“Royal Prank Call” Nurse Commits Suicide

    December 7, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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The nurse who was unfortunately on the receiving end of a silly prank call regarding Kate Middleton’s state of being has committed suicide, the hospital confirms.

Jacinda Saldanha was on duty at King Edward VII Hospital when two radio personalities from Australia–Mel Greig and Michael Christian–phoned to ask about Kate’s condition while impersonating Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles. Middleton was there for a brief stay after experiencing severe morning sickness with her just-announced pregnancy.

Saldanha unwittingly gave out Middleton’s private info to the pranksters, which made international headlines and swept the web. It’s unclear whether Saldanha was dressed down for the incident, but the hospital did release a statement saying they intended to review their telephone protocol.

“This was a foolish prank call that we all deplore,” hospital chief executive John Lofthouse said. “We take patient confidentiality extremely seriously and we are now reviewing our telephone protocols.”

While the radio hosts apologized for the prank earlier this week, they have yet to make a comment on Saldanha’s suicide. The hospital released a statement about her death, saying, “We can confirm that Jacintha was recently the victim of a hoax call to the hospital. The hospital had been supporting her throughout this difficult time. Jacintha has worked at the King Edward VII’s Hospital for more than four years. She was an excellent nurse and well-respected and popular with all of her colleagues.”

  • dangelnme

    This is such a sad case & more people are at fault besides the 2 Dj’s. The security of the hospital are the main people at fault because its obvious there is none. What happen to the security code??? I’m sure after the incident there was EXRTREME pressure put on her, which is messed up because she was least at fault. Anyway its seems that there are many lessons learned than just one….my prayers go out to the family of the nurse.

  • Brendan

    Hope that the the Australian DJs can live with themselves. Jacinda Saldanha couldn’t.

  • John

    The Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard did the same thing just 24 hours later when she went on another Australian radio station and claimed the World was going to end. But in the wake of this tragedy there’s been NO apology from her, just a few tut tut comments because she saw it as a ‘media opportunity’ . What if somebody suffering from a mental disorder took her stupid joke seriously and committed suicide, or worse went and harmed somebody else. Not much to laugh about then eh Julia.

  • http://dmlola56@yahoo.com al m

    it would have been fitting to teach these 2 jerks a lesson if jacinda was to wake up and tell the world i was only kidding.

  • Cecilia @ Port Alfred

    My humble opinion is that Jacinda was called to the Hospital Admin office & given a thorough grilling for putting the call through. Perhaps even threatened with dismissal. I personally believe that the two presenters are scapegoats. Pranks are pulled off by radio presenters all over the world daily. Someone much closer to home knows today that they are responsible for her death.

  • john holloway

    the nurse must have had mental health issues previous top that call ,,,,she took her own life because of a prank call like come on here !!!

    • Ray

      I do not live in the UK, but I only hope that one person realize that this is the fault of the hospital ‘s management that led to her committing suicide. They have probably bullied her and put her under a lot of stress and god knows what after the incident. This is a homicide not suicide. The police should investigate the hospital not the DJ ! We need to separate the two incidents. 1- there is a prank call 2- there is a homicide caused by the hospital management . Somebody do something in the UK !!

  • A

    really??? she killed her self over a prank, that sound crazy as shit. it makes no sense. id have to everything about this women before i blame dj’s for a small prank. ive heard worse on the phone and didnt hear about the person killing themselves soon after.

  • Daniel

    Impersonating the Queen is a serious crime if you ask me…what security codes do the Queen need to get what information she wanted?? Seriously folks, those two DJ’s could’ve been shot dead in China, face the court in other countries…but the ridiculous Royal in the UK sits & decides its ok to impersonate the Queen. How pathetic & lowly is the once great English royal family…?

  • Leva

    The djs should be held responsible for their actions. I hope they got fired and then get sued by the queen, the prince, the nurse’s family and the unborn child of the princess.

  • TamaThunder

    Those dj’s should go to prison, and the female dj got interviewed she was boo-hooing, yeah like she really cares..

  • Wayne G

    “Media” are always going to look for inside information about anything going on with people in the public eye. I do believe that the hospital management had a lot more to do with her suicide than the prank callers at the end of the day…

  • Ex-Nurse

    Just brings back reminders 33 years of the hospital Nursing culture. No Errors Allowed. There definitely is shaming, pressure and dressing down if you make a mistake. And it is never forgotten. Like chickens peck the wounded hen. To death. And hospitals are just beginning to look at the flaws in the hospital system instead of blaming the nurse. Its just in the baby steps of that new attitude. The Old School is still very much there. Having been there, I can definitely relate to the urge to kill oneself because nurses take their work very very seriously. And after an error- its just Hell!

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