Rush Limbaugh Doesn’t Understand Birth Control

    March 12, 2012
    Mike Tuttle
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Let’s set aside differences with Rush Limbaugh on political grounds. Let’s look at pure, provable facts only for a moment. Even the most ardent of Limbaugh fans should be critical of his statements recently, if not out of decency, then out of a love of truth and accuracy. One of the biggest problems with Limbaugh’s slandering of Sandra Fluke is that he is also misinforming all his listeners, and in doing so could endanger the health of some people who listen to him and believe his outlandish, Dark Ages claims.

If Sandra Fluke had been talking about condoms, rather than birth control pills, Limbaugh’s assertion that she wanted someone to pay for her to have sex might hold just a little bit of water. (It would fall apart on several other fronts, but to those another time.) The biggest error Limbaugh makes is that he equates taking “birth control pills” with having sex. And, that is absolutely misinformed and ignorant.

The problem here is that these medications are commonly marketed and referred to as “birth control” when, in reality, they are hormone therapies. As such, they a have a wide array of common uses apart from preventing pregnancy. These are not rare, occasional applications, either. They are frequently-prescribed uses for “The Pill”.

A basic definition of how birth control pills work, from WebMD.

Hormonal contraceptives (the pill, the patch, and the vaginal ring) all contain a small amount of synthetic estrogen and progestin hormones. These hormones work to inhibit the body’s natural cyclical hormones to prevent pregnancy… Hormonal contraceptives also change the cervical mucus to make it difficult for the sperm to find an egg.

Due to the presence of the hormones in the pills, they are widely used to treat such conditions as:

    Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
    Absence of periods (for various reasons)
    Menstrual cramps
    Premenstrual syndrome
    Heavy menstrual periods
    Prevention of anemia

Limbaugh’s lack of knowledge on this, or lack of caring to inform his listeners, has caused him to do something very dangerous: he has mischaracterized users of birth control pills as promiscuous, immoral and free-loaders. This is made even worse when you consider that much of what Sandra Fluke actually said before that House panel had nothing to do with pregnancy or sex. If you have not read her comments yourself, take a moment to form an educated opinion on this matter. Among her comments she said:

We are all grateful for the new regulation that will meet the critical health care needs of so many women.

Just last week, a married female student told me that she had to stop using contraception because she and her husband just couldn’t fit it into their budget anymore.

A friend of mine, for example, has polycystic ovarian syndrome, and she has to take prescription birth control to stop cysts from growing on her ovaries. Her prescription is technically covered by Georgetown’s insurance because it’s not intended to prevent pregnancy. Unfortunately, under many religious institutions and insurance plans, it wouldn’t be. There would be no exception for other medical needs… For my friend and 20% of the women in her situation, she never got the insurance company to cover her prescription. Despite verifications of her illness from her doctor, her claim was denied repeatedly on the assumption that she really wanted birth control to prevent pregnancy. She’s gay. So clearly polycystic ovarian syndrome was a much more urgent concern than accidental pregnancy for her.

One woman told us doctors believe she has endometriosis, but that can’t be proven without surgery. So the insurance has not been willing to cover her medication – the contraception she needs to treat her endometriosis.

Recently, another woman told me that she also has polycystic ovarian syndrome and she’s struggling to pay for her medication and is terrified to not have access to it.

Many of the women whose stories I’ve shared today are Catholic women. So ours is not a war against the church. It is a struggle for the access to the health care we need.

In fact, one of the most damning pieces of evidence is what Ms. Fluke did not mention: her own desire for pregnancy prevention. In fact, for all Rush Limbaugh could know from her statements, Ms. Fluke could be celibate. He insulted her with no regard for the content of her statements. Rather, he said she went “before a congressional committee and essentially [said] that she must be paid to have sex.” She said nothing that could even remotely be construed to mean that. She spoke about diseases and the needs of others.

Rush Limbaugh’s half-hearted apology, which he amended to mean that he wished he hadn’t sounded like ” a liberal”, missed the point as badly as his original statement. No one wants him to pay for anyone’s contraception. They want the insurance that they themselves pay for to do it.

Limbaugh should do more than apologize. He should readdress the issue and set the record straight after he actually reads the testimony. Or, he can push play below.

  • dean

    if u cant afford birth control ( in any form) STOP HAVEING SEX the goverment should NEVER provide that for ANYONE…dont like that move to another country

    • http://webpro kenneth malady

      Read the article again and this time read from top to bottom !!!

      • Timmmay

        Lets see… Mike Malloy…wished Sarah Palin drives herself into madness. He insists Michele Bachmann is an “evil bitch” from hell…

        Montel Williams…wanted Michele Bachmann to slit her wrists and throat…

        Randi Rhodes…she claims that teenaged boys weren’t safe from Sarah Palin’s advances at her home…

        Bill Maher…claimed Sarah Palin to be a dumb t–t, and a c–t (not going to spell it out). He also claims that Palin sells patriotism like a pimp. A strange family of inbreeds, and would have sex with Rick Perry if he were black?

        Where is the outrage? Liberal roaring hypocrisy and censorship at its finest.

        I don’t agree with Rush’s identifying Sara Fluke by a few select names, however, I certainly don’t agree with you and me having to pay for women’s and female adolescent promiscuity. The incentive Federal/state welfare/subsidiary programs profoundly benefit women as it is; at the expense of the non-custodial visitor…I mean parent. Sara Fluke exhibited her “friends”, and a few choice female college students who want contraception at taxpayer expense. She claims contraception as a dire medical need for women’s health – other than the sexual aspects. What Fluke never mentions is that contraception for medical needs are just ONE avenue for patient treatment. There are other remedies in medical intervention, ask any doctor. Fluke fails to take in consideration of ill side effects of contraception. Nor does Fluke identify her “friends” or fellow classmates. I guess anybody can make up people to prove their point, yes? Any time I petition within the political spectrum, I disclose pertinent information to ensure legitimacy. Of course, according to Fluke, the conservative values of waiting until marriage to have sex is unrealistic and deserves not to be mentioned. However, the “unrealistic” approach is ultimately the ONLY approach in 100% prevention of pregnancy. This is very realistic and a matter of priorities.

        • Kerry

          For everyone saying that they don’t want their hard earned money going towards the cost of birth control, do you really think that including birth control pills along with all of the other medications that are covered will cost everyone SO much more money in increased premiums? Are we even sure that it will increase premiums? Will the decreased number of births more than off set that cost, allowing insurance premiums to drop? If you want to stand on your soapbox and talk about your morals, fine, but don’t try to make it about cost.

    • Who?

      Ok, so, did you catch the part that birth control pills is used for acne, and ur… other things?

    • http://webpronews Marc

      Dean, before you type your knee-jerk comments, you should consider actually READING THE DAMN ARTICLE first.

