Robin Roberts Returns To GMA Rested And Radiant

    August 21, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Robin Roberts announced she was diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome back in June, but assured fans that she was well enough to continue her anchor duties on “Good Morning America”. However, the bone-marrow disease left her feeling exhausted and led to her taking a brief medical leave, which left friends and fans concerned.

“Well a full disclosure here, I’m not feeling too well,” Roberts, 51, said. “In fact, I’m going to leave, and let you all do the rest of the program on your own. I’m going to take a little time off, just to get some vacay. I’ll see you in a couple of weeks.”

She decided to take a trip to Italy, where she toured the Vatican and celebrated a friend’s birthday. She was even allowed to have her chemotherapy catheter removed for the trip.

“All I’m thinking about now is Italy. As a going away present my doctor surprised me and removed my PICC line today from my arm…sweet freedom!” she wrote on the show’s Facebook page. “Thank you again for the prayers and well wishes…means more to me than you could possibly ever know.”

Roberts returned to the show yesterday, however, and said she’s rested and ready for whatever life–and her job–might throw her way.

“My needle was past ‘E’ when I left here a couple of weeks ago, but I’ve got a full tank, so watch out,” Roberts said. “I haven’t taken this much time off in quite some time.”

  • Anita

    God bless Robin Roberts! If you ever doubt the awesome power of prayer and faith, just tune in to Good Morning, America and watch this outstanding and wonderful journalist!!

  • Gail

    My thoughts are with you Robin. I have always thought you are an amazing person.

    I have told my husband many times, “if i ever become famous or something happens that i get on tv, i want Robin to interview me.”

    Your in my thoughts

  • wanda

    Robin is a remarkable person.

  • Ada

    Robin, keeping you in my prayers.

  • http://Yahoo Deborah Robinson

    Hello Ms.Robin Roberts, GOD has a plan for you and he for sure is not ready for you to leave us. My family and I send you many PRAYS and BLESSINGS. The overseer is watching you. Your stronger than you think you are,and continue to beleive in yourself. WE LOVE YOU TODAY AND ALWAYS!!!!!!!!! MS.Deborah Robinson and Family

  • Kay

    Wow, Robin, you are awesome! God is truly a good God. Acknowledge Him in all you do, and you will continue to go from glory to glory!

  • Jean Van Kust

    Robin you are a powerful and beautiful woman, God has plans for you so everything is going to be alright. With my prayers and all the million other prayers you will be alright girl!! God Bless You

  • brenda

    Robin I’m so glad you’ve returned. I was worried about you and missed you terribly and was so excited to hear you were returning.

    Take care of yourself and stay strong; you’ve got so many people praying for you and cheering for you.

    Lots of love!

  • Robbin

    Praying for you Robin! God Bless.

  • Casey Hickok

    Robin Roberts is just about the greatest outstanding journalist on morning TV. I wish her the very best and pray she will be fully recovered soon and back where she belongs.

  • Paul

    So glad you had a great vacation to refuel and live for the moment. I wish you all the best as you continue your journey to wellness. Kick butt, Lady!!
    You and the GMA team rock!

  • sheila miller

    Iam so thankful that Ms. Roberts is diong well. I can’t even begin to imagine what she’s going through, but I do know that it takes faith, strength, and a loving support system to do it. God bless and we are praying for you. Keep your head up.

  • http://Yahoo Norma L Klammer

    My prayers are with you and your family and friends. I’ve been through cancer surgery and two other surgeries, so I know what it’s like. I wish you the best and as always my prayers are with you.

  • Brenda

    I love Robin Roberts. She is classy and just plain ole’good at what she does. She is a woman that any young girl should admire. She is strong during her fight and has shown that you can win a fight just by being strong.

    Robin this comes from Louisville, Ky I hope you come back and visit again. I did not get to see you when you were here. Much Love.

    You are in my prayers,

  • Brianne

    The young women of the world should step up and take notice of a strong professional woman who is battling the fight of her life and winning. Go Robin

  • lula thompson

    may god bless you Robin.

  • Glenda

    Robin you are amazingly strong…..God’s got you covered…prayers are with you…..you are a inspiration to all!

