Robin The Boy Wonder Killed: Last Of The Sidekick?

    February 26, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Spoilers ahead! Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Robin the Boy Wonder is set to be killed off in an upcoming issue of “Batman Incorporated”, and some fans are wondering if this spells out the end of Batman’s sidekick for good.

This incarnation of Robin was created after the first one–Dick Grayson–moved on and after the death of teenage Robin Jason Todd. In the latest comics, Robin is Damien, the 10-year old son of Bruce Wayne and the daughter of his longtime enemy, Ra’s Al Ghul. After starting his storyline as an ill-tempered, violent brat, Damien eventually rose up to become a respectable member of the Batman universe. It took over six years to achieve, and writer Grant Morrison is proud of the character arc.

“What we did was turn this little monster into a superhero,” he said. “He’s a little brat, but he’s a super-brat.”

Though he does admit that Damien is about to meet his end, he doesn’t want to give too much away, saying only, “He saves the world. He does his job as Robin. He dies an absolute hero.”

There’s no word yet on whether Morrison believes Damien could be resurrected in future issues, like Jason Todd was. However, Morrison did say that Batman will always have a friend at his side.

“You can never say never in a comic book . . . Batman will ultimately always have a partner,” he said.

Image: Batman Incorporated, Issue 8

  • Metallis

    Straight up bullshit!!! Damien was one of my favorite characters!!! Why kill him off? There was so much more that could have been done with him in the DC universe.

  • Robin

    I really hope they don’t have Batman go into another shock when Damian dies like he did with Jason Todd. I did like how Batman was depressed when Jason died because it showed he cared, but once is enough. Jason Todd is my favorite Robin and I don’t think they should bring Damian back at all. You can’t have TWO Robins do that. It would be the same story and we’d have to deal with all the Damian sobbing. But I am glad Damian is going to die. Never really liked him.

  • Ryan

    Let’s not forget Tim Drake.

  • JR

    I was one of those who voted to kill Robin back in the 80s…but what people were voting for back then was to kill Robin! NOT Jason Todd, Tim Drake, etc. etc. The character is (and always has been) ridiculous and has never worked, no matter how hard they try. (DKR even used a female version!). It always takes away from (and lessens) the Batman character. Anyway, this would be good news IF it really meant the end of Robin. But noooo….they’ll either resurrect him or stick yet another kid in the suit. The Bat DOESN’T need a partner…but it’s a shame they feel compelled to give him one anyway.

    • SK

      Actualy he needs a robin, read a lonely place to die and you will understand why, and if you forget Batman always have needed his family.

  • james thompson


  • Moe

    what? Again?

  • Lee

    I guess everyone forgets that Stephanie Brown (aka The Spoiler, Batgirl and Cluemaster’s daughter) was the FOURTH Robin, albeit verrrrrrrry briefly. She was also “killed”, but it turned out that her death was faked by one of Batman’s oldest, closest allies. To teach him a lesson. About having sidekicks in the first place.

  • Gary

    Considering how often he’s been whacked, the next one’s alter-ego ought to be Kenny McCormick from “South Park”.

  • rick

    What about Tim Drake. Tim came after the death of Jason and was replaced by Dick Grayson. Damien might come back, look at at Bucky in Captain America.