Royal Baby Watch Underway Outside Hospital

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As Kate Middleton and Prince William anxiously await the arrival of their baby, members of the press have already begun camping out in front of St. Mary's Hospital in London, which is where Will himself came into the world.

The baby is expected any day now, and the parents have chosen not to know the sex so it will be a surprise to all of us. The palace will make an announcement once Kate is admitted to the hospital, and then a formal announcement will be displayed in front of Buckingham Palace once the baby is born.

The royal couple have faced some tough times in the last nine months; between the topless photo scandal that rocked the royal family, the ensuing lawsuits, the invasion of Kate's privacy by paparazzi who were desperate to nab photos of her baby bump while she was on vacation, her hospitalization for extreme morning sickness, and the suicide of a nurse who gave Kate's information to two DJ's from Australia who were playing a prank, it's been a rocky year to say the least.

The baby will now be third in line to take the throne, knocking Prince Harry out of that spot due to recent rule changes made by the palace. While there's been no word of a name yet, it's a safe bet it will be a traditional one in accordance with royal custom.

Amanda Crum
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