    • david

      While I feel for the people claiming to need birth control for medical purposes it does not change the fact that they want me to pay for part of it. I cannot afford health care and luckily so far have not needed it. Especially when you consider that it would be against the law for a hospital to deny treatment for me.I understand the implications of trying to give everyone in this country “free” health care. NOTHING IS FREE!And could you imagine the lines if everyone had insurance? Every sniffle and bruise would require treatment. And when, not if, the system became overloaded the government will start cutting back (rationing) what is covered. FREE Enterprise works great without government interference. If you need more information just take a look at our mail service, amtrack, Social security et al….They are all broken

      • Endo Awareness Month

        Well, if you do not have health insurance, you won’t be paying for anything!!!! They are talking about health insurance premiums, this has NOTHING to do with taxes!!!! Also, I find it VERY insulting that you would say “so called medical reasons” – 1 in 10 women have endometriosis, yes 10% of the women in the world, and oral contraceptive hormone therapy is one of the most common ways to manage the disease (which is auto-immune and is hereditary. I am one of the 10% who suffer with this often debilitating disease that has NO CURE, only treatments to help the severe, chronic pain – one of which is oral contraceptives. Have you read the article or anything else besides Fox News to get your info??? Please get your facts straight before saying that you will be paying for anything and thanks for insulting us who take it for medical reasons. I hope your wife, daughter, sister, friend never has to deal with this horrible disease – especially since YOU think they should foot the bill for having a disease they did nothing to contract!!

        • alli

          I agree with you 100%. Birth control is used for many other reasons not just to prevent pregnancy. When i began getting my period i would get 2 periods a month. So my mom took me to the doctor and ive been on birth control since. The birth control helped me out, it regulated my period so that i only got one a month not two! If a man understood how bad one a month is, just try having two. Or any of the other conditions which can be treated by birth control.

    • Mr. D

      Lim Rushbaugh is a big fat liar. Read ther book or check Politifact below.


    • Charlie

      Sandra Fluke gave the impression with her testimony that she was a normal female student at Georgetown that needed $3,000 of birth control during 3 years of Law School. The impression she left is that all female students spend thousands of dollars on birth control and cannot afford other necessities.
      Sandra Fluke did not indicate that she was a special situation and had a doctors prescription for birth control.

    • William Ground

      The government has provided birth control to soldiers for decades in the form of condoms. Interestingly, these can also provide protection against STDs and keep muck out of a rifle barrel. Do you think the government is wrong in doing this as well?

    • Paul

      Everybody has a choice, and a woman should go up infront of Congress to provide their point of view. Also birth control does more then make you steril as long as you take it, it also helps some medical conditions. Also the government isn’t the one providing the coverage, its the incerence companys. Thank you for being stupid, and not knowing what you are talking about

  • paul

    writer of this article should have listened to what Rush said before he wrote this article. Rush was trying to figure out how she was spending so much on birth control when you can get it from planned parenthood for $12 a month and since she said she was spending $1000 a year he figured out how many condoms she could bye for $1000 dollars so that is what he was talking about. If you don’t like Rush that is fine there are lots of people that don’t but if you are going to complain about what he said at least listen to what he said and comment on that

    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/mike-tuttle Mike Tuttle

      Writer of this comment should have read the article. Fluke said nothing about her own contraception costs. Limbaugh inferred every bit of that out of thin air. No matter what angle he went at it, it was immaterial. She did not testify about wanting contraception for herself. She talked about women with diseases who would not get their medication in a Catholic organization because it was *presumed* they were lying to get birth control. For Limbaugh to talk about Sandra Fluke’s birth control expenses at all was a total red herring.

      • Who?

        Right Mike.

      • Timmmay

        Lets see… Mike Malloy…wished Sarah Palin drives herself into madness. He insists Michele Bachmann is an “evil bitch” from hell…

        Montel Williams…wanted Michele Bachmann to slit her wrists and throat…

        Randi Rhodes…she claims that teenaged boys weren’t safe from Sarah Palin’s advances at her home…

        Bill Maher…claimed Sarah Palin to be a dumb t–t, and a c–t (not going to spell it out). He also claims that Palin sells patriotism like a pimp. A strange family of inbreeds, and would have sex with Rick Perry if he were black?

        Where is the outrage? Liberal roaring hypocrisy and censorship at its finest.

        I rarely listen to Rush, but since the media is riding this story into the ground, why then not comment? I don’t agree with Rush’s identifying Sara Fluke by a few select names, however, I certainly don’t agree with you and me having to pay for women’s and female adolescent promiscuity. The incentive Federal/state welfare/subsidiary programs profoundly benefit women as it is; at the expense of the non-custodial visitor…I mean parent, and taxpayers. Sara Fluke exhibited her “friends”, and a few choice female college students who want contraception at taxpayer expense. She claims contraception as a dire medical need for women’s health – other than the sexual aspects. What Fluke never mentions is that contraception for medical needs are just ONE avenue for patient treatment. There are other remedies in medical intervention, ask any doctor. Fluke fails to take in consideration of ill side effects of contraception. Nor does Fluke identify her “friends” or fellow classmates. I guess anybody can make up people to prove their point, yes? Any time I petition within the political spectrum, I disclose pertinent information to ensure legitimacy. Of course, according to Fluke, the conservative values of waiting until marriage to have sex is unrealistic and deserves not to be mentioned. However, the “unrealistic” approach is ultimately the ONLY approach in 100% prevention of pregnancy. This is very realistic and a matter of priorities.

      • Paul

        Also, condoms might be easier to buy then birth control, but I am in this world even though my father used a condom

    • http://webpro kenneth malady

      ONce again you little lemming READ the article !!! By the way, who paid for the Oxycontin that RUSH sucked down !!!! We all did with INCREASED health costs !!!!

      • Uncertain future

        Actually I think he makes 28 million a year off of his show and was shopping the pills so he would have paid cash(which he clearly could afford) so that the insurance company would not be suspicious. But once again you answer things by attacking not by addressing the subject. What he said was dumb but not illegal, and it was a joke, one made in poor taste but a joke nonetheless. Maybe the pharma companies should market a hormone thereapy drug for the cysts, or other maladies that the hormones address but to use birth control pills for this is just asking for this controversy. Plus the Obamacare initiative does not address the subjects that ms fluke or any other abortion proponent brings up like these diseases which clearly need some form of treatment. The real issue here at teh heart of all of this is is the US Governemt has the power to tell a private business how it should do business, period. It has nothing to do with churches, the real core here is socialism. Do we want capitalism or do we want socialism? Someday someone you don’t agree with will be in power and he will possess the vast power that Obama is amassing in D.C. and they will use it to come after your favorite things. Just imagine a muslim president outlawing homosexuality, or promiscuity, or woemn driving. That would be very ugly. Think about it before you give any centralized Gov. this kind of power, someday it will come back to haunt you. And the right wing nut jobs won’t be around with their guns to defend your rights.

        • Stacey

          While I appreciate your suggestions that pharma companies market a pill for diseases, which could solve this issue, it will never happen. In order to get FDA approval to market a drug for a specific indication, say endometriosis, several huge expensive studies would have to be completed. Most of the pills used to treat it are already available as a generic; therefore, no pharma company would invest money into this. Pharma co make their money when their drug is on patent, once it comes off, there is no money in it for them anymore, so they will not sink more money into it. The issue continues b/c so many women with endometriosis (1 in 10 women have it) all respond to different formulations of the pill. What works for one may not work for the other. With that said, every pill would have to be put through clinical trials, which would take years and millions of dollars, to get that ‘corner of the market’ covered. It is the reason that so many meds are used off-label; it is not b/c we are not sure they work for a specific condition, it is that the pharma co will not spend the money to get it approved for that condition. For example, neurontin is officially approved for seizures; however, it is commonly prescribed for nerve pain, among many other things. The drug itself is not on patent, so the pharma co will never spend the money on more research. If the doctor says it is medically necessary and it is documented in the medical record, there is NO reason it should not be covered. I’ll leave out my personal opinion on how I feel about the entire situation. If you have a disease, treatment/medication should be covered. I work in pharma research, so this is where I have received the info I posted. Take care and have a good one!

