Rob Kardashian Split Due To Cheating?

    December 3, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Rob Kardashian, who is perhaps the least famous of the infamous reality family, has reportedly split from girlfriend Rita Ora.

Though speculation on the cause leans toward the fact that their schedules were too incompatible–she’s busy with a pop star life–Rob tweeted early this morning that she had cheated on him with “20 dudes” and expressed disgust and amazement that she could even keep up with that many people while in a relationship. The tweets have since been deleted, but not before they went viral in a massive way.


The couple had only just gone public with their relationship after several months of dating. Ora has had no comment on the status of their relationship or on the tweets. Twitter has been alight this afternoon with several mentions of Rob, his comments on Ora, and his sister…in an unfortunate way.

Image: Xposure

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