Rumor: Apple Vying to Acquire Sony

Apple wants to jump into the gaming industry

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Sony shares took an upswing as rumors began to swirl that Apple was vying to acquire the company. Reuters reported, from a Barron’s report, that Apple was interested in Adobe, Disney or Sony as their potential targets.

Would acquiring Sony be a good move for Apple? Your thoughts.

According to Reuters, Apple currently has $50 billion in cash reserves while Sony has a market cap of $34 billion. So, financially speaking, Sony is a strong possibility for Apple.

Do you think Apple will acquire Sony? Let us know.

Rumor: Apple Vying to Acquire Sony
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  • IFChris

    Keep your bloatware iTunes off my PS3!!!!

    • Jeremy Muncy

      Think how awesome the PS3 controller would be with only 1 button.

      It would be a revolution. *Steve Jobs voice*

      Jeremy Muncy
      Follow me on Twitter twitter.com/jmuncy”>@jmuncy

  • http://www.800-webdesign.com Guest

    I’d love to see the Japanese company is being acquired by American. Usually, it’s opposite.
    I am not Apple user at all and I hate proprietary software/hardware but the combination Apple+Sony would move the technology ahead faster!

  • http://www.deanflory.com/ Dean Flory

    I’d like to see Apple buy Sony, get back all those movies/movie studios they bought and took out of Hollywood/America.

    I do see the tension of Apple vs Adobe and how Adobe products are really affecting a designer’s workflow since they intentionally keep flaws in the software in order to nudge expensive upgrades that fix those flaws but initiate other things (things obvious to a alpha tester, humph). Design software for video, print, photos, Flash, etc. would certainly skyrocket in quality and features with Apple and not Adobe calling the shots.

    If Apple did buy Sony I could see them discontinuing and consolidating features/functionality into just a few Apple products to simplify their end as well as upgrades, scripting & compatibility standards, etc. on the developer and user end.

    Wow, big news.

    I agree that iTunes has taken a turn for the worse, simply not as quick and responsive as it used to be.

    I could see Apple creating a PS MOVE controller for the Mac, that would be cool if it were accurate to the pixel, otherwise it’d be a short-lived gimmick.

    I can’t see Disney selling, ever. But, can you imagine an iPod/iPhone ad with Marvel characters Facetime-ing each other? :)

    • Jeremy Muncy

      It would be interesting to see what Apple would do with Flash if they did acquire Adobe… since they don’t play well with one another.

      Jeremy Muncy
      Follow me on Twitter twitter.com/jmuncy”>@jmuncy

  • Guest

    keep that shiny apple shit off my ps3!

  • Alicia

    I’d love to see this. Bringing business back to the US can’t help but create some jobs here even if its only in the tech industry. As it is now, ipods and iphones are manufactured in China, so not sure it will help manufacturing job sector. If they ever got it all together and started manufacturing tv’s in the US, I’d gladly replace both my tvs with new ones.

  • Az

    I believe it would be great for Apple / Sony…..but not good for competition, i have an apple tv and i am loving the simple remote and how simple it works……I think movies might be a little expensive at 5 Dollars, but overall its an incredible experience…..

    What can we expect from the people who brought us Walkman / Diskman / PlayStation with the people that brought us Ipod / Iphone / Mac……..so we might look at it as 2 great corporate brains melting together, now it would be the big Executives job to figure out how to make this work without egos and power struggles, and planning to bring us new things in the future

  • Guest

    Some said 15 years ago that Gates was the Devil, well, I think Jobs is stepping up now.

  • http://www.armanihair.com Hair Salon St

    I have always loved Sony, I sure hope they dont sell out to apple

    • http://planetmeerkat.co.uk The Meerkat

      I agrre with you there. I can’t belive Sony would aggree, sony like to standardise their products. Apple is the complete opposite in that respect, forcing people with ipods to use iTunes etc.

  • http://www.frankwoolf.com Guest

    Sony are great at inventing new products but the quality of their mass produced stuff is awful. I stopped buying Sony products years ago because every sony product I had was faulty more than once. A number of friends had the same experience.

    Apply + Sony product development with Apple quality. Wow! that would be a great combination.

  • Guest

    I guess that would be one way to torpedo GoogleTV… Then we would not have to worry about that awful Sony/Google remote.

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