    • Richard

      The article is dead on right. I have a daughter who has a disease which requires “the pill”. She is not using it for sex. Moreoever, you cannot get a “prescribed dose” from Planned Parenthood. We checked. Fortunatly, our insurance cover the “Medicine” my daughter needs, but with a big co-pay. In my very humble opinion, Rush wanted this publicity and just said what he did to get it. Perhaps he is jealous, because a woman like this would never look twice at him. However, the point of all of this is that the pill has many vry useful purposes, besides preventing an unwanted pregnancy. God knows we have way too many of those as it is. The abstinance (sp?) “rule” proposed by Mrs Reagan back in the ’80s works really well LOL.

      • jjonespp

        Rush married a HOT 33 year old, it really would not matter if a women like this looked at him…. she would not be his type… Look… seriously?

        You missed the whole point of what he was saying, why do people keep commenting on hear say and never listen to what he said.

        He’s right!!!!!!

        • Richard

          I did not miss the point of what Rush said or what the author of this article said. Rush was wrong to say wht he did. I was being sarcastic about the woman being attracted to Rush. Whatever, Rush is a hypocritic liar. What he said on this issue was a complete mistatement of the actual facts. That doesn’t seem to matter to Rush or some of his followers. Thank God it does to a lot of his advistisers.

          As for the comments from another poster regarding comments about Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman, they are opinions about a political figure, people who were (or may be, in the case of Palin) running for the office of President. Expressing an opinion about those types of political figures, especially by a comedian like Bill Maher, is much different than completely mistating the testimony of a Congressional witness. This is paritcularly true since Rush puts himself out there as a “news” person, stating the truth, with one half of his brain tied behind his back. This time, all of his brain was missing and he should apologize properly.

        • Paul

          Rush is wrong, and for one reason, he has no fucking idea what the hell he is talking about. It’s like going to a person that ordered a beer battered chicken and saying “You must be an alchohalic.”

    • a b wertz

      She was talking about women that needed birth control pills to
      regulate their period ..not to have sex with no risk of pregnacy.
      You people are surely in the 1930’s…probably slept through
      biology classes

    • K

      FYI, not every one has easy access to Planned Parenthood. Many have to even drive out of their own city if they wanted any help, just to put an example out there. So, apart from the assumption that she was refering to her own BC habits, you obviously assume that someone can just walk down the street or drive a couple of minutes to their local planned parenthood.

      • K

        I was responding to someone here but it looks like it didn’t work.

      • katie

        Good point. Even if there is a local Planned Parenthood- you could wait several hours to be seen, even with “making an appointment.” You also have to return every month and repeat the same ordeal.

      • Stacey

        Exactly!!! The irony is that these same people want planned parenthood shut down. So, they don’t want to cover birth control, they think abortions should be illegal, they want planned parenthood closed down, but they don’t want to pay higher taxes!!! I wonder who they think is going to pay for all of these unwanted children????? Certainly not them!!!! It is not the well off who are not going to be able to afford contraception, it is the ones who are on a fixed income who need services like planned parenthood. These folks are certaintly short-sighted. I won’t even start on the other issues here, all I know is I don’t want the govt in my uterus!!! I don’t care why the woman is using birth control, it should be covered, period!!! Viagra is covered so men can have sex – what a freaking double standard!! If birth control pills were for men, this wouldn’t be an issue or discussion!!! Everyone needs to mind their own business and stay out of other people’s bedroom – it is not hurting you, so bug off!!

    • Mr D

      Typical dumb Rush fan. When you purchase something, you buy it, not bye it. The whole world heard and knows what he said, but you feel you need to twist it and defend the indefensible.

    • Mr. D

      Typical dumb Ditto-head. When you purchase something you buy it. Not bye it. Come to think of it all you Ditto-heads bye (buy) Rush’s cr*p.

      The whole world heard the dispicable things he said about Ms Fluke, but you and others like you think you have to defend the indefensible. You really to listen to something else once in a while.

      • Steven

        Hey Mr. D,

        D for Dumbass, yeah you, dumbass.

        Do you read what you type BEFORE you send it? You criticize people for syntax errors and then you post a few yourself. I quote YOU, “You really to listen to something else once in a while.”
        Before you engage in criticizing people, perhaps you should clean your OWN side of the street, moron. Bigots like you should be eliminated at birth.

        • Paul

          hey Steven
          Fuck off, just because you buy Rush’s bullshit. It’s not the tax-payers that are paying for the birth control coverage, in fact the government isn’t paying for it ether. Also to agree with someone else, why is Viagra covered for us men to have sex? So Mr. D I agree with you

  • Michael V. Caldwell


    “It’s Up To All AMERICAN’S TO LEAD BY GOOD EXAMPLE” All of us make choices everyday that have a Major Impact on Our Country on Our World on Ourselves,on Our Children & Their Children. Our Children and Grandchildren, are always watching us to see how we treat each other when we have a disagreement. “FIVE LOST WORDS IN AMERICA”That, NEED TO BE FOUND AGAIN when disagreeing with each other Especially Publicly & Especially with anyone who is choosing to be “Part Of The Solution” by Using Common Sense, Ameri-Can-Do Attitude and Respect as their “Guideline To Follow At All Times” These Five Words that need to found again and used when disagreeing with with each other are; “I RESPECTFULLY DISAGREE WITH YOU” Each of us can choose to be “Part of the Problem” or to be “Part of the Solution” this choice is up to each individual to make in our daily lives by the words we choose to use and by our attitudes. “PART OF THE PROBLEM” Disrespectful Words & Attitudes that hurt Ourselves & Others, Lack of Team Work, Constant Criticism instead of offering Solutions to the Problem at hand.
    Mutual Respect, Ameri-Can Do Attitude, Team Work & Suggesting New Ideas That Solve Our Problems As A Respectful Nation, That Leads Our World, Our Next Generation By Good Example Not By Bad Example.

    What ever Choices that each of us choose Impact “OUR CHILDREN, OUR GENERATION, THE NEXT GENERATION & OUR WORLD ! !
    I choose to be “Part of the Solution” always trying my best to use Respect as my Guideline to follow at “All Times Publicly” it’s not an easy Choice to make at times but it is; THE RIGHT CHOICE TO MAKE FOR AMERICA & for “OUR CHILDREN’S FUTURE” Respectfully, Michael V. Caldwell Who Is Always Striving to be “Part Of The Solution” Using Respect, Common Sense & Ameri-Can-Do Attitude as my Guidelines to follow at all Times, Especially Publicly Because Public Comments “Impact So Many Lives”

  • Dry Gulch Dick

    If a woman has the a fore mentioned conditions – then her doctor will prescribe the right medication – no sin there.

    Rush thinks along the same lines as the Catholic Church as do I.
    God gave us free will – we all sin.
    Get on TV and display your sin for all to hear – makes you a Slut

    • TJV

      That’s not what she did. Listen to the testimony.

      • katie

        The Catholic Church refers to women as sluts? Since when? Have you ever had sex? Are those women sluts too then?

    • Tom

      READ HER TESTIMONY, GENIUS! She mentioned nothing about her own needs, so nothing about her personal needs can be implied, so your slut comment, just like Rush’s, is nothing short of stupid. Go thump your bible somewhere else, moron.

  • http://none kentonian

    My mother would not have called her a prostitute. But mom would have called her a hussy and a dirty hog. I would call her a slut and a bimbo.

