Robert Wagner: Suspect In Natalie Wood’s Death?

    January 18, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Robert Wagner, the actor some might know as Number Two in the “Austin Powers” films, has said he refuses to comment or talk to police any more about his wife Natalie’s 1981 death.

When Natalie Wood’s body was found floating in an area off Catalina Island after allegedly falling off the yacht she shared with Wagner, it was assumed she’d had too much to drink and had gone overboard in a terrible accident. But when later details came to light by the captain–such as an argument between Wood and Wagner and a possible disagreement with their guest that night, actor Christopher Walken–police deemed her death “suspicious”. Recently, a new look at her autopsy report has caused officials to question whether her death was an accident, as multiple bruises were found around her wrists, ankles, and knees which are inconsistent with a fall.

“The location of the bruises, the multiplicity of the bruises, lack of head trauma, or facial bruising support bruising having occurred prior to entry in the water,” reads the amended report.

Wagner seems to have said all he’s going to say on the matter and is not cooperating with police, who say he’s not officially a suspect as of yet.

“Mr Wagner has fully co-operated over the last 30 years in the investigation of the accidental drowning of his wife,” his lawyer said in a statement.

Photo: Gary Lewis

  • http://www.onlineviolinlessonsinfo.com LORRIE

    I totally believe he did it. Walken was on board and there was a flirtation – now to understand the anger,Natalie had previously dumped Wagner for Warren Beatty during their first marriage. I;m sure Wagner’s ego went ballistic when there was attraction between Natalie and Walken.

    I read the book- it rang true. If the guy had any balls and had not become an alcoholic too, he’d have written it sooner yet….the timing is probably perfect. No longer do people kiss up to stars as much as they did in the past – Wagner uses his Hollywood influence though , and corruption runs deep.

  • http://google kim

    I don’t think he is gonna sit in a cell next to OJ but he is cupable.

  • rosa

    Yeah, and he is pushing these old folks to give up thier homes for 50% of what they are worth in these reverse mortgage scams…. :-)

  • Jane

    I was living in Cali when Natalie fell off of the boat.
    I thought back then that Robert did it and my mind hasn’t changed.
    I always wondered how he got away with it for all of these years.
    It must be the name Robert in the Acting world where they can get away with murder….Robert Blake ring a bell anyone? Now that guy is a killer!!! Yes, back in the day, they were able to sit up there on their thrones and get away with anything….now….look….Lindsay Lohan and the rest of them are now doing their time to make up for the past….

    • huskred

      Well, let’s see now, Jane.

      1. You were living in California when it happened.

      2. You thought then that he did it.

      3. You have not changed your mind since.

      4. You have wondered ever since how he got away with it.

      4. And then there was the other Robert case.

      Well, there we are – his culpability has been established without a doubt. Guilty as sin.

  • Laura Meeks

    A blind person can see this was a murder. Only two other people on the yacht, and can’t find who did it. Come on now!!! They know, it was sweeped under the rug.

    • john 8789

      This is all a bunch of bull. A witness comes after decades and gets the case reopened. What a bunch of baloney.

      I hate to see some of the bloggers on this site be on a jury. They would not need evidence to call anyone a murderer.

      • suzette holmes

        They had reasons to reopen the case, not just because the captain said Robert Wagner did it.

      • huskred

        Exactly, John. Whenever the press stirs something up on it again, he’s subjected to more “investigation.” As though he hasn’t answered every possible question from every angle over and over already.

      • Phoebe Moody

        Actually …. the yacht’s captain first spoke publicly with the media regarding what he personally witnessed about TWENTY YEARS AGO — Not just “recently”. He and another witness — a woman who was on a yacht near the Wagners’ yacht that evening — both openly spoke extensively regarding what they observed/heard there. They had decided to go public about it at THAT time due to the fact that they had provided their compelling eye-witness report to law enforcement and forensic investigators at the time of Natalie Wood’s death …. and felt that the information they provided had been ignored. Law enforcement had even gone so far as to place the two witnesses alone together in a room and secretly videotape their conversation with each other to document what they would candidly reveal when they thought that no one else was listening. I saw this particular videotape and their interviews in the media when they first came out about it around 1993. They both came across as being quite credible. Having previously served on two separate juries in attempted-homicide trials … my opinion is that their testimony would definitely hold up in court if presented to a panel of intelligent, objective jurors.

