Rupert Grint Scared Away From Drugs by Shia LaBeouf


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One would think that filming 7 (officially 8) Harry Potter movies would make Rupert Grint, best known as Ron Weasley, a more open-minded individual, receptive to fantastical ideas and alternate realities. While that may be true, apparently Grint is not receptive to those alternative realities created by taking LSD, or acid.

While filming The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman, an upcoming film in which Grint portrays an aspiring porn star, Grint witnessed Shia LaBeouf dropping LSD in order to continue his practice of method acting. Apparently the scene was so scary that Grint has decided he will not touch any drugs in the near future: "He smashed the place up, got naked and kept seeing this owl. If anything will make you not do drugs, it's watching that," stated Grint.

Grint's newest project is a theater production of Mojo, a story which recreates the lives of people in rival gangs in Soho during the 1950's. Grint plays Sweet, a man known for dealing uppers and downers (Ironic, huh?). While this is Grint's first foray into theater, he says that he would love to follow his compatriot, Daniel Radcliffe, and pursue more theater in the future, adding that "It's opened my eyes; I've learned so much."

Apparently, Grint has learned so much that he has even been nominated for the London Newcomer of the Year award at this year's What'sOnStage Awards.

Not only is Grint distancing himself from his Ron Weasley beginnings by portraying a drug dealer and an aspiring porn star, but also a punk-rock legend in the upcoming film, CBGB. IN CBGB, Grint plays former rocker Cheetah Chrome, a man known for his extreme drug usage and crazy antics onstage as a guitarist for the band, The Dead Boys.

In taking these new roles, Grint assures his fans that its not simply for publicity: "It's not really that I am trying to shock people or make a big statement. It's just part of moving on," says Grint. The former child-star actor added, "This is a completely new thing, a whole new level. It does scare me. That's kind of a reason why I want to do it."

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