Rush Limbaugh Cheers Obama’s Approval Drop

    March 13, 2012
    Mike Tuttle
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Rush Limbaugh, rested from a charity golf outing and a day off from his own radio program yesterday, took to the golden EIB microphone to assure his listeners that he was still relevant, still here, and still their El Rushbo.

Flush with the release of polling numbers that indicate President Obama’s rating is down to 41%, Limbaugh took the opportunity to correlate the two for his listeners. While experts are still musing over the causes and ramifications of the drop in the president’s approval, Limbaugh knows why. In a segment where he called NOW President Terry O’Neill the “Head NAG“, Limbaugh said:

“That has to be worse than it was under Carter, folks. And what the women of America want is jobs. They want an expanding economy, so we don’t have to beg the government for their birth control pills.”

While cheering over the drop in approval rating, Limbaugh is not impressed with other recently-released numbers showing growth in jobs.

“The employment numbers being released are not legit. They’re not true. They’re not real. They’re fabricated; they’re massaged.”

Even though news just hit today that Limbaugh’s own syndicator has instructed affiliate stations to remove their barter spots while they deal with departing advertisers, he still claims this as a victory. In fact, he sees a correlation between his own controversy and the drop for Obama.

“Rush Limbaugh, EIB’s gift to Barack Obama. And with a few more “gifts” like this, try to imagine how low Obama’s approval numbers will be then.”

  • vincent longhitano

    I hope next time rushbo goes for his fix, he doesn’t come back alive, but in a bodybag, he is a douchebag.


      Obviously you are a huge left winger who enjoys the double standard of trash talk by the libs being Ok. Body bag?

    • AMD

      I agree, Vincent. Though, I think somebody should put that fat, nasty dog down. We’re not lucky enough for him to overdose.

  • vincent longhitano

    BTW, when his boy GW Bush left office he had an approval rating of 17. The worst president we ever had, worse than disgraced Nixon. Obama will get reelected, no matter what windbag says, and we will succeed as a country, in spite of fat douchebag rushbo

    • luc

      You, nor anybody else will suceed with the leader of our country being a socilist, unless you are a left wing elite. Wakeup and smell the rot that is being permeated by this President and this socilist gov. Do you realize that there are 77 registered socialist in congress. So what sucess do you think you will enjoy?

    • Tazarian

      BTW, you might want to actually do some research instead of spouting lies. According to Rasmussen AND Gallup, Bush was at 32% at the end of his final term in office. I’m not saying that 32% is good, but it’s a hell of a lot better than 17. Additionally, his average across his entire presidency was 49.4% approval. Your boy oblamo averages less than 45%. Which means that overall, more people approved of Bush, than Oblamo. These are averaged from totals provided by Gallup, Rassmussen, Reuters, NY Times, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post. Try again, dillweed.

      • john

        your admiring the ex president who got us in a big trouble….common…..be true to yourself….im an independent voter

  • Jim Dael

    You go Rush. These people have know idea how big of a thief this a** in the white house is.

    He has played over 300 games of golf since he has been in office yet he says he don’t have time to address the issues in this country.

    Then that wife of his telling us how to feed our children. She needs to take a walk out of the picture.

  • Callie

    In general, women in America do not need a lesbian, pro-transgender, pro-abortion, pro-crontraception activist asking the government to figure how to give women free contraception. Women enjoy their liberated sexuality, but want their privacy respected … Sandra Fluke isn’t representative of most women and her message doesn’t resonate. We’re smarter than Sandra Fluke, we know how to get affordable birth control. Maybe she needs to get out of the elitist university scene and talk to some students going to a community college … they can point her in the right direction.

    • george

      How dare anyone mention President Obama playing golf, while George Bush took almost 1,000 days of vacation during his failed presidency. By the end of August, 2001, George W Bush had only been in office since January 20, he had already managed 96 days of vacation time, As it happens, Bush ended up setting a presidential record for vacation days taken—977 days over the course of his two administrations or an unbelievable 33 percent of his presidency. That’s right, Bush was on vacation 33% of his eight year “Presidency”. In fact, he was on vacation at his ranch in Texas the entire month of August, 2001, even after receiving a second memo that stated Al Qaeda was planning a U.S terrorist attack aimed at New York and Washington, via commercial airlines. He responded to Ron Suskind and the second report, “OK, you’ve covered your ass now” and spent the rest of the day fishing. How nice! Who knows what would have happened if we had an actual competent and working President in 2001. We can only imagine because the victims and their families must live with the consequenses of an inempt leader. These are facts and cannot be denied. If you deny the above facts, you are in denial and nobody can help you.

