“Roots” Remake in the Works with History Network

    November 6, 2013
    Meaghan Ellis
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The historically ground-breaking television mini-series may be making its way back to cable television. However, it won’t be the classic 1977 version, based on Alex Haley’s original screenplay. Like most notable films, “Roots” has been selected for a remake.

According to CBS News, the History network announced on Tuesday that a deal had been reached with film producer, Mark Wolper to acquire rights to remake the film. For those who aren’t familiar with Wolper’s work, he actually produced, the film sequel, “Roots: The Gift,” back in 1988. The notable producer has a history with executive production of television movies, series, documentaries, and mini-series. Wolper’s father, David, is also credited as the producer of the original “Roots” mini-series. The project is still in the early developmental stages, which means there is still a substantial chance that it won’t make it to production.

The original production of “Roots” captured the grueling generational oppression of a slave family. The film chronicled more than 300 years of the family’s lineage. “Roots” garnered 37 Emmy Award nominations, and nine wins. The film also received a Golden Globe and a Peabody Award.

The History network has been relatively successful with their latest mini-series releases. The network is also responsible for the full-length dramatization of “Hatfields & McCoys,” with Kevin Costner, and the 10-hour mini-series of “The Bible.” The History network received a number of laudable accolades for the production of “The Bible.” The film attracted an average of approximately 11 million viewers, and received three Emmy nominations.

While great strides will be required to top the staggering 100 million viewers that the original series received, the network definitely has a reputation of delivering where mini-series are concerned. If their “Roots” remake is anything comparable to their recent productions, then fans can expect the new mini-series to be a modernized masterpiece. If everything goes according to plan, the film should be slated for a 2015 release.

Image via Wikimedia Commons | Roots (TV Series)

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    I am Virginia Hailey the author of Secrets Among Kinfolks. This book unearth George Haley best known as Chicken George from the movie Roots written by the late Alex Haley. I am the great great grand daughter of Chicken George. I have researched Chicken George and found many compelling secrets that Alex Haley did not share with his viewers and supporters. Before Mr. Mark Wolper proceed with his production. I would like to speak with him or anyone that is connected to Mark Wolper.