What Rush Limbaugh Is Not Telling You About His Advertiser Losses

    March 8, 2012
    Mike Tuttle
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The firestorm over Rush Limbaugh’s “slut” remarks aimed at Sandra Fluke has not died down. Daily tallies of fleeing advertisers are being kept. Yesterday, as Limbaugh’s program was just getting started, he took a few minutes to explain to his listener base what was going on with the much-ballyhooed exodus of advertisers from his program.

Sponsors on this program are both local and national. We deal with the national sponsors on this program. We have 600-plus stations. They sell their own commercials. We don’t have anything to do with those sponsors. We don’t get paid by those sponsors. We have no idea who those sponsors are.

Let’s make up a company, ABC Widget Company. And let’s say that ABC Widget Company says, “We are no longer going to appear on the Rush Limbaugh Show.” Well, ABC Widget Company isn’t on the Rush Limbaugh Show. What happens is, advertising agencies order advertising buys on a series of local stations from market to market to market. A controversy like this erupts. They put out a notice to the stations, “By the way, for the time being we don’t want our commercials run when Limbaugh is on.” But they are not canceling their advertising on the station. They’re just saying they don’t want it running on my program during the local affiliate’s commercial time, not ours.

We have not lost 28 national sponsors. There are not 28 advertisers who were paying us who aren’t anymore. They are local commercial buys. Many of them may not even be running in my show to begin with. The advertisers are just saying, “If they are, pull ’em. We don’t want ’em in there for now,” but they’re staying on the local stations. These advertisers are not abandoning EIB affiliates.

Nobody is losing money here, including us, in all this. And that is key for you to understand. They are not canceling the business on our stations. They’re just saying they don’t want their spots to appear in my show. We don’t get any revenue from ’em anyway.

Much of what Rush said is completely accurate. He also claimed that two unnamed national-level advertisers that had bailed were asking to come back, one of them “practically begging”. Since he won’t name them, that is, of course, unverifiable. But on the whole, he correctly explained the difference between national advertisers versus regional and local ad buys.

So, where are these numbers coming from about 28 sponsors gone, or 32 sponsors gone? Do those numbers matter at all? Or, as Limbaugh said, are they “like losing a couple of french fries in the container when it’s delivered to you at the drive-thru”?

I used to be an “on-air radio personality”. Despite the cultural icons we like to revere in the DJ world, the job is not glamorous, does not pay well, and you end up seeing a lot of sausage-making in the radio world. Stick with me here while we look at the business that Limbaugh has to deal with. This is in no way about the politics or content of Limbaugh’s statements. Let’s just look at the numbers.

Basically, here’s what’s happening. Someone who objects to Rush Limbaugh’s comments decides to do something. So, they listen to his program one day and jot down all the companies that have commercials running during the program. Then, they send emails, make blog posts, start Facebook discussions, etc. about the businesses on that list. But, those businesses actually fall into three distinct categories.

Many of those commercials are for local businesses. These were sold by the individual radio stations (or station groups) themselves. Many advertisers get a spread of commercials, a package, that airs at different times of the day. Depending on the demographic that business wants to reach, they may request that their commercials mostly air at certain times of the day – morning drive, for example, or during Limbaugh’s program. Advertisers want the most bang for their buck. They want to know that their commercials are airing when the greatest number of their potential customers are listening. But, most radio stations will do some spread of commercial time throughout the day, even if there is a focus on certain time slots. An example of a local commercial is a bank, tire store, local restaurant, etc. Anything that is unique to your town or city.

Next are the regional commercials. These are for larger companies, particularly national names. Their advertising purchases are much like the local ones, just on a larger scale. Unlike the local ones, the official representatives of those companies do not know much about the details of where and when their ads are being aired. They hire an ad agency to oversee that. If the results are coming in, they don’t micromanage. They may not be aware that their commercials, and thus their name and reputation, are being put in the Limbaugh time slots. Examples of regional advertisers might include a grocery chain that is unique to the South, candidates in electoral races, credit card companies, a mattress company, Netflix, or Geico.

Then there are the companies that advertise directly with Limbaugh as official show sponsors. These people want to be associated with the Limbaugh brand. They have made a calculated decision that their customers are Limbaugh’s listeners. It may be difficult to tell who they are, as opposed to the local and regional buys. One of the easiest ways to tell is by whether or not Limbaugh himself does the voiceover for those commercials. It is not always the case, but it’s a surefire way to pin down some of the companies. But, the simplest way, though not easy, is to determine which commercials are airing in every market. Local commercials are not played outside the listening area of a given station. Regionals will vary from region to region, even if bought by national names. But, full-fledged Limbaugh show backers will be on in every single market. They come in to each station on the satellite feed with Limbaugh’s show. Once in a while, you will hear a glitch where a commercial starts, then the audio cuts to something more local. That was likely a national ad. Limbaugh does not name these, or even tell how many there are, but they are logically far fewer than the regional or local advertisers. A good example of a national sponsor is LifeLock. We know this because they have spoken up about their sponsorships themselves.

Now it’s time to let you in on a dirty little secret about radio that you find out the first day on the job. Radio stations do not exist to educate or even to entertain you. They do not exist to play new, exciting music. They do not exist to support a particular political ideology or add to any sort of cultural conversation. They exist for one reason: to sell commercials. You can screw up many other things when working as a DJ. You can talk way more than playing music. You can play long blocks of music with almost no banter. You can interrupt and talk over songs. But, never, never miss the commercials. If they could get away with just selling and playing commercials 24 hours a day, they would do it. But, no one wants to listen to sales pitches all day. They want to be entertained in some way. So, stations research and decide what kind of entertainment/programming would best attract people in their area to their radio frequency instead of the competitor’s. If the answer is “talk radio”, they do that. If the answer is “country music”, they do that. If that answer changes, they change the programming. It’s all about selling and playing commercials. Understanding that helps you to see why the loss of advertisers at any level is important, despite Limbaugh’s cavalier statements to the contrary. It helps you to understand why all those local and regional advertisers that he seems to not care about are actually far more important even than his national-level advertisers.

There are tons of companies out there who would fall all over themselves to give Rush Limbaugh their money to advertise on his program at the national level, even if he were the most reviled man on the radio. The level of “class” in those advertisers might drop, but opportunists will attach to a scandal in a heartbeat. The trouble is, the vast majority of hometown and regional advertisers won’t. And, boycotts and protests are most effective at the local and regional level.

