Rumored Wii U Specs Leaked Ahead of Announcement

    September 11, 2012
    Sean Patterson
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With the official announcement of the Wii U only days away, it might seem that leaked specs are unneeded. However, gamers in the age of the internet certainly want to know details as soon as possible. So, here is the latest rumor about what hardware the Wii U will be packing.

Today’s leaked specs come courtesy of the VGleaks website, which cites an anonymous source. It claims the info is from Nintendo’s developer website, but please take all of this info with several handfulls of salt.

The VGleaks specs show the Wii U coming with and “Espresso” CPU that has “three enhanced Broadway cores.” The GPU is a “GPU7″ AMD Radeon HD processor. It will have 8 GB of internal storage, but will support SD cards and external hard drives through its four USB ports. The video output supports 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p, and 480i through HDMI, D-Terminal, component video, RGB, S-Video, and AV cords.

One area that is holding back current consoles from moving toward better graphics and larger worlds is their memory. The Xbox 360 has only 512 MB of RAM. While the PlayStation 3 has the same amount, that console’s architecture splits the memory into two 256 MB chunks that are separately usable by the CPU and GPU. This is rumored to be the reason that the latest Skyrim DLC may never make it to the PS3.

The VGleaks specs for the Wii U put that system’s RAM at 1 GB, presumably shared. This isn’t likely to be as much RAM as the next-gen Xbox and PlayStation consoles will have, but it doubles the Xbox 360’s RAM and should give developers plenty of resources to work with.

One big caveat to throw in at this point is that a leaked VPD search last week shows that there will be three different versions of the Wii U to purchase. It seems inconceivable that the $249 version will have the exact same hardware as the $349 version. It’s likely that the VGleaks specs, if true, represent the base system specs and that higher-priced Wii U’s will have a larger hard drive. That, or extra accessories such as a second Wii U GamePad are included with more expensive versions.

These leaked specs would put Nintendo’s Wii U slightly above current consoles in terms of power, though probably a bit under what Microsoft and Sony have planned for the next generation. All of this meaningless speculation will be put to the test on Thursday, September 13 when Reggie Fils-Aime takes the stage at the Wii U announcement event in New York.

(via VGleaks)

  • Mark

    This sounds a LITTLE convincing considering the Wii U was known by the codename “Project Café” and its CPU’s name is “Espresso.”

  • dubYA

    It’s better than you make it sound. The original source of this rumor states that these specs put the Wii U at least double the power of the PS3, and possibly as good as three to four times more powerful depending on the clock speeds. “Slightly above” is underselling it.

    • Justin S.


      Recent developers are stating the WiiU is only 20% less powerful than the Xbox 720 which places the WiiU’s total performance 5 or 6 times higher than the PS3 and Xbox 360.

  • David

    “Slightly above” Is a gross understatment.

    Even “if” the WiiU had the same size memory, and CPU speeds it would still be far ahead of the 360/PS3 due to advances in processors and GPUs.

    Next Gen XBox will be more powerfull “BUT” microsoft will have to sell at a loss (like they always do) because people will rather go for the cheap “good enough” graphics. Games are still being made in 32bit so max memory will not go higher then 3, but I think that would be overkill for consoles at this point. Mybe next next gen.

    Sony is in a bad position. PS3 had a horrific start, Blu-ray won the format war but streaming video took alot out of that win, Active 3D bit the dust, vita sale are in the trash, and they lost a lawsuit with apple. Everyone is looking to sony for another powerhouse but can they really afford to sale at a loss? They can stick with the vita/ps3 combo that emulates the WiiU but the only problem is that the table is part of the WiiU while the vita and PS3 are 2 consoles. If you remember, you could use your GBA as a controler for GameCube but it did not get much support because devs did not want to program games that required 2 consoles that users may not have both.

    Im going to say…
    With it’s “OK” HD graphics and easy to develop for platform, WiiU will become the standard for next gen.
    Microsoft will develop a powerhouse they will have to sell at a loss and will be forced to try and “push” people off PCs to the XBox to make up for lost profit leading to alot of angry PC users.
    And I have NO IDEA what sony will do. I would personaly go for a cheap media center/console focusing on FREE ONLINE and android APPs that sync your phone with your playstation.

    • Facelord

      I’m pretty sure Sony hasn’t lost a lawsuit against Apple, you’re thinking Samsung. The PS3 had a horrific start, but it’s pulled through the longest. I’d argue it’s the only console of the last generation that isn’t on life support, with the 360 and Wii pretty much dying out in 2010 with minimal game support. The Vita’s sales are pretty bad right now but it’s the best handheld gaming device ever released up to this point in time, I’m sure that by the time they drop its price or by Christmas(with most of its wonderful games of the year releasing in September/November) it’ll fare very well on the market.

      The next Xbox and PS4 will see way more third-party developer support than Nintendo’s Wii U, I guarantee that. The more powerful your hardware, the cheaper it is to develop games that look great and perform well, plus Nintendo’s the only of the three that doesn’t seem to understand the importance of third-party games. The Wii U will be nice for games like Zelda and Mario, but beyond that I’m sure we won’t see many good titles. I’m still pissed about its specs, it should’ve gone with a MUCH better GPU and a better processor; sadly the Nintendo I grew up with that made great hardware is dead. I wonder how much longer it’ll be until they go software-only.

      • Justin S.


        Recent developers are stating the WiiU is only 20% less powerful than the Xbox 720 which places the WiiU’s total performance 5 or 6 times higher than the PS3 and Xbox 360.

  • james braselton

    yeah cafe expresso means wiii u is a coffey maker who new nintendo makes coffy makers