    • Sandy

      Seriously the woman did not talk about HER family planning needs. Wow, this really proves that people do not read artciles before commenting on them!!!
      So my mom would not call you dumb, bubbleheaded or too lazy to read the article, she would just have told you to open your eyes and wake up. However, I would call you a typical, know-it-all conservative who gets his marching orders from a guy on the radio.

    • Marc Bergman


      What is wrong with you? Are you incapable of reading this article and reading Ms. Fluke’s testimony?

      I don’t think your mother did a very good job in raising you.

    • Stacey

      This just proves that you can’t fix stupid.

  • Bernie

    I am not sure where Sandra is getting her costs for birth control. I did some checking and at Targer which is a national company you can get birth control pills for 9.00 a month. I heard Rush on his original broadcast and I heard Sandra Fluke. I think the numbers she recited to Congress are grossly exaggerated. But maybe her specific birth control pills costs that much. But the two pharmacists I talked to said they knew of no birth control pills that cost that much. Where did she get her numbers from???

    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/mike-tuttle Mike Tuttle

      If your insurance company has birth control on their list of covered meds, then $9 a month is about right. If, on the other hand, they refuse to cover them at all, then you are left to pay full retail.

      Example, my asthma medication costs $15 a month on insurance. Without it, it costs $250 a month.

      • economic logic

        The Fluke story is a tool for Democrats to turn around the Catholic Church objection to Obamacare into the usual liberal hate speech: Conservatives hate women! The real story is the government, specifically the HHS Secretary, will soon be telling Americans exactly what their heath insurance must cover. We didn’t elect that Secretary. The facts about Fluke are that the average starting salary of graduates from her Georgetown Law School is over $150,000 per year, so lets not feel sorry for her! Birth control pills cost $9 per month at Walmart, Target and other stores for those who have no insurance. If you want birth control pills, and your insurance policy does not cover them, then you go to Target, for one example, tell them you have no insurance (and you actually don’t for the birth control pills you have been prescribed) and then pay your $9. I would think a law school student could figure this out and not claim birth control costs a total of $3,000 for the law school student (I assume she estimated three years of law school at $1,000 per year for birth control pills). If it took me five minutes to find many birth control pill sources for $9 per month, then Fluke ought to put on her thinking cap, and do it too. But she’s too busy being a pawn for the Democrats, and getting her 15 minutes of fame…. I’ve been thinking of protesting my auto insurance company because my policy doesn’t cover oil changes — maybe Obama can do something about that too? And he can demand that my auto insurance company pays the costs themselves … like he proposed for birth control pills.
        In the 1960’s democrats were anti-government — now they think government is the solution for every problem in the world. They are deluded.

        • katie

          You make a good point about how much Georgetown law students make… but she could have been talking for women she knows that aren’t as well off. As a young woman that has always used birth control for several reasons- I know that 3 grand is extremely excessive. But just so you know, you cannot just walk into a pharmacy and demand birth control- you need to see a doctor before hand- it could be from waiting in line for hours at a free clinic, sure, but you need to be examined and reexamined 3 months to every year to be allowed to have birth control. NO MATTER WHAT. So yes, birth control can be affordable but you cannot just waltz into Target off the street- it’s a process and involves going back to your doctor– pay a co pay to see that doctor for 5 minutes and her rewriting a prescription for 3- 12 months. I’ve done it for over 10 years. I’ve waited for hours and paid upwards of 90 dollars at “free clinics” when my insurance wouldn’t cover it. I am assuming you are a male and you haven’t had to deal with the frusterations of this. I don’t need the govt to pay for my birth control or any other prescription, but would this be different if she asked for insurance to cover her zoloft? ritalin? ambien? Any prescription someone uses monthly should be made easier and cheaper to get in their insurance plans- who cares if just so happens to stop pregnancy.

        • Stacey

          Not all women with medical conditions can just take any old pill they want. For example, what works for one woman with endometriosis may not work for another. Many of these women have tried ten to twenty different birth control pills to find the one that works the best. I have health insurance and I also have endometriosis. My pill to treat endo was $30 with my coverage (which I pay almost a grand a month for in NJ b/c I am self-employed). My insurance will only pay $1500 per year for meds. With a chronic health condition, and other illnesses, I easily pass this $1500 by May. After that, I pay the full-cost negotiated with the pharmacy for my pill, which is $60/month. In actuality, the retail cost is about $80 per month. When you do the math, for the pill I take, it would cost a person without insurance $960 per month. That is also on the cheap. One pill that worked great for me was norethrindrone – also a generic medication. The dose I was on was costing over $150/month WITH insurance!!!! It was going to cost me $1800 per year with health insurance to treat my endometriosis and I’m not alone with that cost. In the end, I had to go to a cheaper pill, which would cost someone without insurance $960 per year, to treat my endometriosis, not for birth control!!! Many women like me, which is 1 in 10 women world-wide, can’t go to target to get the $9 pill per month because it wouldn’t work.

    • katie

      I pay around $10 a month for birth control since I was 14 years old- obviously not for sexual reasons at that young an age when I am fully covered. There were times when I did not have health insurance or had health insurance that had high copays- I have paid $65-100 for the same $10 prescription of birth control.

  • Les McClellan

    Rush never deals in facts. His “entertainment” value is in telling and repeating lies. He believes, like many of his ditto-heads, that telling a lie repeatedly makes it sound like the truth. Listen to Fox’s Fake News for examples. He is following the model established by Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s Liar In Chief, where lying becomes a way of life, so facts become unimportant.

  • h anon

    What exactly does this have to do with news of the online world?

  • Randy McClellan

    Rush thinks birth control pills are like his percocets and diavan. You are supposed to take one each time a thought arrives at your burned out brain. His comments show how really uninformed he is. His listeners should stop and think about what he is really saying in his racist, anti-feminine, homophobic tirades, and ask what there reaction would be if someone said those things about their families and children.

  • Jenifer Crone

    Thank you, Mr. Tuttle. Your article was spot on! People making comments on here apparently did not read your article. They are still listening to Lush Rimbaugh. READ PEOPLE! Do not listen to Rush! He says what he wants (for publicity) and attempts to apologize for it later. As an American, everyone needs to listen to the real source, not the commentator from the peanut gallery.

    • a b wertz

      What’s needed is to “Totally Ignore Him”…let his venomn fall on deaf ears.

  • angel1966

    I course he doesn’t!!! His mother neveer used them, that is why we have to put up him and his big mouth.

  • scoott

    I had a dog that screw a lot Had her fix So get her fix If she want goverment help

  • Evlyn Fitch

    Perhaps Ms Fluke should addressed the medication as hormone therapy, rather than birth control. The math is easy, and if it is birth control she was after, condoms are safer, prevent the spread of STDs and HIV, and are available when needed – CHEAPER. If Ms Fluke needs hormone therapy, the discussion she had with the non-congressional panel during the interview should have been more accurate.

    I won’t argue that Rush can be a total and utter scum bag, but … Ms Fluke didn’t do herself any favors for taking that interview on the spur of the moment. She got set up.


    • Paul

      and yet I am here from the failure of a condom

  • angel1966

    Of course HE DOESN’T!!! His mother never used them!!! That is way we have to put up with him and his big mouth!!!

  • http://Facebook JAlien

    Remember: Rush is an “in your face” political commentator, meant to stir up the
    political and irrational pot. The sooner that we turn this “turkey’ off the quicker he vanishes from the air waves.