If a person who heard what Limbaugh said about Sandra Fluke got an emailed list of local advertisers whose commercials aired during the Limbaugh show, that person can pick up the phone and call each local or regional business on that list. They can tell them, “I will not be eating at your restaurant for as long as you advertise with that man. When you stop, I will come back. And, by the way, I am tweeting, emailing, and Facebook messaging every person I know to tell them the same thing. We’ll be listening tomorrow to see if you are still supporting him.”

Limbaugh may not care about that, but the restaurant owner sure does, even if he likes Limbaugh. If even a few people make that intention known, that owner will call the radio station and demand that his ads be pulled out of the Limbaugh show and spread elsewhere. He may even post a sign on his door expressing his support for Limbaugh, but he will eventually move his ads. In order to not lose that ad business, the station will quickly comply. Eventually, if enough advertisers bail on the program, the program gets replaced. No more Limbaugh in that town.

Limbaugh himself said it yesterday, “They’re just saying they don’t want their spots to appear in my show.” Exactly.

Limbaugh’s website says he has over 600 stations in his stable. Calls from individuals, especially people not even in the listening area, will have little effect on the decisions a station makes. But calls from the advertisers are treated like messages from God. Limbaugh may think say that those advertisers are like a few french fries. But, the local stations do not. There are people at those stations whose job it is to beat the pavement and sell ads. They work on commission. They build relationships with those advertisers. It is in their best interests to keep those advertisers informed about where their money is best spent. If there is a huge stench around a program, local and regional advertisers will abandon it. Stations will then eventually drop it, not on principle, but out of economic necessity. And thus, the listener base dwindles. They simply won’t have it to listen to unless they subscribe online. Then, the chain effect begins. The cost of regional ads drops due to a smaller listener base. So, ad sales people have to sell more commercials to recover the lost revenue. No one wants to support a sinkhole. Eventually, the show folds.

Limbaugh can put on a brave face and act like those national level advertisers are all he cares about. But, that’s disingenuous. Even if he never lost a single one, the local and regional markets can dry up around him. He will be a tree falling in a forest.

Yesterday, Bill Maher, of all people, tweeted his disappointment with what he called “intimidation by sponsor pullout” from Limbaugh’s show. Bill Maher’s stance on unfettered capitalism is long-established. Maybe his unfamiliarity with it is causing him to miss this: sponsor pullout is one of the edges of the capitalism sword. It is the dollar vote. People buy the things they support. They stop buying the things they don’t. It’s the free market at work.

Limbaugh’s show may well weather out this storm. He may still be here having the last laugh ten years from now. But, make no mistake, he knows that those advertisers trickling away in Small Town, USA matter. He may not tell you that, in fact he may tell you the opposite. But, that doesn’t make it so.

[Update: According to the Media Matters blog, a study of Limbaugh’s program as it aired yesterday (March 7) on WABC, the network’s flagship station, revealed that over half his commercial spots on that station had been pulled and replaced with free public service announcements to fill the time.]

  • Jack

    I doubt, from what Mike says, that he has ever been involved in radio or advertising.

    There will be no lack of advertisers or potential advertisers for Limbaugh’s show. I also suspect that the list wanting back in will continue to grow. That may not be what you want to hear, but that is the way it is. I actually suspect that his radio audience has increased since this kerfuffle.

    Jack Evans

    • Aska Feld

      Rush …is that you ?

    • Jill

      How big is Rush’s audience Jack?

      Rush claims 20 million, but he claimed that 20 years ago, and no one has ever verified his numbers. It is more likely he has 1-2 million listeners, and that may be an overestimate. So I don’t think advertisers will be begging to come back to Rush, especially now.

      • James Brice

        And you base his 1-2 million on…what?

        • Darren

          She bases it on fantasy.

        • Reso Diaz

          “Sleep Train” came back begging today. Rush told them to stick-it! Good for him. If you don’t like him, don’t listen. The 25 million listeners that do like him won’t miss you or the libtard advertisers.

          • Virginia

            Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha. You are a little delusional if you think Rush has an audience of 25 million ditto heads. There may be 10 million people a year who during some time in the year listen to Rush for 10 minutes or so but daily listeners . . . . Ha Ha Ha Ha. There just aren’t 25 million people who will allow him to tell them what to think every day of the year.

      • Hank

        I have been a Rush listener and I cannot say I agree with his style all the time and anyone who makes a living from talking is bound to get in trouble from time to time, especially in the entertainment side, but I thank God for Rush. His message is very very important. People who criticize him do not listen. The libneral media hates this man and costantly try to stop him, but his followers know how important his message is and I know for certain that the sponsors who leave him will most definitely be very sorry financially.

        • DeVan

          We do, and they (the cut n run sponsors), already are.

        • Joe

          I personally cannot move my bowels on a daily basis until Rush tells me to. Like you it’s hard to think for myself and I really like the entertainment that emanates from this fat ass. Rush is my hero! And a fine ponderous American. Please rally to Rush’s defense- he’s being crucified.

        • Jack

          Hank I hate to break it to you but that is one od Rush’s and others biggest lies. The media is owned by Corporate America, Corporate America is not liberal nor are they progressive and they certainly are not unbias.

        • chris16

          The sponsors that dumped Limbaugh will not be sorry or they would still be with him. Low budget sponsors that don’t care about their brand-name will replace the sponsors that left. I doubt if the three so called new sponsors will be first rate brand names that are respected. Women are a powerful force and make most of the decisions in household purchases.

        • Joshua

          And what exactly is his message. I’ve listened. All I hear is fear, and hate, and twisted logic. I can’t tell if he believes the things he says or if he just wants to create sensation. The liberal media doesn’t hate him. Smart people just can’t stand him. For anyone who loves the truth, who is interested in facts rather than assumptions and a victim mentality, listening to him is physically painful. The whole “liberal media” thing is just a paranoid ploy to garner sympathy and create a false sense of security. Rush is a charlatan, a slanderer, and a liar. I hope history will not remember him for he is a blight on the ideals of patriotism, compassion, and liberty.

          • tom

            Idiot! Liberal SHEEP.

          • Peter

            Freedom, liberty, especially freedom of speech, smaller less oppressive government. A government that doesn’t tell you what light bulbs you can use, what food you can eat, how to run your business, forces you to buy someone’s contraception for them. that’s what his message is…. something you mindless leftist drones could never understand.


          Rush Limbaugh did not only loose advertisers and lost 3 of his wives but Rush Limbaugh also ruined the image of his Republican Candidates that worshiped him for decades of fear of him. he is just a women hater and a pervert lacking love and sex.

      • tom

        You wish twit. He has more listener’s than ALL OF YOUR FREAK LIBERALS COMBINED. GO RUSH.

        • http://www.thepracticalliberal.com George

          What were those little blue pills for in the Dominican Republic? Girls or ? MMMmmmm?