  • http://yahoo janis gricki

    ROBIN,, GOD BLESS YOU always remember GOD only gives you what he knows you can take. everything will work out OKAY,,,,,, take care how wonderful that you got to go to the vatican!!!!! my dream..

    • Gloria

      Robin, I have been a fan of yours since you were on Channel 4 in Nashville, TN. You are the greatest and strongest! I was so relieved to see you back on GMA looking so radiant.

  • Bob DePascale

    God Bless you Robin. Our thoughts and prayers are with you!
    I hope you have a speedy and full recovery.

  • Deborah Schneider


    You are a beautiful woman & GOD will take care of you always. I will keep you & your family in my prayers.

  • gordon

    you are an amazing individual.i love you, and so do millions of fans. we all are praying for your recovery. god bless you.

  • Joey

    Still beautiful….God Bless

  • http://search3.comcast.com/?cat=dnsr&con=ds&url=http Laverne


  • http://yahoo gordon robinson

    robin, god has graced you with beauty,intelligence,and compassion.you are a special person that god chose for your mission here on earth. while you have suffered, it is a part of the plan you have endured well and continue to do so. keep your faith and trust in god…. he’s not ready to take you home yet. you will be fine

  • http://yahoo.com George A Sanders, Sr.

    Dear Ms. Roberts:

    Our prayers and Almighty God will be be your comforter in your hour of need; He will be the One that will see you through this time in need of your life. Jesus, is the way and light to all illnesses – kept the faith because it is impossible to please Him without faith.

  • Germaine E. Mondo

    Dear Roberts,
    I’am very happy to know that you are doing well.May God be blessed
    Your faith has saved you.Continue to be strong God will be with you.
    Best wishes.

  • Del

    Robin, I love watching and listening to you. Glad to see yoy keeping your head up. Was told in March, I had cancer and was treated at a V.A. CENTER. After a 3 month stay, Khemo and Radition, I am abot 95% free. I have and will continue to pray for your full recovery. Then you call continue treating your fans every morning. GOD BLESS YOU !!

  • http://WebProNews robbie jean solomon

    With God all things are possible. Keep the faith..you have a whole lot of fans praying for you. Mom, start a viral prayer group to pray for Robin at a certain time of day…we will…I know it works..
    love always.

  • arthur wood

    its so good to see robin roberts back on gma, i wish her the best, the morning show is not the same without her.. good luck robin.

  • Debra

    Robin, Have you heard of the saying can’t keep a good man down… Well that also implies to a child of God. We are all Children of God, such as yourself. So the man above has not finish his work with you here on this planet. We need you to continue to stay a strong positive woman that represents us well. You show women who are not in the public eye what it means to be a real woman on or off the cameras. We love you dearly. God Bless……

  • brenda

    Im so glad your back…You look so wonderful..I wish you the best..Now the GOOD MORNING AMERICA IS A WHOLE ….LOTS OF LOVE TO ALL OF YOU….

    • gene


      • Jackie

        gene, don’t you have homework to do? Get at it. Children should be seen and not heard.

  • Irene

    Robin it must warm your heart to know how many friends you have never met and probably never will are keeping you in their prays. I also include you in mine. Keep the faith and all will be well.

  • http://yahoo Chandra Session

    You are such a beautiful woman Mrs. Roberts and I wish you the best on your recovery. My family and I are praying for you and your whole family on this journey. Best wishes.

  • Audrey Burke

    Welcome back Robin. We have missed you on the show and we’re delighted to see you all aglow with your charming and lovely smile.
    We’re still praying for your complete recovery and return to GMA after your transplant. God bless and keep you always in His tender loving care. We love you in Jesus name.

    Audrey Burke

  • Johnny DoNothing

    Rested and Irradiated

  • http://Yahoo Willa Hinton

    Robin I wish you God speed. I’ll be praying for you good health.

  • Patricia

    Thank you for returning. GMA did not seem real without you. Who were those guys? I am praying for you. God speed on your recovery……
    Love you….

  • Jean Grice

    I have thought and prayed for you each & every day. I know you have been covered with the blood of Jesus and he will carry you through your good days and bad days. I have followed your life since your college basketball days. Take one day at a time prayfully and don’t rush back to work

  • liz law

    Great news!!! You are an inspiration and only deserve the best. great going gal



  • Charlie bp

    God be with you. You are really an inspiration to so many.