  • http://khilfiker@yahoo.com kathy

    My comment is not about the pill, but the way women are referred to in so many derogatory words. I would equate words used to portray women, are as bad as the N word for blacks, and as such should be banned from usage.

  • Dave

    I like Rush but he was way out of line.

    The writer used a lot of ink and brain cells to prove himself an idiot. This whole national debate has been around pills to prevent pregnancy. Not around pills to treat hormone deficiency. Thus the debate is around “birth control” not “hormone imbalance therapy) And, Prior to enrolling in law school, she worked for agencies advocating birth control. Not a bad thing. The debate is who pays for it as evidenced ms. Fluke’s $3,000 cost while in three years of law school.

    Never been on this Web site before but first impression is that it is a good site for idiots.

    • Stacey

      You’ve proven yourself to be the idiot… birth control pills ARE hormone therapy women use to treat medical conditions, did you not read the article???! I have endometriosis, along with the other 1 in 10 women in the world. I take birth control pills, as a hormone therapy, to treat my medical condition!!! When the doctor writes my prescription, you cannot tell if it is for birth control or for a medical condition since it is the same thing. People are fighting that insurance companies should not pay for birth control pills, which are the hormone therapy medications. Does that make sense???

      My guess is that my comment will fall on deaf ears b/c people obviously cannot read and comprehend the article. I guess you can’t fix stupid. The scary thing is that these folks vote, and since they do not or cannot think for themselves, you know that makes them a republican. I don’t think all republicans are stupid and don’t think for themselves, but the ones that can’t think for themselves most definitely are republican and vote against their best interest.

  • jscottu

    To anyone who understands John Locke’s philosophy (property rights) and its premier position in the single most important document on this continent, all these other arguments easily fall away.
    The Catholic church owns the University. Therefore they get to make the rules. Anyone is free to not go there. Indeed, Ms. Fluke knew the rules and chose to go there ANYWAY. Now she wants to violate the property rights of the Catholic Church (by the way, I am not catholic and I believe in birth control). If you agree with Ms. Fluke I hope someone better than you is there to help defend your rights when the government comes after you next.

  • D

    It is also misinformed to present hormone replacement as being used in different diagnosis when this represents only a small number of overall prescriptions. It is like saying coffee is used to treat heart disease. There is a small body of evidence, and a small number of people that would use it for such purposes, but most of us use it to wake up! While technically accurate, your article is terribly misleading.

    Additionally if the government is going to pick a drug that must be covered and payed 100% why wouldn’t they choose something like high blood pressure meds or cholesterol meds? Something that has been proven to save countless lives. It was a political decision to make insurance cover hormone replacement, not a medical one, and that is why the government should not get involved in health care.

    • Stacey

      One in ten women have endometriosis which uses the birth control pill as hormone therapy to treat the medical condition; I would say 10% of all women in the US is a significant portion. Also, using ‘the pill’ to treat endometriosis is the most common way to manage the disease, which does not have a cure. Finally, you are writing above about hormone replacement therapy or HRT, which is given to women in menopause to stop menopausal symptoms. Hormone replacement therapy is not the same as the birth control pill.

      This is what is scary folks – people are commenting on things they know nothing about. Even worse, these people are voting based on incorrect information!! Stop watching Fox News and listening to Rush people – start to read, comprehend, and think for yourself!!!!

  • William Said

    Does the government pay for your viagra, or your asprin, what about that insulin? People purchase private insurance, medicare people are too old to be on birth control. Should private insurance pay for an old mans erection dysfunction? If you said yes then that private insu, like with Sandra Fluke should pay for birth control. Its private insurance, not government. You live is misinformation bubble. But after reading this you will still beleive that she is asking for govt to pay for birth control, NO SHE IS NOT. PRIVATE INSURANCE PAYS for 95% of all birth control in the US. GET IT THROUGH YOUR THICK HEADS

    • Stacey

      Yes, thank you!! I also agree with you that these people will still not understand your comment, since they have proven to not be unable to comprehend the facts of the article above. What will it take for them to understand???? Seriously, it baffles me to no end. I just cross my fingers that they can’t follow the directions to the voting booth.

  • Joe

    Oh please, lets face the truth here, the percentage of people buying birth control pills for something OTHER than birth control is so minute it is not even worth bringing up.

    That said Rush, Hannity (in particular Hannity) and a number of others took the entirely wrong tactic in this debate. They made it about religion and birth control, when it should have been about free markets and personal responsibility.

    The government has screwed up the health care industry massively BECAUSE they mandate coverages, paid or not. There should be no mandated coverages for anything, you should be able to have coverage for the things you want to pay to have coverage for.

    The problem with health insurance, is that is (more than other insurance types) runs a complete communist model, everyone is equal except for when the dictator rules someone is to be punished. They don’t want people that make thousands of dollars worth of claims every year, to have to pay anymore but a smoker who has not made a single claim in a decade has to pay more.

    People need to start paying for the things they want and need themselves. You wouldn’t use car insurance to replace your wiper blades and you shouldn’t use health insurance to pay for regular doctor visits or prescriptions that cost $4 at Walmart.

    Moreover, if we are going to continue to use health insurance for all these minor things, people’s individual premiums should go up or down based on how much they use the insurance.

    • Paul

      Hey Joe, Rush uses Viagra which is covered by the insurance company, and is used for SEX, the same thing he is trying to use agienst us, so if the pill that takes care of him being able to get in erection with his 60 some year old cock so he can have sex, why then can the INSURANCE company’s pay for woman’s birth control, which does more then allow you to have sex with out geting a baby, which costs more government money(aka: tax-payer’s dollar) to pay for that child intill he/she is 18

  • clarify

    Birth control is covered by insurance companies for conditions that you mention. There is no question about that and the Catholic church has no problem with that.
    What you failed to mention is the setup that Sandar Fluke was in the “congressional hearing”. She was not allowed to testify in front of the entire committee as she had not been vetted, as she was a last minute replacement, so the democrats had their own subcommitee, where they were the only one’s present, and allowed her to speak. She has an agenda for sure and that is to make birth control mandatory and free from any employer, especially going after the Catholic church. She was NOT talking about medical conditions, she was talking about birth control for birth control. She cleverly used the medical conditions as cover for her, and apparently your agenda as you only write half- truths.
    Since you had to look up your information on what the pill is used for your knowledge is very shallow. The Catholic Church believes life begins when the sperm fertilizes the egg. The pill acts AFTER conception takes place and alters the uterine lining from implantation of the egg.
    I disagree with the language that Rush used but I believe he was acting in frustration at the cleverly disguised plot the democrats had crafted in trying to disguise their agenda.

    • Stacey

      “The pill acts AFTER conception takes place and alters the uterine lining from implantation of.”

      Your statement is not entirely accurate and very misleading

      Some pills, like progestin only pills, will change the cervical mucous, making it harder for conception to occur. Some will make the uterine lining less hospitable for a fertilized egg egg to implant. The majority of women will take one that will prevent a women from ovulating, so no egg – no way to get pregnant. How does the Catholic Church feel about a pill that won’t allow conception to happen???

      From the following website – it is from my phone – so it is tailored for mobile. http://m.plannedparenthood.org/mt/www.plannedparenthood.org/health-topics/birth-control/birth-control-pill-4228.htm?un_jtt_v_expand=2#un_q2

      If you don’t like that it is from planned parenthood, google how does birth control pill prevent pregnancy – a fact is a fact, regardless of where it comes from.