      • luc

        Hey Geo get over it Obama is the president comparing and blameing Bush will serve this president in NOV. Obama is making a fairwell tour, good ridance to bad rubish.

  • Richard L. Williams

    I am 70 years old. I was born when FDR was in office. I have seen plenty of Presidents come and go. I never thought I would ever see a worse President than Carter, boy did Obama prove me wrong. So you can say whatever you want about Rush Limbaugh, but I will still have to agree with him in Obama’s case. I have never seen America as divided as it is now under Obama.

    • Lord Ernie

      Obama didn’t divide America. Congress is more concerned with their hatred of Obama than their love of America. Obama’s color is what has divided America. The Republican party since the 1920’s has been a racist party. FDR, Truman, and most after them never had a congress with a 9% rating. Obama’s rating is 5 times higher than congress. Limbaugh is a racist draft dodging pill popper. Your hero flunked every college course he took over 1 and 1/2 years of school according to his mother. And yet you listen to him.

      • Richard L. Williams

        Lord Ernie, Obama had two full years with a democrat majority in the house and senate. He had the chance to accomplish plenty, but accomplished nothing, so don’t blame today’s congress for Obama being the loser he is.

      • friskyness

        The only racist is Obama. He plays the race card everyday and divides this nation. He doesn’t care about this country. He only cares about Obama. Wake up, Obama is the problem not congress.

  • Jim Dael

    A lot of people did not do good in school. That has nothing to do with what the man does today. He has been a leader in his field for many years along with Hanity and liven. They all tell it the way it is. This country is on it’s way down the tubes if we don’t change. Why not start with a new person in the drivers seat. I don’t think race has anything to do with it.

    • Velvet

      Oh yes it does Jim Dael. Race has everything to do with it. We the people thought racism was better in America, but boy did we find out once a, Part-African American man became president. You guys just find so many excuses to hide behind to blame it on, but your complaints are all mostly due to his race, and it’s not only the African American’s who can see through the racism. Everything he does you have found fault, no matter what it has been or how well he has accomplished it, it has never been good enough for some of the racist. It is so sad. I just wonder what some of you will do when you reach the pearly Gates. There won’t be any division there. I guess some of you would rather miss out on heaven than to see a African American brother or sister there. Most of you are going to be in for a RUDE AWAKENING.

      • Tazarian

        There is no such thing as an African America. There are only Americans. If you choose to deliniate, then you are a racist. In reference to Obama’s Presidency. It isn’t racist to disagree with someone’s policies. How about you actually try to have an intelligent argument, instead of making up junk, and spouting liberal talking points. I find fault in almost everything Obama has done because I completely disagree with his view of America. I completely disagree with the conclusions that he reaches in relation to the economy. I completely disagree with the economical model that he bases those conclusions off of (Keynsian).

        The only RUDE AWAKENING in the works, is the one that hits Obama when he is removed from the Presidency in Nov.

      • friskyness

        You are the racist. That’s all you guys talk about. You are the racist for always mentioning his race. You think his race makes him qualified to be president. I think you’ll be happy when Maxine Waters, and Obama will be holding the doors open for you in hell.

  • Dennis

    LOL……these pro Obama comments are TOO funny…you think the man is doing a terrific job? Then EXPLAIN to me why his numbers are dropping, why people are abandoning him left and right? Whats funny is : all you ‘brothas and sistahs’ are finding out its NOT what you had been led to believe. Me? I’ll keep my money and my guns. Y’all can keep the ‘change’.

    • rick

      rush is a scum bag if he knows so much about politics why doesnt he run oh wait he cant he has a criminal record bash obama all you want not taking his side but what did bush do for us nothing at least there are some jobs coming back

      • Richard L. Williams

        Rick why in the hell would Rush run for office, when he makes millions as a talk show host? He is the number one radio host in the world.