          • James

            That is listeners…not thinkers.

    • D. Glen

      Don’t worry about Rush Limbaugh. Since
      he is the leader of the White Christian
      Republican Tea Party Birther/bigot Anti-
      Woman movement, he will be receiving millions
      in donations. I will always remember when
      Rush said cigar smoking was not harmful to your
      health. I wonder how many people died taking
      his advice?

      • tom

        You are a fool or an idiot. So tolerant like all liberals full of crap and lies when it comes to debate. Rush will defeat your liberal Obama Socialist Agenda. Fluke was a twit and a put up show by DUMMYCRATS for the fools and sheep.


          No one in the republican party could defeat Obama on any issue. They’re all a half term former governors just like their hokey mom “Sarah palin”…For that, they started attacking women hopping they could have triumph that way. At the end women just defeated the republican party. But for Rush Limbaugh, His party is distancing away from him because they just realize that by embracing him, they are not going any where but Alaska.

    • Larry Turner

      Funny, an ultra-conservative told me 3 years ago that America made a terrible mistake by electing Obama. He swore that, America should have listened to Limbaugh, FNN and Palin. It was nice to hear that ditto heads like him didn’t recognize why they lost. Their sideways thinking guarantees a second term for Obama. Hooray for more heartburn for Limbaugh et al. Let the fools be – their bigotry unwittingly helps America.

    • Larry Turner

      An ultra-conservative told me 3 years ago that America made a terrible mistake by electing Obama. He swore that, America should have listened to Limbaugh, FNN and Palin. It was nice to hear that ditto heads like him didn’t recognize why they lost. Their sideways thinking guarantees a second term for Obama. Hooray for more heartburn for Limbaugh et al. Let the fools be – their bigotry unwittingly helps America.

    • Sluggo

      >> I doubt, from what Mike says, that he has ever been involved in radio or advertising. <<

      I don't, because I have been, and I've been explaining these same dynamics to dittoheads. As far as the way things work, it's spot-on accurate. The fact that Rush mentions this AT ALL is a huge clue– in radio the cardinal rule is when you flub, you move on and don't say anything. When you see this level of acknowledgement, you know something's on fire. Clue #2 is all that dead air. And if you need a clue #3, Premiere just sent a directive to all its affiliates with a list of sponsors that want no part of Limbaugh or other shock jocks. As the article says, that's how it works, like it or Limbaugh it.

  • J. W. Baker

    What a crock of shit article!

    • Mona

      He should be banned from the air!

      • stephenv

        your just another liberal communist who should be banned from here!!

        • Aska Feld

          You(‘re) just .. ummm …someone who I won’t try to pin a label to other than pathetic.

          Does it make you feel better to anonymously try and insult people you actually know nothing of?( Although I’m sure a list of the things you know nothing of could fill volumes …)

          • DeVan

            And yet you do not deny being a communist….?

      • James Brice

        By saying he should be banned from the air shows you know noting of history, the First Amendment, freedom, anything really except childish rants.

        • clinson

          are you where that republicans have a patition to have the FCC ban Bill Mahr. Must be the “liberal communists” trying to ban the liberal comedian. Right.

        • Jack

          Wild eyed,fat assed ,blustering buffoon must have OD,ed on his “medications” again.I see where many of his former sponsors prefer being called spilled french fries rather than Rush Disciples

      • Darren

        Do we live in Amerika? If you dont like him, dont listen. Im sure if Obama could ban him from the air, he would. Ive got a better idea. Lets ban Obama fron the White House. I dont like what he says!

      • noel


      • http://jameslarkensmith.com james larken smith

        Apperently you do not believe in free speech. So who decides who gets banned?

    • Aska Feld

      Wow baker, love your point by point refutal.

      You obviously would have put more thought into it if you could’ve.

      Small emphasis on your intent, large emphasis on your lack of ability to perform it.

  • Bjorn

    The one thing close to right about this article is the final paragraph. It says Rush may well weather the storm. Limbaugh will weather the storm and will have the last laugh. He will still be the highest rated show on the air ten years from now. All the jealous haters, desperate to stifle his freedom of speech simply because they disagree with it will lose. Limbaugh will live the multi-millionaire lifestyle his success has given him. His show will remain number one and he will walk away at the time of his own choosing.
    Conservatives cannot lose this year. We either get rid of Odumbo, or we can finally divide this country into two separate nations. One for the liberals, who can foot their own bill and one for the conservatives who will no longer have to pay for all this socialism run wild. Texas is not the only place that will seek immediate independence if Odumbo wins another four years. Don’t worry liberals, we conservatives will foot the bill for defense, and continue to defend you. You can have at all the false promises of socialism and its dependency on government. This time we won’t be paying your bill.

    • Darren

      I like that…..

    • Commipinko

      Do you realize you’re an idiot?! Maybe you’re right tho… Maybe Santorum will learn how to tie his shoes, keep gays in their place in the military, and beat Obama… Or maybe Newt will build an awesome space colony on the moon and get us to Mars by his second term… Or maybe you’ll stop smoking crack and realize that the Republicans sold their soul to the Tea Party and that they have created that largest income disparity in US history… As much as an Oligarchy and a cartel economy sounds great, I’d rather have an economy that has a middle class and protects it disenfranchised. Let’s be honest the only reason Rush has viewers is because (1) he’s obnoxious, and (2) the majority of his listeners have no foundation in economics…

    • Rufus N. Reddy

      Say what?

    • Clarence Clarente

      See to your grammar, me lad, if you wish to be taken at all seriously.

    • Klamath “Bohunk” Klamobo

      Test comment.

    • W.H. Wilson

      Great response..Yes, Rush will not miss a payday. These “problems” bring his show new listeners. Yes, I am sure of it.
      The breakdown of the local, regional and national sponsors was accurate but at his level there will be savvy spot-buyers that will move quickly to “make buys” of that time. Those of you driving this controversy are just stoking the fire and passions that make his show the longest running, top income producer. He retains that position because he is very intelligent…never needs a teleprompter and is highly accurate on most subjects. If you sincerely want a professional estimate of his audience size consult ARBITRON MARKET SURVEYS. Bottom line…Rush’s show has good numbers for listeners that are earners and desirable consumers in the marketplace.