      How Do Birth Control Pills Work?
      It’s pretty common for people to be confused about how birth control pills work. Here’s what it boils down to: birth control pills are made of hormones. Hormones are chemicals made in our bodies. They control how different parts of our bodies work.
      Some birth control pills contain two hormones — estrogen and progestin. These are called combination pills. Some are progestin-only pills.  Most women on the pill take combination pills.
      The hormones in the pill work by keeping a woman’s ovaries from releasing eggs — ovulation. Pregnancy cannot happen if there is no egg to join with sperm. The hormones in the pill also prevent pregnancy by thickening a woman’s cervical mucus. The mucus blocks sperm and keeps it from joining with an egg.
      The hormones also thin the lining of the uterus. In theory, this could prevent pregnancy by keeping a fertilized egg from attaching to the uterus.

  • John

    Face it, this girl is a free loading whore like all democRATS!

  • Cindy M.

    I think something that some people do not understand is that MOST employers have riders for insurance policies. (Such as cancer, long term stroke care, etc…)I was listening to Mark this morning on the Rush show talking to the Chiropractor. The more I thought about it the more I thought, What is wrong with companies offering a birth control rider if they want to. It is not MANDATORY that companies offer the extra cancer insurance but some choose to do that. If companies had the option to offer the birth control rider then Catholic hospitals (or others who chose not to offer the rider) could have that option. If that was important to me as an applicant then I would ask during the interview, “Do you offer birth control insurance” or abortion insurance or whatever was important to me. If it wasn’t offered then I would know perhaps I needed to find an independent company to buy that from or find somewhere else to work. I think this is a lot more constitutional and moral than MAKING a company offer something they do not believe in. After all, companies are not “made” to offer cancer insurance or long term stroke care insurance. Just my two cents……

    • Kerry

      The reason they don’t cover “extra cancer insurance” is purely because of cost not because someone’s personal beliefs that certain cancer treatments are morally wrong. That’s a big difference.

  • david

    This woman was obvoiusly a plant by the democrat party. just follow the money…. You really think such a well spoken innocent looking young lady (who btw goes to a 100,000 dollar a year college) just showed up accidentally to ask for birth control pills she can obviously afford on her own?

  • Ginger

    Give the man some more illegal drugs……..he’s getting crankier than usual……maybe HE needs to get laid……

  • Layla

    WHAT??? Rush “Fat Ass” Limbaugh is a total and complete idiot and doesn’t know sh*t about a topic? Well, I am shocked at that. But he just seems so educated and knows everything about everything when he speaks. Just look at him!! (well, not for too long. You might go blind).

    • Ginger

      I’m not sure which is worse…….LOOKING at him or LISTENING to him……it’s a toss-up.

  • Jim

    Mike Tuttle talks as woman would but, saddly, has no idea what he’s talking about! I’ve seen it in movies…I’ve seen it at friends homes…and I seen it with my own sister…Birth Control pills found in the panties drawer means someone is having sex!!! I remember a show called Lie To Me…his daughter has been acting a bit wierd…dad breaks in and guess where he finds the Birth Control Pills!?! That’s right, the panties drawer! And what did her mom tell dad when she heard what he had found….”I was going to tell you, dear…I just wanted her to be ready when she starts to experiment with sex!”

    There you have it folks….if you find Birth Control Pills in the home of any women, 90 times out of 100, it means they are sexually active people…that’s a fact!!! There are medical reasons for prescribing these pills…but those reasons would be acceptable by any health insurance company, so these medical reasons are definitely not the reason Ms. Fluke is not able to get her Birth Control Pills!

    So, she want tax dollars to pay for her sexual enjoyment….not just no….but HELL NO!!! MY TAX DOLLARS ARE NOT MEANT FOR YOUR SEXUAL ENJOYMENT…PERIOD!!!

    • Ginger

      Well, hopefully you’re happy with your tax dollars to going to pay for all of the unwanted children that result…..you sound like such a warm & fuzzy guy….I’m sure you’ll open your home to them….

    • Stacey

      How many times does this need to be explained??? THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR TAXES!!!!! They are arguing over it raising the price of insurance policies!!!! Got it, nothing to do with taxes at all.

      I won’t even waste my breath on how many women take birth control for other reasons – it does not matter, you won’t be able to understand. If you did know, you would surprised how many women take it for other reasons. After reading the article and the comments to this point, it is obvious that you can’t fix stupid. The article is easy to read and understand, but too many of you obviously cannot. I just hope you can’t comprehend the directions to get to the voting booth, and if GPS manages to get a collective ‘you’ there, I just hope you can’t follow the directions on how to work the machine and vote.

    • Stacey

      Also, anyone getting their facts from watching movies and using it as an argument here, again proves that you can’t fix stupid.

  • Marc

    While I agree that every voice has the right to be heard, the underlying challenge is one of what rights the government has to “force” anyone (company or individual) to do something. I disagree with how Rush approached the Fluke controversy however, Rush’s underlying concern is correct. He doesn’t know Ms. Fluke and he has no true anymosity against her. What his concern is really about is the fact that companies will be required to provide services that disagree with their principles. In addition, other companies will be required to provide this benefit “free of charge.” This may seem harmless upfront but, where does this new policy of the government mandating our actions end? This is the true frustration that led Rush to make comments that were rather unruly. In the end, I don’t agree wtih Rush’s handling of this topic but I do agree with his concern. This outcome will affect future outcomes on other matters as well. Once the floodgate is open, don’t think for a moment that the governement won’t mandate something that even liberals disagree with. And when this happens, liberals better sit back and enjoy it. They were the driving force that caused this to be an issue in the first place. With “the pill” being so cheap and available from a variety of sources, we don’t need government mandating that it be provided for free. This makes it free for the consumer but not for everyone else in the process. Someone is taking a financial hit for this. The government does not have a right to force business to lose money to appeal to a crowd with other options. Be careful what you wish for. You might not like the end result.

    • Stacey

      While I don’t agree with your obvious animosity to “liberals” I do think it is scary for the gov’t to get involved in healthcare and start making certain things mandatory. My issue is that I don’t think the majority of these folks on here understand your very valid point, they see birth control for women an freak out. They think that sex is immoral and anyone on the pill is a slut, etc. These people fail to realize that the pill is used for so many women to treat medical conditions. I have endometriosis, in fact, 1 in 10 women do worldwide and use ‘the pill’ to treat this condition. You seem to be intelligent and understand why this is could be so scary as a precedent for the future. I hope you can understand why it is so threatening for us women with health conditions that depend on the pill to get out of bed and function, to start to see the govt getting involved on potentially limiting our abiltiy to receive the treatment we need. Once people who have moral objections about any topic can put their bias into legislation for all people, it gets very scary. One religion or a personal belief should not be the basis and the reason for making decisions for other people, especially when it doesn’t affect them personally – they just don’t agree with it. I wish there were more folks that can be objective and not jump to conclusions or decisions b/c it offends them.

  • Nels Olsa

    People that listen to Rush for information are INSANE! When he gets caught in a misstatement, he reminds the audience that he is a ENTERTAINER!