      • luc

        Hey rick before you call Rush a scumbag look no further than the WH for the biggest scumbag of all.

    • Jackie

      Poor Dennis! The President wants to take your gun away.

  • rick

    Obama’s approval rating up to 50 pct – Reuters/Ipsos poll

    • Richard L. Williams

      rick, what poll are you seeing. It came out today that Romney is ahead of Obama in ratings.

      • Velvet

        No it did not. Don’t get too happy yet

  • Michael V. Caldwell


    All of us make choices everyday that have a Major Impact on Our Country on Our World on Ourselves,on Our Children & Their Children.

    Our Children and Grandchildren, are always watching us to see how we treat each other when we have a disagreement.


    That, NEED TO BE FOUND AGAIN when disagreeing with each other Especially Publicly & Especially with anyone who is choosing to be “Part Of The Solution” by Using Common Sense, Ameri-Can-Do Attitude and Respect as their “Guideline To Follow At All Times”
    These Five Words that need to found again and used when disagreeing with with each other are;


    Each of us can choose to be “Part of the Problem” or to be “Part of the Solution” this choice is up to each individual to make in our daily lives by the words we choose to use and by our attitudes.


    Disrespectful Words & Attitudes that hurt Ourselves & Others, Lack of Team Work, Constant Criticism instead of offering Solutions to the Problem at hand.


    Mutual Respect, Ameri-Can Do Attitude, Team Work & Suggesting New Ideas That Solve Our Problems As A Respectful Nation, That Leads Our World, Our Next Generation By Good Example Not By Bad Example.

    What ever Choices that each of us choose Impact “OUR CHILDREN, OUR GENERATION, THE NEXT GENERATION & OUR WORLD ! !

    I choose to be “Part of the Solution” always trying my best to use Respect as my Guideline to follow at “All Times Publicly” it’s not an easy Choice to make at times but it is; THE RIGHT CHOICE TO MAKE FOR AMERICA & for “OUR CHILDREN’S FUTURE”

    Respectfully, Michael V. Caldwell

    Who Is Always Striving to be “Part Of The Solution” Using Respect, Common Sense & Ameri-Can-Do Attitude as my Guidelines to follow at all Times, Especially Publicly Because Public Comments “Impact So Many Lives”

    • Velvet

      Thank you Michael Caldwell. WOW, what a powerful and true statement. You have written the most respectful and the most intelligent response of the evening. I think most of us have failed in our responsibility of leading by example. Just think of we all practiced that one statement, how much better examples we would be to the ones we influence for this journey.

    • Tazarian

      That would be great if there weren’t MANY on the Dem side that regularly go well below what is considered polite discourse in their descriptions of Republicans and Conservatives. Look right here at the people wishing for the demise of another human being. I, for one, have had enough. If you can’t stand the fire, stay the hell out of the kitchen. Where I am concerned, liberals will be treated the EXACT way that they have made a habit of treating others. To use a turn of phrase, “Don’t start nothin, won’t be nothin.”

  • Patriot_Act
  • Fitzzz

    Obama is toast(and no toast is not a racist remark)
    When the dust settles and the Republicans pick their man,than the part will unite, and go after the enemy
    Facts alone will sink Obama, the cost of his HealthCare is now double what he projected,taxes are up all over, next pay stub(if your lucky enough to work) see the increase you pay in unemployment insurance deductions

  • wayout

    I’m sorry to say America has lost its “Can Do” attitude unless you consider the “What can the government DO for me” This is what this is all about. Give me FREE-housing, food, healthcare, birth control pills, etc. C’mon people! Has everyone forgotten who the government really is? It all of us! Stop picking pockets!

  • It izz what it izz

    All of you are scared! Rush and Hannity is doing what they spose to “Makin money by keeping you enthralled in controversy”. 2010 – Republicans took thier turn -“screwed it up”. I’m beginning to think neither republican nor democrat knows exactly how to fix this mess. Yall need to stop thinkin America has “Been united” ..maybe for white people..but there has always been division. Nothin new. The real problem is too many people trying to scare the begeezuss out of citizens while capitalizing off of every hatred or prejudice in every human being. Rush and Hannity and even some of these democrats can shut the hell up unless they gonna share some of that “Scare money” with the rest of us.