    • Pnyln

      Rush has been an embarrassment for many years and his brand of disgusting diatribe should have been banned many years ago. His history of abuse of women is finally being put to the test and I for one hope he fails to survive this latest diatribe. Some years ago he read the testimony of a young rape victim, laughing so “hard he could hardly talk” what does that say about the character of any man? To Nationally read, word for word, stopping for his laughter and repulsive comments, the atrocities that were done to a woman while being raped. He raped her again, nationally. He is a repulsive, disgusting “person” who deserves the cruelest kind of retribution. It is no wonder they pulled him as a sportscaster and he thinks that he has free reign to say anything he wants with NO consequences. There are always consequences! We all learned that as children, obviously he did not. My hope is that he will finally learn a lesson and truly understand what consequences are. The bigger (they think) they are the harder they fall and RL is due for a big fall!

  • Les McClellan

    I used to think Rush’s head-dress was to help his hearing. I now know it is a direct percocet brain injector. His big mouth has finally put him where all scumbags belong. On everyone’s miss list. His only excellence is in lying and libeling when no facts exist. The sooner he is off the air and in the same camp as Glenn Beck, the better.

    • Steve

      Typical liberal viewpoint. Freedom of speech is okay as long as you agree with them. If you don’t, you should be put off the air.

    • emanon

      Too bad rush advertisers are all coming back. They have no libtards to sell too now to buy their products so they are losing money now.I do not think rush will take some of them back.
      Les McClellan spoken like a real litard. You are stuck on stupid

    • mervyn

      I listen to rush and find him right, what the left ddoesn’t understand is freedom both socailly and economic, the left feel like we owe them everything this is why we have occupy wall street which is a hoax. what the left is not telling you s most people pay zero in come tax . i can say this because i have a foundation in accouning and economics . i sas to the left get a job and get off the pity party

      • Klamath “Bohunk” Klamobo

        BTW, have YOU got a job? Doing what?

  • Joseph

    These so called reporters just can’t help themselves, they lie about everything and try to trash conservitivesa and at the same time suck obamas butt !!!!!!

  • http://www.webpronews.com/author/mike-tuttle Mike Tuttle

    Over half of Limbaugh’s spots on WABC yesterday were replaced with free public service announcements. And one of those asked that they not be given a free spot during his show due to his comments.

    • Aska Feld

      Too funny.

    • Darren

      What happened to Airhead Amerika?

    • Steve

      WOW in the middle of a liberal stronghold. Who would have thought there would be such hatred of Rush LOL

    • DeVan

      Just a few french fries – out of 18,000 companies who have ads running on Rush’s show. Your time could be so much better spent digging into the corruption and Constitutional scandals of Obama and his czars.

  • http://net-temps.com Sue Booth

    What’s with the tone and name calling in these comments? This is a professional newsletter and website for marketing and media professionals. Please stay off it if you want to use insults and bad language.

  • Henry

    Proofread your articles before you publish them. There is a difference between “effect” and “affect”

    • Aska Feld

      Ouch. Former editor ?

  • john

    give it up man. you liberals lost. Rush is still here stronger than ever and the Fluke has been exposed as the liberal activist plant she is.

    • Aska Feld

      Don’t worry John. The “liberals” ( ie Anyone with empathy for Ms. Fluke )will let you keep the tin foil hat Rush sent you …

      • Darren

        Hey Aska. Have you ever seen the insults thrown at conservatives such as George Bush, Sarah Palin, Rick Santorum and so on. Funny how I never hear an attempt at an apology. If you want to heat hate radio, go to the Lib hate radio stations. Does Airhead Amerika still exist?

  • john

    wow, look at the crappy adverstisers on this site. Sponsor envy?

    • Mike

      lol – i think so !!!

  • Chuck

    I am in radio sales. Good article!

  • Cal

    It’s ridiculous the attention this is receiving! Where is the outrage at other entertainers that have said even worse about political women such as hillary clinton, sara palin, etc.? The left saw a little red meat from the stupid joke made by Rush and they hope this will do it! Nothing changes the fact that Rush is right!

    • Darren

      GOOD POINT!!!

  • http://yahoo Donn Sachs

    If a list of advistisers were to be published that would be helpfull because I will no longer purchase from them. The left can say whatever they want and no one cares. The point that was made is simple. We as taxpayers and the users oh health insurance will be paying for this woman to have sex, by defanition that makes her a WHAT?
    As far as I am concerned if she cant afford the birth control pills then USE something else the way people used To do. It is not her right and she is not entilted to anything except LIFE, LIBERTY and the PURSUITE OF HAPPINESS AS LONG AS ITS AT NO ONES ELSES EXPENSE.

    • Amy

      The spelling skills of Rush’s supporters sums it up perfectly for me.

      Have none of you heard of polycystic ovarian syndrome which is one of several conditions routinely treated with birth control pills – or do the big words not compute? Why are you right wingers so obsessed with sex?

      An answer would be helpfull to my persuite of happiness.

  • carl

    Dear Les,
    You are obviously not as educated as you presume. May I recommend that you sign up for Hillsdales college Constitution 101 on line course. Educate yourself and then maybe you won’t be so full of hate.

  • doomguy

    bullshit. all he says is garbage its just that he reached a point where people just cant laugh it off anymore he deserves what he gets

  • mm

    It’s amazing how liberals want to ban everything they label offensive. There is no protection against being offended in America. If you want to live in such a nation, go live in Cuba or China where they don’t even allow comedy clubs. This has nothing to do with Sandra Fluke’s welfare. All this is is leftists wanting to take Rush off the air because they hate him.

  • Me

    I’ve been trying to think of a word to describe Rush. I came up with one today “santorum”. If you don’t know what it means….google it!!! It also describes all the small minded women haters in here!!!

    • Darren

      Look up the word “idiot”. That describes YOU!

  • thescript

    You know the left has gone too far when Bill Maher is defending Rush. Maher is right. When you don’t accept someone’s apology or effort at an apology, you look like a jerk even though you have a right to reject the apology.

  • rainyday

    The more you talk about this, the higher Rush’s ratings go. People tune in out of curiousity and then start listening regularly because they may like what they here.

  • John

    What about Clear Channel? I hear they force small stations to air Rush as part of a package.

  • Katie

    This isn’t going to hurt Rush one bit. The left has tried to get him off the air for over 20 years. Sorry, not going to happen. He gets new sponsors every day. And you know what else, his listeners, millions of us, will start banning those companies who pulled their advertising. In the next few weeks, the stock prices for those companies will start falling, if they haven’t already.

    • Darren

      Thats true. Im going to look for a list of those companies and refuse to do business with them. Most of the time Rush’s comments are taken out of context to make him look bad. This time he takes responsibility for his comment and apologizes. Then predictably, the apology is rejected. Now, who are the haters?

      • Josie

        His apology wasn’t accepted because everyone knows he’s not sorry at all about what he said. He meant every word.