  • MH

    This should be the other way around. Rush L. only statement for this fiasco is as follows. ” WE THE TAXPAYERS SHOULD NOT HAVE TO PAY FOR ANY WHORE THAT CHOOSES TO STICK THE BILL FOR HER USE OF BIRTH CONTROL PILLS, . . . . . PERIOD. !! If she wants to play with fire and have sex every day of the year and sometimes five times on Sunday then so be it. But do not ” STICK IT ” to the taxpayer who is paying enough taxes as it is. She is what she herself proclaims she is. She has said it herself. Quote ” I cannot afford to pay for the pills that I need as I have sex every day and I need the pills so the public should help me pay for the pills. She is definitly sick and the Democrates have taken her case up and decided to go along with her views as well as Gloria Allred. So who is the whore here.? I think we all know and Rush is in the clear for he is doing his job for telling the public about her wild behavior. When I was a kid even in my best or worst days I could never come close to what this lady is doing. She is indeed a whore and she is trying to make public her sickening habit. She needs the help of sex doctors to make her see what she is doing to herself and now she is inflicting her attitudes on others. How terribly sick. !!

    • Kerry

      How are the taxpayers paying for this?

  • Yogurt

    I am a young male with a perpetually constant erection.
    Yet i can go to the doctor and get viagara which is abuse. My insurance will cover most of it but it is still 10 dollars a pill so i pay for that abuse. I pay and my insurance pays, no tax payers involved.

    A woman may need birth control for hormone therapy but a lot of females will abuse it for pregnancy control. I have to pay for my viagara abuse, why should girls get away with their abuse for no cost? Why should taxpayers cover it?

  • Mike

    Typical of “Ole Rushbeau”. To many listeners drinking the kool aid.

    • Michele Ford


  • Kelly Futrell

    Your article suggests that Mr. Limbaugh is misinformed about birth control and it seems you too are guilty of similar discourse. Although Rush may use bad choices at times to illustrate his message, he does this as an entertaining form of attempted enlightenment. It is amazing how Ms. Fluke has become such a victom in this situation when she is resourceful enough to finance a very expensive education, yet she would have us believe she is not resourceful enough to finance her birth control. Also, even though you suggest that Birth Control pill’s are “hormone therapy” you must believe your audience to be pretty stupid to think those issues out weigh the most common reason birth control pill’s are used…please, respect your readers.

  • dcs

    Birth control understood= an aspirin held between a woman’s your knees works. Sexual abstinence works. A condom($1.00) will work a good percentage of the time.

  • eugene

    It’s my choice to pay for my medications. I do not want my tax dollars paying for someone else’s medications or health care. Personal responsibility is dying. I work hard to be able to take care of myself my wife and my animals. There are too many people riding IN the sled…it’s time to get out and PULL the sled!!!!!!!

    • Stacey

      So you do not have health insurance? You believe that no one should have health insurance? Should people who pay for their own health insurance have the right to expect that their medications be covered?

      How do tax dollars play into this? As I, and others, have had to explain, THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH TAXES!! THIS HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH THE COST OF HEALTH INSURANCE!!!!!!!

      However, once they take away birth control coverage and make women pay full cost for the pill and overturn abortion, you WILL be paying higher taxes to take care of all of these unwanted children. If a woman couldn’t afford birth control, can you please tell me how she can afford a child???? Don’t pull the condom card b/c they are not as reliable as taking the pill. Do you want to pay higher taxes to pay for these families now depending on govt programs funded by your tax dollars??? Tell me please how your stance makes any sense whatsoever????

  • Dwight Collins

    Rush married 4 times no children whats up

  • Lyle

    Wow! We needn’t go any further than your headline to see you’re lying about this.
    Any “vilification” was directed at those seeking to initiate force to compel OTHERS to pay for it. Rush made that way too obvious to miss yet you would have us believe you did.
    Your assertion that this is about medical need is decimated by Fluke’s testimony wherein she pointed out it is already covered for that. Her (and presumably your) complaint in that department is only with regard to how that detail is administratively determined – which is exactly how you personally demand all of our “coverage” be managed.
    As with roughly 5 out of 5 liberal complaints, your beef is with the predicted results of your own demands. That ANYONE stands between you and your doctor and that ANY common drug is priced out of your range is entirely to to your own leftist vision for our “health care.”

  • captain obvious

    Easy fix – all prescriptions must be written with a medical REASON (code). When the code is for birth control for “medical” reasons, then ins. could cover it — but when the code is for “just plain sex” (no medical reason), then NO, the ins will NOT cover it. I think most taxpayers would be ok with that. One is for MEDICINE, and the other is for “fun.” Taxpayers just do not want to pay for someone else’s FUN! It’s that simple. THAT’S what Rush was getting at!!!

    • Kerry

      Why are people talking about needing to please taxpayers? Isn’t this an issue about employers with private insurance determining what they will and won’t cover based upon moral beliefs? I am not seeing what this has to do with taxpayers.

      • Stacey

        Thank you Kerry! Why are we the only ones who seem to understand this has NOTHING TO DO WITH TAXES?!?!?!?

  • Lyle Witherell


  • Southern Belle

    And I believe Georgetown insurance covers the pill already when used for the medical problems you listed. It just didn’t cover it WITHOUT those medical indications – in other words, it didn’t cover it just for the purpose of preventing pregnancy.

    Therefore, what she said had to be pertaining to the prevention of pregnancy only. And with Planned Parenthood and Wal-Mart and other places that offer low-price oral contraception, one does scratch one’s head at her testimony that it costs the average woman at the school $3000 while in law school to cover this expense, doesn’t it?

  • jo jackson

    Catholics are not the only anti fornication religion

    It seems to me that the real question should not be whether or not we pay for a single persons contraception but whether or not our religion beliefs would allow us in good concise to pay for enabling a single person to fornicate, which is the case with Sandra Fluke.
    I do believe that most religions frown on fornication, Catholic, Protestant, Muslim and even Baptist. Therefore is it evidence that the people who support enabling fornication are not religious or have not thought this through if they are?

  • Jean

    Everyone seems to have forgotten the issue at hand. The US Government is trying to force all insurance companies to pay for contraception – even self-insured church organizations that do not agree with birth control products or abortion. This is just a glimpse of the far-reaching effects that Obamacare and government involvement will have on the everyday lives of all US citizens. Good luck to us all



    • Stacey

      As you are a physician of 30 plus years, perhaps you should read some recent research studies and other recent articles. Also, what are you even talking about with “side affects” of cancer??? A physician would know that the they are called side effects, not side affects. I highly doubt you are a doctor of anything, as least not a MD or DO.

  • Steven

    So how does it come to be that it is MY responsibility for these peoples contraceptives? Accountability people! You have sex, YOU provide the contraceptives! You DON”T have sex, you don’t NEED contraceptives! How plain is that?!?

  • Michele Ford

    I read the article, I watched the video of Miss Fluke’s testimony and I am confused by many of the statements posted here. Nowhere, in any of the coverage of this story has this woman asked anyone, none of you, to pay for her contraception. She is asking that her insurance, which SHE pays for, cover it. Just as that same insurance covers viagra, cialis etc. I guess if impotent men couldn’t get those meds some of you might take a different view.

    • Stacey

      Thank you!!! Finally someone with a brain – I was getting really discouraged reading these comments. Why is it that others don’t understand? It is a fairly simple topic, right?

  • Kerry

    For everyone saying that they don’t want their hard earned money going towards the cost of birth control, do you really think that including birth control pills along with all of the other medications that are covered will cost everyone SO much more money in increased premiums? Are we even sure that it will increase premiums? Will the decreased number of births more than off set that cost, allowing insurance premiums to drop? If you want to stand on your soapbox and talk about your morals, fine, but don’t try to make it about cost.

    • Stacey

      Amen!! Thank you!!