  • Lisa

    GMA is definitly missing you, as we are. Good news is your sibling is a match. My husband has 9 siblings who match each other, but no match to my husband. This can be a frustrating time, hang in there, we want 2 see you back. Happy days to you and your sister. Take Care!

  • karen

    SO HAPPY YOUR BACK an full of vim an vinegar (SMILE)stay well robin everyones prayers are always with you

  • Carolyn James

    Robin,I’m praying for you and I trust God that you will do well during your treatment. Remember, if God brought you to this moment in your life, truly He will bring you through it. Keep your beautiful SMILE and hold your head up HIGH HIGH HIGH. You have so many people praying for you and will stand with you through this ordeal

  • Pamela

    hey Robin, girl you really inspire me as a young African American woman. I too have had my share of health troubles (had a massive stroke at age 41, 6 years ago) while pursuing my dreams. Will you do me a favor and keep that lovely smile on your lovely face as you continue on this journey and I will keep you lifted up in prayer daily. GOD bles you Robin Roberts!!!
    Pamela Kent

  • barbara

    I pray that you continue to do better.It was not the without you. Welcome back .

  • Anita

    Robin, it was such a delight to turn GMA on this week and see your beautiful smile. Welcome Back! I was diagnosed with breast cancer almost 10 years ago and recently had some questionable results. Doctors have recommended I have further procedures and I really appreciate the informative segment you did yesterday on the risk/benefit/options. May you be blessed with total healing. I’ll be cheering for you on daily.

  • Constance


    You are a ray of sunshine in the mist of a world of turmoil. I decree and declare total healing in your body. I cancel the assignments of any evil curses or illnesses over your lif and they shall never return again. I pray the total healing power of God over you life. I know you are a believer, so keep the faith.
    I am joyful that you are back. Your presence on GMA has inspired me to come to New York and be a part of GMA’s audience. Theshadow of the alimighty ministries is a powerful prayer and healing ministry.

    Take Care and stay beautiful.
    My Warmest Regards,
    Constance in Sugar Land, Texas

  • Roseann Zambroski

    I wish her a speedy recovery as she is a wonderful person in so many ways.

  • Cheryl Rivera

    Robin you are true Southern beauty. Your grace and caring spirit always shines for others. I am praying God will be with you as you face another battle in the road of life. You go girl.

  • Phyllis

    GMA is not GMA without Robin. You are the best! All our hearts and prayers are with you at this time. Feel good!

    • http://satellitesarahnellMgray@streamingfaith.com Sarahnell GA

      Robin you know you are my girl my prayers are over you and best wishes for coming up with us more a welcome to a new area of time with us looking for more of you!!!!

  • Linda

    Welcome back, Robin. You are truly an inspiration to so many people. You are such a beautiful woman and a ray of light to everyone who watches GMA. May your journey be short and sweet through your treatment and I see your body as complete health and vitality! Love and blessings, Linda

  • Kendrick

    Robin, I pray that GOD shines many blessings upon you and that all that you have gone through is behind you for ever. I look forward to seeing that smile in the mornings, GOD’s speed

  • cathy

    Robin, welcome back and I would like for you to know that you are in my prayers everynight. I lost my mother to this same thing back in June of 2011 and we lost her in October 2011. She did not want to take the treatments because of her age and other problems she had so we made the best of things. I wish you all the best, keep on fighting for Good Morning America would not be the same without you.

  • http://Yahoo Gary Sherer

    Thank goodness she is not on NBC where that paragon of insecurity, Matt Lauer, would have got her fired for missing time on the job.

    • Mayber

      You are so right! God forbid if something devastating ever happens to Matt – it will all be a different tune then – not a class act like Robin.

  • valerie gage

    Robin GMA isn’t the same without you. I started watchin channel 4. I missed you so much and glad you are back. You and the weatherman are my favorite people. God bless!

  • Elaine Wilson

    Robin, I’m glad you are back and feeling better. I am praying for you to have a full recovery. Remember that God is the Ultimate doctor and HE is still in charge.. You are a survivor.

    Elaine Wilson
    Auburn, AL