        Have you every heard the word rhetoric? Whether it is coming from Limbaugh or some liberal, all talk radio is…is rhetoric. Each side takes the facts and spins them to support their point of view. My boyfriend always listens to Limbaugh and quotes everything Limbaugh says as fact. I don’t challenge him because I know this is an argument I can never win. When you believe everything Limbaugh or his counterparts are saying, you stop thinking for yourself.

        I like Limbaugh and on some things I agree with him but unlike my boyfriend, and most of you on here, thinks, Limbaugh is not always right and he is definetly not right in this case.

        Wanting birth control covered by insurance does not make a woman a “whore”, “slut” or “prostitue”. She is paying the insurance premiums so no one else is paying for her birth control. Monogamous married women also take birth control. Are they “whores” too? Men have sex too but they don’t have to worry about getting pregnant. Are they “whores”? If insurance isn’t going to pay for anything involving sex does that pay it isn’t going to pay for viagra; that it won’t pay for Aids medication unless the patient can prove they contracted Aids by means other than having sex.

        I see that most of you are men so you don’t personally have to worry about getting pregnant. If a woman you sleeps with does get pregnant, it isn’t as if YOUR life will change.

        Whether it is Limbaugh or Chris Matthews…it is all just rhetoric. Stop letting other people tell you what to think.

  • Steve

    What Mike is NOT telling you is that since advertising is sooooo important, there is no way these commercial time slots will run without a commercial in it. So the ABC Widget company pulls its ad, do you really think the station won’t play a commercial in that time slot? The station will get there money from somebody, you can count on it. And as Mike said about advertisers, “They want to know that their commercials are airing when the greatest number of their potential customers are listening.” If Rush has the most listened to radio program, this is where all the advertisers will be fighting for spots. Any advertisers who pull out would be doing so to their own detriment and so it must be philosophically driven.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/mike-tuttle Mike Tuttle

      They will only fill those spots with other commercials if other advertisers are willing to take the blank slot. As I noted, they do not have advertisers to replace in those slots. They are using public service announcements, which are free. Over half the spots during Limbaugh on WABC yesterday were public service announcements. On Friday, none were.

  • Bill Berrymore

    Sadly, it is correct that this dust up will have no lasting economic effect on Rush or the dynamics of his advertising support. As long as he has a lot of listenters, he will have plenty of sponsors. Indeed the more controversy, the better in terms of supporting is franchise.

    But the pressures brought on him can still be effective for other reasons. Rush already has far more money than he can every use or care about. Ringing the cash register has little marginal value to him. On the other hand, Rush derives a lot of satisfaction and psychic currency out of being viewed as credible by the conservative right, and the Republican party too.
    And to the extent that he is increasingly viewed as a creep and a fringe nutbag, he loses that credibility. If he becomes the conservative Jerry Springer, which seems to be happening, then he is diminished as a voice, and he will feel that sting.

    So the pressures may be symbolic, but they erode his stature. And that hurts him. Because inside, he needs to feel legitimate. And he is not legitimate. He is a vulgar small little man.

    • Darren

      Could you possibly check out the comments of many liberal politicians and add them to your list of vugar an small men.

  • dave harris

    I guess the real test in all this is wether or not people are still listening to his nonsense. I ‘m not!!!!

  • http://nowebsite pat_seavey

    rush WINDBAG is disgusting to look at and he talks a load of crap

    • Darren

      You just described Obama.

  • Syed Faruque

    Shameless as he is, he will continue bragging about himself. Anybody with an iota of shame would have kept silent.

    • Darren

      I wish your Democrat buddies would take your advice.

  • http://keepinitreal rainyday

    Rush is not all bad. Some interesting insights:
    1. He is close friends with liberal Seth Macfarland, creator of The Family Guy. Seth has asked Rush to do two shows and both were the highest rated of that season.
    2. Holds the annual lukemia and lymphoma telethon every summer. To date, the telethon has netted 10 million+ in donations only. Rush then matches all the totals every year.
    3. Huge animal rights activistst. Has his own humane society foundation for stranded dogs.
    4.Can’t stand Bill O’Rielly.
    5.Loves the NFL and a stong proponent of the salary cap so that average income fans are not squeezed out the game.
    A man cannot be judged on a tasteless joke. Actions also matter. This man has done more in his life than Fluke will ever do in hers. Let the hate-filled replies from liberals start in 3…2…1…

    • DeVan

      Excellent. I would love to see a comparison of Rush’s good works with Bill Maher….and no, the $1 mil to Obummer doesn’t count.

      • Darren

        Conservatives donate their own money. Liberals donate everybody elses money.

  • DeVan

    The fact that Tuttle cites MediaMatters should tell you all you need to know – he lies. And what HE isn’t telling you is that the companies who have left Rush are now going bankrupt. Check out the stock price of Carbonite…and then read Jeffrey Lords excellent expose on these companies at spectator.org.

  • Mike

    All you ditto heads blame everything on the “liberals.” You sound like brainless parrots. If we were in 1930’s Germany you would be blaming all our troubles on the Jews. At the time of the American revolution, democracy and the Consitution were liberal ideas. Conservativatism was feudalism, kingdoms, and theocracy. Many of the founding fathers were Deists: they didn’t believe in religious dogma, although they believed in a creator. You will not fine the word God anywhere in the Consitution. You will find the term Creator in the Declaration of Independance, but that was a Diest code word used by Thomas Jefferson.

    Socialism is another ditto head term. The biggest socialist program in American history is the Homestead Act. The government gave away almost all the land in the US. The people who took advantage of that massive government givaway have had security and prosperity ever since. They are also the people who disparage city folk for not being self reliant.

    • Darren

      Are you running for King of Misinformation?

      • Mike

        The Constitution was written during the Enlightenment, a very liberal movement. The founders were all versed in the Enlightenment literature. You on the other hand are versed in ditto head talk.

        • Darren

          You must of went to college. You sound very programmed.

          • Jeff

            The irony in your statement is screaming on so very many levels. What’s sad is that you’ll probably never get it.

  • WhatWhat

    HMM Rush can get Viagra with insurance but women cannot get birth control???

    • Darren

      When did insurance companies start covering Viagra? And why cant people afford a condom with the government? If they are that broke, they wouldnt be so happy to want to have sex.

      • Darren

        Without the Gov. Sorry

    • DeVan

      First, viagra is to treat a medical condition. Contraception is a lifestyle choice. Secondly, can you tell us the name of Rush’s insurance company? hint: do you think he needs insurance from a financial standpoint? Third: government hasn’t told insurance companies they must provide viagra for “free.” Fourth: your brain will tell you much more than whether or not you are standing up or lying down – if you will just give it a chance.