  • WHC

    So I get it. In this context, the government isn’t paying for birth control pills as a means of say “birth control”, it really means that it only wants to provide an acne remedy and to aide other legitimate maladies. Basically, the overwhelming use of birth control must then be for “hormonal therapy,” Say, I know, now that there is medical pot, how about the tax payers pony up for that too? This BS is so lame it rivals, “the dog ate it”.

  • Dave

    I know a 30 year old woman who was treating endometriosis with those pilss. At 30, she lost 3/4 of her liver due to a grapefruit size hepatic tumor. You forgot to mention that in your stats for this “miracle pill”. It is odd that folks are defending the rich pharmaceutical companies in poising young women. Please, take Rush out of the equation and save your daughters. The pill kills.

  • Kerry

    For those saying that employers shouldn’t have to include birth control in their coverage based on moral grounds, should those same employers be able to say they will not cover the thousands of dollars it costs to give birth in a hospital if they don’t agree with how the child was conceived?

  • dwoo2

    Setting aside what Rush Limbaugh said or even Ms. Fluke, most of you all are missing the central issues of the case. And here is the central question: do institutions and businesses have the right to decide what benefits to offer its members or employees? If I am opening a hamburger stand, for example, do I, as the owner of the stand have the right to decide what benefits to offer the person I hire to run the stand? I would hope the answer is obvious. Of course I do; it’s my stand. OK, so let’s say I create a benefits package that does not include paid holidays. I am an Ebineezer Scrooge, and it literally pains me to pay somebody for not working. So my benefits package does not include paid holidays. Let’s say I hire someone, and they agree to work for me for the pay and benefits I offer. Let’s say this same employee has a financial hardship at home and needs extra cash to meet a legitimate need. Should he be able to petition the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT to create a law FORCING me to pay his holidays so he can get the cash he needs to meet budget? How does that even begin to make sense? It truly scares me that there are some of you that are saying yes, he absolutely should have the government make a law. That’s truly scary to me. Is this where our country has come to?

    • frazzledazzle

      Where do I start with this one. First off there already is Federal and State law regarding your employee’s wages, it’s called the Minimum Wage law and from it comes the establishment of the poverty level. As far as the holidays, you are not dealing in reality. I am not sure what you mean by “petition the federal government”. Laws are created not from petition but through the legislative process. And depending on your business it just might be a money loser to work certain holidays while everyone else is closed. The impetus behind the ACA law is to provide every American with basic health insurance. Being the only developed nation to not have this basic provision for every citizen is quite disturbing for many of us. The recent spat between the administration and the Catholic Church brings into focus one tenet that the administration is trying to standardize. The law seeks to provide universal guidelines for the application of the program. If ‘exceptions’ have to be parceled out for every special interest group the program will become too convoluted and unmanageable, which might be advantageous for those who want to repeal the law. It is not out of reason to have some business come forward and claim exclusion because they claim their ‘religion’ is totally faith-based to the point that their ideology holds that they ‘pray’ their way through appendectomies, broken limbs, major lacerations and cancers. Upholding their exclusion would allow them to provide no coverage for their 50+ employees. One argument that is constantly bantered about in disdain is in regards to a discussion of the NAFTA agreement, that the U.S. never competed on a level playing field. By applying the ACA law consistently across the board all U.S. business will be at the same level as their domestic competitors. We can talk about off-shore competitors in a different forum (that will bring us back to the faulty NAFTA agreement.)

  • I’m sick too

    I’m diabetic and have high blood pressure. I spend over $290 a month for my meds. If, as is claimed in this story, the issue is for all these other medical needs is to have free prescriptions available for “womans health”, why not mine? Why isn’t cancer drugs made free to all who need them, why don’t they decree that all prescription drugs are made available to anyones medical condition? Why is it just contriceptive drugs? It’s because it’s not about womans health! It’s about pro life vs Pro abortion, right vs left, repub vs dem! Just more smoke and mirrors for goverment control of everones personal health care! Once they have the ability to give it to you for free, then they will have the ability to ration it as they see fit!

    • frazzledazzle

      No one said they were to be offered free, where did that come from? They would be handled the same as any other prescription, with the co-pay, deductible and the rest of the restrictions and conditions of other drugs.

  • frazzledazzle

    For starters this Congressional testimony was given in response to insurance companies providing birth control and not the government. Students at Georgetown pay an insurance premium for a policy that is underwritten by United Health Care. The vast majority of studies clearly indicate that birth control is cheaper to provide than pre- and post-natal care – that’s pretty much a no brainer. It doesn’t take much common sense to recognize that paying for a prescription for pills is cheaper than hospital bills that include hospital stays, surgery and several associated charges – and then not once, but conceivably (no pun intended) every 10 – 12 months. As to the “having so much sex…..” statement by Limbaugh, how did that evolve from the testimony that Miss Fluke gave? Well as it turns out it doesn’t evolve from her at all. It evolved from some twisted individual that took the $3000 out of pocket that a female must pay over a 3 – 4 year period for birth control. (This is possibly a somewhat inflated valuation but it is not totally out of reason.) This sad individual calculated that a cut rate prescription for birth control could be had for some ridiculously low amount and that left a sizable amount of the $3000 left over for a whole bunch of condoms. Through the eyes of Mr. Limbaugh it must be the case that Miss Fluke must be having “so much sex….” that she would have trouble walking. Twisted, morally despicable – I am at a loss for how loathsome this is. To have slandered this woman for three days and create this putrid scenario and spew it over the public air waves of the United States of America has to be the most vile example of sexist hate speech I could have never imagined. I also thought that is was curious that one of the counter arguments for sourcing birth control medication (in lieu of the insurance companies or the government providing it) that was put forward by several conservative talking heads was Planned Parenthood. They actually cited Planned Parenthood as a current and future source for birth control medication – the same Planned Parenthood organization that they are trying to disassemble and abolish – what a paradox!

  • http://yahoo dan valascho

    this is a giant red herring; who is trying to ban birth control (of any kind) – no one? On a larger scale: why? when the economy struggles, gas is near 5 bux, unemployment is near record highs, wars are taking many soldiers lives, the debt is at an all time high – 16 trillion, riots are happening worldwide (including some US cities, ie OWS), families are disintegrating, welfare is an all time high, more people get gubmint assistance (ave handout 33k) than tax payers put in (ave income 32.5k), drugs are rampant, illegal immigration is a major problem, cities are crumbling, budgets are busting all over the place, taxes are stifling, housing is barely crawling, etc etc. did N Pelosi drag this woman from a Catholic university to testify before congress??? Maybe, because it’s the only way BO can provide a red herring and find a wedge issue (when there isn’t really -since no republican proposes banning contraception) and raise his abominable poll numbers while once again vilifying his political opponents.
    if you listen to Rush you would know that he is an expert at exposing absurdity by being absurd, ie video comment..

  • T Gibb

    If as the author contends, a person is using birth control pills for some other hormonal therapy other than birth control, then the prescription would be covered as a treatment for that issue, not as birth control and we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

    To me this is not even a sexual issue, it is simply an issue of why would some things be free of co-pay and others not? I think one could make the arguement that there should be no co-pay on cancer treatments or some other life saving prescription. What on earth makes birth control so awfully important that we must remove any co-pay?

  • Haley

    This isn’t about us paying for others contraception!!!! It’s about our insurance that we ALREADY pay for, paying for hormones that some women need for other reasons than contraception! LISTEN