Roddy Piper May Fight Hulk Hogan in WrestleMania

    January 11, 2014
    Daryl Nelson
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If you were a wrestling fan in the 1980s, then some of your favorite wrestlers were probably Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka, Andre the Giant, Randy “Macho Man” Savage, Rocky Johnson and the Iron Sheik, just to name a few. Also, there’s a good chance that Mr. Kilt himself, Rowdy Roddy Piper was one of your favorites too, and if that’s the case, then you’ll be thrilled to hear about the strong possibility of him and Hulk Hogan fighting in April.

Yesterday on his Twitter account, Piper put the word out that he wants to fight Hogan in this year’s WrestleMania XXX event, and he said if given the chance he’d work harder than ever. “Dare you to put Hogan vs Piper,” he wrote. “Separate the men from the boys. If I did WMXXX with Hogan, I’d train my a– off, and from bell to bell I’d fight with everything I got. I’d win.”

And although nothing was yet confirmed about a match between Piper and Hogan, from either Hogan himself or World Wrestling Entertainment, Piper says he has some huge news up his sleeve. “I know something you don’t know,” he tweeted. “It happens Monday. You will Love it. Hot Rod won’t #Hint.” With Piper being 59 years of age and Hogan being 60, it would be quite a sight to see these if these two were to go toe-to-toe once again, however, some fans probably won’t be all that thrilled and would rather just see the younger ones wrestle.

Of course there’s a good chance that Piper felt ultra nostalgic when posting the tweet, because today, January 11, is the 21rst anniversary of the USA Network debuting WWE’s Monday Night Raw, which could have fueled the challenge. But either way, it’ll be interesting if we get to see the two icons in the ring again, because as most people know, it’s always nice to stroll down memory lane. Even if it’s only for one wrestling match.

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  • Susan McCormick

    ‘G’…All grins here, my Friend!!…Excuse the bold assumption. Having been a fan of wrestling since I was a child–back when Verne Gagne was AWA Champion–and the occasional ‘plant’ in my teens, I get just as thrilled today as I did 40 some years ago with all the entertainment and especially how it has grown over the past 20 years. I wish you both Luck and Love on this decision and may your Aches and Pains be few and far between!!….God Bless You All!!





    • shawn

      you must mean lose not loose . dummy

  • HulkFan

    woohoo that will be a good one. The older generation together again.

    • http://yahoo mrbill

      Anyone who believes Roudy pbutt can beat the Hulk, even if he was bedridden and right arm tied behind his back is a complete IDIOT, period! Damn, is there no respect in pro raslin any more! damn! damn! But if this match ever comes to past, I certainly hope Mr. Hulk is the sportsman I believe he is and at least ties that right arm off so he don’t kill the old gentlman!!! nlolololololololol!!Bill

  • http://www.prowrestlersvszombies.com Cody Knotts

    Piper has a film, Pro Wrestlers vs. Zombies being released on March 28, right before Wrestlemania. This is perfect timing! Piper, Angle, Matt Hardy, Hacksaw and Shane Douglas fighting a wave of zombies as themselves.

    • http://yahoo mrbill

      Damn Cody, Think u r mistaken! The dudes you just IDed couldnt beat a zombie or a lil girl in a straight up match! Lets not tie Big Hulks right arm and he can kick sh_t outta all those sorry as__d wanna bees/not even has beens!! I’m 74 an guarantee I can pin either one of those sorry yaahoos! Who r they tryin to kid! Gotta be a publicity stunt for sure!!! Probably complements of roudy roddy as that was his ony strong point! BILL

  • http://yahoo mrbill

    One more nasty remark and promise no more tonite(only)! howdy dudey roudys strongest points were always his whinning and crying, not his Raslin skills! In that arena he was always a failure, but DAMN could he whine with the best of em, ex;Angle, Hardy, Hacksaw and Shane whom were a close 2nd! What great memories, even if u hated them, they were great at what they did and HULK was the only wrestler in the bunch

  • http://awholesaler.com Phil Madrigal

    I pay to watch this match every match they had in the past was memorable

  • http://awholesaler.com Phil Madrigal

    Despite these negative comments I pay to see that match hope they bring the NWO vs the shield that has to happen

    • James Woodford

      I don’t know Phil, I rather see Scott Hall and Kevin Nash return as DX instead. The New Age Outlaws have been getting their butts kicked going up against the shield. But what if the outsiders came in? I’m pretty sure Kevin Nash with his jackknife power bomb could beat the Hell out of the triple power bomb from the shield. Also, Scott Hall with the outsider’s edge? Everyone loves that move, and it was and still is such an ingenious move. The only thing they would really have to work on is maybe clearing off a little bit of ring rust and making sure that Scott was able to wrestle after he has gone through everything that he has. But if done right it would be a very impressive match and would be something that would be great to close out the book on an amazing tag team.

  • http://imdb/theylive Arthur

    They should do another reboot(at least CG’s in2014 would outlast the pitiful old version) http://www.IMDB.com/theylive
    Piper was at his best ,but the rest of the film was B class.