Robin Roberts Now Battling Bone Marrow Disease

    June 11, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts has fought–and won–the battle against breast cancer, and now she’s having to face a much more painful foe: MDA, or myelodysplastic syndrome.

She announced the news today via a letter to her fans and says she is confident she will beat it, because doctors assure her she is young and fit enough to battle through it. She’s also fortunate enough to have a sister who is an excellent match for bone marrow, and she will undergo a transplant later this year. For now, she’ll start chemotherapy.

Roberts writes, “Today, I will start what is known as pre-treatment -– chemotherapy in advance of a bone marrow transplant later this year. Bone marrow donors are scarce and particularly for African-American women. I am very fortunate to have a sister who is an excellent match, and this greatly improves my chances for a cure. As you know from my recent interview with Mark Zuckerberg, organ donation is vitally important. Many people don’t realize they can be bone marrow donors. I encourage everyone to sign up on a donor registry like bethematch.org.”

The treatment for cancer often comes with high risks, such as a heightened probability to develop other diseases. Roberts will have a long and painful road to recovery ahead of her, but insists she will still anchor GMA throughout the process.

  • http://www.nationwidevision.com Lasik Nationwide Vision

    Very nice that Facebook put this feature up for organ donor. Some may not agree with FB, but in the long run this may help show a strong support for people that suffers from this disease.

  • http://scallywagandvagabond.com scallywag

    First breast cancer in 2007, and now this. It must have been a wonderful feeling to have beaten cancer back then and now to have to deal with the grind with treatment, the fear of the unknown, the trepidation of recovery and yet what can anyone do. Could you imagine the frustration? This disease goes beyond race, faith, class or whatever, ultimately it’s a test of will, resolve and the nature of science. Robin will elevate herself again, she has no choice but to do so…

  • Nancy

    I also have battled and defeated cancer several times I know what Robin is up against, the pure heartbreak of the repeat is what is the pits! When people ask how you are doing you say “fine” which really means “frustrated, irritated, nausious, and exhausted. keep the chin up and the will strong and we will hold you in our prayers.