Roger Ebert Dies Following “Leave Of Presence” Announcement

    April 4, 2013
    Chris Crum
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Roger Ebert, probably the most well known film critic there is, has died at the age of 70 after a long battle with cancer.

The news comes just after Ebert announced that he would be taking “a leave of presence” as his cancer returned. In his post on his blog at the Chicago Sun-Times site, Ebert wrote:

At this point in my life, in addition to writing about movies, I may write about what it’s like to cope with health challenges and the limitations they can force upon you. It really stinks that the cancer has returned and that I have spent too many days in the hospital. So on bad days I may write about the vulnerability that accompanies illness. On good days, I may wax ecstatic about a movie so good it transports me beyond illness.

Some notable remarks from the Twitterverse:

  • Ha

    Who give a damn about Robert who???????

  • Chris M

    “Who give a damn about Robert who???????”

    Millions of people. Nobody cares about your worthless ass.

  • http://www.frankthinking.com Frank Reed

    Including the Jeffrey Ross tweet. Really?

    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/chris-crum Chris Crum

      Frank, you’re right. I feel stupid now, but the joke of that tweet didn’t really even occur to me. I took it as if it had been said about anyone else. I’ve removed it.

      • http://www.frankthinking.com Frank Reed

        No worries. Just consider the source. Ross is about 50 levels below the Howard Stern’s of the world which is quite a classy place.