  • WhatWhat


  • dg

    Let’s get back to the point about all of this. In a democratic society, a college studen is airing her views. She has a right to do this. This man ( if I could call him that ) has the never to fling an insult at her that is a detriment to all women. What right does he have to do that? It’s just part of his negative, flaming rhetoric that pours gasoline onto a fire. THAT IS WHAT SELLS RUSH.

    Really folks – I wonder how people can support such a hateful crass person. I support his right to voice his opinion, but I would never support his right to insult a young woman like he did. Let’s raise the bar in this country when it comes to our right to disagree. After all we are all in the same country and support America.

    • http://no Scott

      no what he said was not aimed at all women. just her.

    • DeVan

      Actually what you say much better fits Bill Maher, Keith Olbermann, Chris Mathews, and their ilk. Nothing beats the left when it comes to real hatred of/for women. Just put a little ice on it……

    • Xynnek

      Nonsense. Rush Rules. Free Market Rules. He’ll have more advertisers next year than any radio program in history. Only fools walk away from 25,000,000 listeners.

  • Larry

    I find it entertaining that many of the “learned” contributors to this section can”t even spell their words correctly, nor utilize the english language correctly. I’m a regular “Rush” listener and heard the statements he made. The description of (Miss, Ms, or Mrs) Fluke was probably not the best choice of words but I find it particularly distasteful that someone would expect taxpayers to pay for birth control, or Viagra, etc., for that matter. What has this country become when people expect government and others to take responsibility for their own health choices? No wonder we have the ridiculous debt that has been created. And to have a President even comment on such a miniscule thing as this???? A Leader of the free world???????? Ridiculous !!!

    • DeVan

      Your grammar, spelling – and thinking – are perfect.

    • G

      What I find entertaining is that you don’t even have enough mental horsepower to understand the issue, let alone address it.

      One side is arguing that, since they pay health insurance premiums to a private company, that heath-related products – including contraception – should be covered by this insurance regardless of whether their employer is affiliated with a religious institution.

      The other side is claiming someone is demanding the government pay for their birth control. This position is based on false premises.

      Let’s have you try and be a little smarter, hmmmm?

  • http://no Scott

    I’m a bigger RUSH fan than ever now.

  • bob

    Educating story; explained well

  • Jana

    Fine……those advitisers that drop Rush have lost me as a customer!

    This Fluke woman is a DISGRACE! Why in the world should she expect the government/taxpayers to pay for HER birth control??? She should either control herself or pay for birth control herself!!! The only thing Limbaugh did wrong was use those specific words, he should have used the word “promiscuous”….LIMBAUGHS POINT IS CORRECT!

    Bottom line the advitisers that drop will be the loosers here!

    • DeVan

      Well said. But if I offer to pay for a woman’s birth control if she will have sex with me it would be correct to use the term “prostitute.” Either way she is trying to screw the American taxpayers.

  • Indian Plumber

    I’ll take this column as serious journalism when the report gets his lefty undies in a knot over the things Bill M, Kieth O and others say about the Palin women and children, Ann Coulter or any other female who may be one degree right of center. Also 90 days from now Rush will have more stations in is stable and with it more listeners. I look forward to your scathing report on the lefty media crum bums.

  • Cath

    Any advertiser that has dropped RUSH might as well consider me dropped from doing business with them also. IT GOES BOTH WAYS! I HAVE DROPPED YOU ADVERTISER!

  • Bob in Spokane

    What gives this drug junkie the right to criticize anyone?

    Everyone at my work (45 per shift), that listens to his program has stopped, and stopped buying any products advertised on his program in protest.

    • Xynnek

      Nonsense. Rush Rules. Free Market Rules. He’ll have more advertisers next year than any radio program in history. Only fools walk away from 25,000,000 listeners

    • Steve

      1) The constitutionngives him the right to criticize her just like it gives you the right to criticize his criticism of her.
      2) I highly doubt that every listener to Rush at your work has stopped listening to his show unless some lib at your work pulled the plug on listening to the radio during work.

  • Bill

    Why are you surprised that Maher doesn’t understand advertiser boycotts? He can say whatever he wants and the media reports nothing.

    • Steve

      Not only can Mahr say whatever he wants and the media doesn’t say anything about it, fewer people view his show than the number of advertisers that have supposedly dropped Rush so who cares what he says.

      • soisay

        Exactly! Maher’s audience is tiny, and now on pay. RL can freely moveto satellite, like Howard Stern, and say anything he wants without raising an eyebrow. He is over the air free content during family hours. He has said many things that many parents would not approve their daughters hearing. Supreme Court ruled over the air can be restricted for content, which is why Fox cable, stern, or Beck internet cannot be challenged. He will definitely be here, being his outrageous outspoken self, but it may just not be on public ad-sponsored radio.

  • Xynnek

    Nonsense. Rush Rules. Free Market Rules. He’ll have more advertisers next year than any radio program in history. Only fools walk away from 25,000,000 listeners.

  • http://yahoo 2ndHANDgunsmoke

    Rush has survived on national radio since 1988 because our founding fathers said, in this country, you can do that. A few desparate liberals ain’t going to stop him. He will survive many more years. I don’t buy everything he says but then again, I don’t buy anything the liberals say. If you value your freedom, listen to Rush Limbaugh. Otherwise, listen to Obama.

  • http://Yahoo Tom K

    What Mr. “Rush” L is saying in his explaintion is that he does not have any appreciation for the “local businesses” that have a higher expectaion than he does. If a “product,” and in this case the product is the Rush Radio Show, is not bought or supported that product will go away. It may just be time for Limbaugh and his disregard for people to go away. Maybe someone can use his positions and voice in Syria? Maybe he has a scoop for us on one of the Republican Presidential candidates’ wives and he could us the word “slut” there.

  • http://www.webpronews.com/author/mike-tuttle Mike Tuttle

    I have tried to approach this from a purely business standpoint. Limbaugh claims that losing local and regional ads is of no consequence to him. That simply can not be true. He says he has 20 million listeners. There has never been any proof of that. If someone can show me any proof that Limbaugh has 20 million listeners, besides his own claims, I will print that in another article. There has been no ratings research on Limbaugh’s show, ever. And, whether you like Media Matters or not, their article showed evidence (audio samples) that over half of Limbaugh’s ads on WABC had been replaced with free public service announcements. Radio stations don’t do that unless they have nothing else to run.

    If Facebook claimed to have 2 billion members, I would call bull until they proved it. If Google said that Google+ was bigger than Twitter, I would challenge that. Rush Limbaugh claims to have business he can’t verify. He claims that his show does not operate by the economics of every other show out there, impervious to market forces. Just like any other company, he needs to be taken to task. This article is not about politics or opinion about his statements. It’s about the business of a company that claims to be bigger than it can prove.