  • http://yahoo Marilyn Monroe

    of course he murdered her he started dating st john not long after throw him in jail

  • Johanna

    Family will always want to know what really happened I Know because my 2year old niece ended up in the river where we live and that was almost 5 years ago and we have been told nothing will probably ever get done on her case. I hope they find the truth and if it was murder let the family that wants to deal with that person.

  • http://Heavensound.com/artists/bobcatbill.htm Bobcat Bill

    I think that he is the number one suspect! He doesn’t won’t to talk about it because he is the one who killed her then dumped her body in the water and conjured up the story of her being in a “dingy”!

  • MARK

    Enough already. She is dead for over thirty years. I loved Natalie and grieved when she died. RIP Natalie.

  • dinkie

    this is what I think happened, okay. natalie went to bed. something woke her. she went to find rj and found rj and walken having sex ( i think both men r gay) she flipped out, rj ran after her grabbed her wrists, she fell scrapped her knees, elbow etc..they got into a scuffle, she tried to flee he grabbed her wrists again, maybe slapped her (the bruised face), she tried to loosin the dingy, fell overboard and drowned..cops know it, walken knows it and rj knows it. why do u think rj wont talk to detectives??

    • B.

      Dinkie, your’s is the best theory so far! And most exciting if it comes out.

    • Dee Jamacek

      Not that I care,have two gay cousins BUT…why do people always assume this?!
      I think Wagner was jealous over Christopher and Natalie’s
      flirtation on the set of the movie they worked together on.
      He confronted them about he thought they had an affair and..
      go from there.

  • bb

    Sure bob wagner killed natilie wood! He did it hes guilty as sin! It takes a murdereer! hope he gets the gas chamber g d nazi!

    • http://yahoo.com Jean

      I have believed ever since her death that Wagner is responsible for her death. I mean it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that!! Hey——didn’t he remarry just months after that happened?

  • http://webpronews John Harrison

    Even if he gets tried and convicted he still got away with murder. How much of a life sentence can they give him? They can’t retroactively put him in jail for the last 30 years.

  • http://webpronews John Harrison

    Even if he gets tried and convicted he still got away with murder. How much of a life sentence can they give him? They can’t retroactively put him in jail for the last 30 years.

    • http://yahoo Don

      he’d probly get liffe and as old as he is chances are he’d die in prison.

  • me

    Sad indeed! Natalie had a fear of drowning since a Child. They whole thing is tragic! :(

  • me

    Maybe the truth will come out oneday, But may remain mystery as Beth Short’s death.:(

  • Thndr

    Some interesting ideas i have read here. Too bad it is all speculation. I’m not saying it couldn’t have happened that way but to say such things one really needs to have evidence to back it up. The real question is why now? Why didn’t all these details come out until now? Bruises and other marks on Wood’s body were never mentioned before? Found on a 30 year old dead body but not a fresh one? Why was the case closed in the first place? Is it not possible that Wagner just wants the whole issue behind him and doesn’t want his life turned upside down again? He helped police for 30 years and was probably tramatic for him.

    Who knows, maybe he is gay as stated by another commenter and was discovered. He wouldn’t be the first and someting like that would ruin a career, but it still needs to be proven eventhough the assumptions alone would still do it.

    The bottom line is these investigators have already influanced the public’s opinion of this case. I say either prove it or drop it and shut the hell up until you do.

  • http://yahoo.com natasha

    Its been a cover UP for over 30 years.GUILTY AS SIN.I hope rj rots in jail some day soon. RIP NATALIE

  • M. Dianne Williams

    I’ve always thought something fishy concerning her death, my mother was terrified of water as was Natalie and there’s no way my mother would have got on a little dingy in
    the middle of the night by herself.