chance. I hope Mr. Brietbart finds some peace and compassion for all people in the afterlife and all the hate he felt for gays and others who disagreed with him is left behind. God loves us all, despite our flaws. And everyone of us has them..

  • John Hendersond

    Rush – Glad to hear/see this SOB died – it was God’s will that he dropped dead from all the hatred in his heart without warning – the Lord works in his own way when least expected. I hope and pray you’re next – wouldn’t it be wonderful if you were to die at the very place you sit everyday delivering the hatred you seem to be so good it? Your day is coming and I hope it’s real soon. You see God has silenced one bombasted voice of hatred you so elegantly praise,and he’s going to hell, where you’ll join him. I hope I’m around for that day, so I can smoke a nice cigar, sip some vintage wine, and praise God for doing the right thing. Please die soon!!!!

  • Joe

    One right wing nut job dead millions to go. The sooner the better for these communist pigs.

  • royhobbs

    The “change” he sought to effect was to turn us into a vicious, mean, greedy Nazi-like nation. Thank God he, in the final analysis, failed miserably and only disgraced himself in the end. A Limbaugh wannabe. And why would anyone want to be Limbaugh? Not a good thing to be on the judgment day. He passes into that Hell inhabited by Joe McCarthy, Nixon, Reagan, Roy Cohn, and some day Limbaugh and Coulter—no place in Hell hot enough to compensate for the misery and injustice these so-called “conservatives” have done to our great Nation.

  • BB Smith

    How nice of Rush to say a few nice words. too bad he is unable to limit his comments to positives. But, as usual, the Big Limp has to run on and on about his usual Bull Minutia. It saddens me immensely that so many inhabitants of our country actually believe the puke this idiot spews. But, hey, I suppose that is indicative of the intelligence of those who tune in to his drivel. Or they simply are so lacking in entertainment they will listen to any sort of noise. And are willing to let Ole Rush get rich off of their ignorance. Strange world we live in!

  • Cee Cee
  • Will Teal

    Leave it to limbaugh to “lie” n-nize him.

  • Dave

    Why is it that when someone dies you are expected to say nice things about them; even a scumbag like Breitbart.

  • inthemiddle

    Who is the alleged liberal counterpart to Rush that is as outwardly offensive?? Ive read a number of comments that talk about how liberals are just as bad or worse, but I don’t think I know of anyone that is as prominent in the Democratic party that has said something as disrespectful as calling a women on birth control a slut and in order for her birth control to be covered she must record and post videos of her having sex. I am not a liberal by any means, Im a young adult that really just got in to politics because I plan to vote and was honestly unsure of what party I could get behind. The only thing I have learned is that I am not a republican, in fact the way the party represents itself it sends me screaming and running as fast as I can. Which is sad because the party rallies behind someone like Rush and he is so extreme that its counterproductive. all he accomplishs is fire up the people that already follow him and piss off the people that already despise him. The damangeing part is he loses creditablity with the people like me, that were otherwise open to hearing whatever productive message he was trying to make. I’m not denying that there are people that do some of the same things on the other side of the alise but the fact of the matter is that I just read an article about Rush. Not to mention the fact that anyone would try to normlize this behavior from anyone with the arrgument “well the other guys doing it too” is honestly extremely sad.

    • kim isabelle

      The attitude of your post gives me hope for the future. We need many more young people like you. Do your research, and think for yourself. You have to START in the middle. You have my respect.

  • Michelle

    Do any of you conservatives remember what Breibart posted after Ted Kennedy passed away? What about when Whitney Houston died and all the racist vitriol posted on Fox? Remember what O’Reilly said about Whitney? Saying that Karma got to Brietbart is NICE compared to what you guys have been up to.

  • sylvia

    Bless all Conservatives everywhere. Concerning the weird left, I only want to take their breathe away. No more sucky globalwarming ’cause that fairy tale will be buried, also.