    Let’s see your twenty million.

    • Steve

      If you REALLY are taking this article from a purely business standpoint you wouldn’t be splitting hairs over proof of the actual number of listeners. Now if you were questioning whether or not his is the most listened to show, the ratings show that to be true so there is proof of that. The fact that Rush has the most listened to talk radio show, from a purely business standpoint, gives me, as an advertiser, the biggest bang for my buck. PERIOD
      But that was a nice try to fog the issue, Mike.

    • DeVan

      The fact that you rely on Media Matters calls your entire premise – and your sanity – into question. Limbaugh is on over 600 radio stations. Do you dispute that?

  • Chuck l

    The article was misleading regarding affecting any change to take place thru a boycott of rush limbaugh’s advitiser’s. An effective campaign to force him off of the airwaves is to apply pressure to the radio stations themselves. KMOX in st Louis is a mega wattage station that covers all of the Midwest and beyond. Get him off of KMOX and his audience is reduced by at least 35 percent nationally.

    • Steve

      Like THAT’S going to happen.

    • DeVan

      Yeah, good luck with that.LOL!

  • jscottu

    I am a regular listener to Limbaugh and I wish I had a nickle for everytime Rush has told his listeners that he is there so that he can charge high rates for commercials. He has NEVER tried to hide that fact. But he has also made it clear that he is NOT a liar…that he says the things that he believes. Nobody can make the case that Limbaugh is lying in order to make money. That is just not the case.

  • WW2

    Unless you don’t believe in capitalism and freedom of speech, what’s the big deal?!? Liberals – Rush isn’t going anywhere, so change the station or turn the radio off, and try to be inspired by something other than envy, self-loathing, and bashing conservatives. Conservatives – It’s OK…Rush isn’t going anywhere. Try to be inspired by something other than loathing liberals. By the way…good article Mike!

  • http://Yahoo Curtis

    Let’s not loose site of the real issue….She was invited to this Press Conference to plead with her Democrat Liberal friends including the Democrat Media that the right of women (and men) to choose their own contraception be relinquished, and that this right be turned over to the Federal Government; a government which could then dictate as Policy what contraceptions men and women shall be allowed to use, who would use them, etc., etc…..this way of thinking further demonstrates that Liberalism is truly a Mental Disorder.



    All of us make choices everyday that have a Major IMPACT on Our Country.. Our World.

    Our Children and Grandchildren are always watching us to see how we treat each other when we disagree with each other.


    THAT WE NEED TO FIND AGAIN & Start Using, when we disagree with someone, especially Publicly & Especially when disagreeing with the Highest Commander In Chief In America..

    The words that I never see spoken Publicly anymore when someone disagrees with someone else NOW DAYS Are;


    We Can choose to be Part of the PROBLEM or Choose to be Part of the SOLUTION this is up to Each and everyone of us “OUR CHOICE”


    Finger Pointing, Disrespect, Lack of Team Work, Lack of Respectful Communication, we do this Privately and Publicly but PUBLICLY DAMAGES AMERICANS and Especially OUR NEXT GENERATION..OUR CHILDREN..THER CHILDREN, AMERICAS FUTURE.


    Respect Each Other Using AMERI-Can Do Attitude and Team Work To Solve Our Problems Utilizing Respectful Communication;


    What ever choices we make Impact “OUR CHILDREN, OUR GENERATION, THE NEXT GENERATION & THE WORLD ! !

    I choose to be “Part of the Solution” always trying my best to use Respect as my Guideline to follow at “All Times Publicly” it’s not an easy Choice to make at times but it is; “THE RIGHT CHOICE TO MAKE FOR AMERICA & OUR CHILDREN’S FUTURE”

    Respectfully, Michael V. Caldwell,

    “Always Striving To Be Part Of The Solution” Using Respect, AMERI-CAN-DO Attitude as my Guidelines to follow “At All Times.. Especially Publicly”

  • Mathew

    Rush asked for it. The pervert got what he deserves. He made millions peddling hatred. i hope his show is cancelled. Atleast now that he knows he is not invincible, he might come back humble and humiliated.

  • Steve

    Quote from the article – “A good example of a national sponsor is LifeLock. We know this because they have spoken up about their sponsorships themselves.”

    I listened to Rush’s show today and heard at least 2 LifeLock commercials so what does that say about the veracity of Tuttle’s article?

  • Bill, Ohio

    Convicted drug felon, Rusty Limpballs, is a bigot.

    • Steve

      Typical lib: No facts to argue so stoop to name calling.

  • Chuck l

    WW2…you’re correct, vile comments are protected speech. Rush is’ nt going to prison or perscuted by the gov’t but we as citizens can voice our displeasure with rush and choose to exercise our freedom of speech via the power of the consumer and let the business community know that we are no longer willing to tolerate the drug addeled and insulting comments of rush l. I found his comments about Sandra fluke to be particularly offensive as I have two daughters close to her age and his comments were for all young women who practice birth control by contraception.

    • Steve

      Hey Chuck, do you expect me to pay for your daughters birth control or are you going to do it? Rush used a volitile word but the underlying question is what I just asked you. If you expect me to pay for their birth control then I expect you to pay for my daughters blood pressure meds.

  • Ramon Osorio

    We need to do the opposite. Let’s find out who the sponsors who pulled out are and call them and tell them that we are not going back to their business until they returned to air with Rush, Don’t forget to tell them that we are going to twitter and facebook the same. If they are smart they will listen to us since most of the left are in food stamps and unemployment benefits anyway.

    • DeVan

      Already been done. Carbonite stock, for one, crashed! Read Jeffrey Lord’s articles on Rush’s show at spectator.org for the truth.

  • http://yahoo john tucher

    I just heard that bill maher called sarah palin a c–t! he also just gave $1 million to obama’s pac! no wonder obama ignored the question about a double standard when a reporter asked him about it tuesday.

  • Steve

    The saddest part of this whole discussion is that no one is talking about what started the hearing at which Fluke was not allowed to speak. The hearing was to discuss if the Executive Branch has the Constitutional authority to force religious organizations (in this case the focus has been on the Catholic church) to provide a service that violates the basic beliefs of the organizationn. This issue has been totally ignored by the media in an attempt to demonize Rush.

  • A Boswell

    What do I think? Looks like there are as many opinions as there are people. Some well thought out, others not so. Some sound like kids in the back seat (remember – he/she hit me first)? Debate? Intelligent conversation? Not here. Won’t be visiting this site again. (And you back seaters can post your snarky remark now.)

  • Scott

    Let’s not lose site of the real issue: This Fluke was invited to a press conference to plead with her liberal democrat friends in congress and the democrat media that individual citizens relinquish the freedom to obtain their own contraceptives. Instead she advocated that this freedom be turned over to the government. Why would anyone want to give up yet another freedom to the government, which in turn can then mandate what forms of contraception each individual must use, who will be allowed to use it, etc. etc. Freedom is sacred…don’t just be willing to give it up so easily. This is just one more example that further demonstrates that liberalism is a mental disorder. P. S. Rush NEVER called Ms. Fluke a “Slut”. His exact words were, “If she’s (Ms. Fluke) having so much sex that she can’t afford the contraception, what does that make her, a slut, right? So, unless she truly is having a lot of sex, Rush actually said that she’s NOT a slut. It may not have been the best anology to use, but when one truly reads what he said, and dissects it’s actual meaning, he clearly did not call her a slut.

    • DeVan

      And the real real issue is Obama caught Hell from America for trying to violate the 1st Amendment right to freedom of religion. This whole Fluke/contraceptive thing was just a diversion. Sadly, for now, it has worked. But Oreilly did a good job tonight of digging into this and trying to find out who is behind Fluke. She is not managed by a PR firm, the chief editor for which is non other than Anita Dunn….Stay tuned as this is going to turn back on Obummer and it won’t be pretty…

      • DeVan

        Should say “now managed” by; and “none other than”

  • Scott Arthur

    There is a new invention out there called SPELLL CHECK. Half of you should check it out.

    • DeVan

      There is also something called SPAM. YOU should check it out.

  • Peter Thompson

    That’s good because nobody would want to hear any profane liberal commenting on how Rush got “Fluked” out of his radio show. Very informative by Rush to explain that.

  • joseph

    The media is not liberal or biased huh? I htink the hook line and sinker you are digesting ia affecting your brain. Or maybe it’s easy to belive when it’s your only source. Good luck and God bless you. No offence.

  • http://webpronews.com Dianna Topper

    I don’t like Rush Limbaugh at all. I don’t care that he expresses his opinion. I care that he chooses to be deliberately crude. I care that he chooses to misrepresent what others say so that he’ll have a topic about which to rant. I care that he chooses to publicly rake over the coals a young woman, not a political candidate, who has the temerity to have an opinion of which he does not approve. I care that he is simple-minded enough to rant, yet again, about someone writing something about him he calls “snarky and bitchy.” Did he think he had the corner on that?


    Rush’s fans are generally productive citizens.
    His enemies are generally freeloading parasites.

    Whose complaints would you pay more attention to?

  • Ken

    I LOVE THIS GUY – He stands up for what he believes in, no matter what. EVEN IF IT COSTS HIM MONEY! Not many people left like him in the media anywhere. Imagine a politician trying that, he would be laughed out of the country by his peers before the stock market closed, HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • Larry Hughes

    Let repeat something I read on a local church message board. I applys to many of the religious right.

  • http://boycottrushlimbaughssponsors.com pk

    Some – like forbes – have doubts this effort will continue as long as it needs to in order to make a difference.
    And it is – believe me, most of us get that it has to be done at the local level as much as the national level … so any of you that are listening to a local station to track their advertising – contact us here
    We have a network we share list with, just login and leave a comment (comments are rarely posted) and share your list. We will be developing a local station data base – a list of all local stations playing his show and who advertises locally.

    Iif you are willing and able to help with this compilation – please let us know. (dittoheads don’t bother, those comments just get deleted because like most of us, we don’t feed trolls.)
    This way anyone, anywhere can know who to contact to encourage boycotts of local advertisers whose ads play on those stations. Clear Channel? We get it. Clearly though, Rush doesn’t because he continues to insult and degrade women.

  • Michael M

    Hehehe. It’s about time. I’ve listened to Limbaugh off and on since the 80’s. He is and always has been a mouthpiece for the GOP. Disinformation, misinformation, hate and flat out lies is his brand. He’s a cancer that needs to be eradicated. The animal is wounded. It’s time to finish the job.

  • Mz D

    I think Rush is a mouth piece for the republicans he is paid off by them to do their dirty work and thats why the top Repubs condone in his hatred, racism ignorance and down right rudeness. Its okay of freedom of speech but when you are in the public eye, you dont cross the line. Send his azz to the cable station. Like they did the one white guy who talked about Rutgers girls basketball team so ignorantly!!

  • Tardacus

    This isn`t going to blow over and just fade away like all the other times rush has said something offensive.
    I won`t get into a long post about why this is different and list all the detailed reasons.
    One thing you can be sure of though is that all those housewives that rush pissed off have a lot of free time at home everyday and they aren`t going to forgive and forget easily. a lot of them are going to be using that free time everyday to call, e-mail and generally nag every local and national sponsor who dares to be so bold as to advertise on Rush`s show.
    In just the last week 33,000 pissed off PMS`ing women got together on a facebook page dedicated to boycotting rush`s sponsors, and that 33,000 keeps growing everyday.
    They are on a crusade, they aren`t going to give up, they finally found something meaningful to do to fill all those empty hours of sitting around the house all day.
    While you`re in your car on the way to work listening to Rush on the radio all those women are at home and trolling the social media websites recruiting friends to help them nag rush`s sponsors. While you`re at work listening to rush on the radio, all those women are recruiting friends to help them nag rush`s sponsors.
    while you`re in your car on your way home from work listening to rush on the radio, all those women are recruiting friends to help them nag rush`s sponsors. The next day when you`re in your car driving to work and listening to….well you get the point.

    Do you think they are going to get bored and just go away and do something else? what else do they have to do that is more important to them? the laundry? washing dishes? cleaning the house?
    women make 85% of all household purchasing decisions,do you think they are going to buy that new bed from one of rush`s sponsors or from someone else?

    The purchasing power of rush`s couple of million listeners is nothing.
    Rush really stepped in it this time, this isn`t going away anytime soon.

  • Callie

    It’s a double edged sword. Rush listeners … let the sponsors who pulled out know that they wouldn’t be using their services any longer. I know because I’m one of them … I cancelled one account and let the other know I wouldn’t be placing orders with them any longer.

  • Michael M

    Callie, your scorched earth policy is typical with Republic0ns….bad news is good news here and with the economy in general. Another reason why you’ll lose in November.

  • mahogma

    Viagra does little to help someone suffering from long term oxycontin addiction.

  • larry

    I think this to actually be a very good, well balanced story. He is spot on as to advertising and radio. Sounds to me like he has been in the business

  • 7761

    Can’t understand why no one is concerned about Bill Mahr’s sponsors ??/