Road Rage: Orlando Police Looking For Murderer

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Road rage is a scary thing; with one wrong move, a driver can invoke the wrath of anyone who happens to be in a bad mood. Sometimes, it turns deadly.

An Orlando man who was driving through Tampa called police after he said a man followed him out of a store, chased him in his car, then pulled alongside him and flashed a gun. Fred William Turner Jr. said he didn’t know why the man was following him and claimed he’d done nothing to provoke him; however, as he was on the phone with 911, he was shot several times. Turner was found dead on the scene, and police are now looking for a gray Ford Taurus with tinted windows; anyone with information is urged to contact local authorities.

Severe road rage incidents are, unfortunately, becoming more and more the norm. In June of last year, a 50-year old California man got into a dispute with three other men outside their cars in downtown L.A. Soon, words turned to fists, and after it became two against one, the 50-year old was pulled to the ground and beaten viciously.

“As I remember it, I’m trying to get away, they followed me. It got to a point where they blocked me on the freeway. I couldn’t back up, couldn’t move forward,” Jerry Patterson said. “The guy got out of the car, and so I got out with him. I wasn’t going to let him walk up on me, and I just defended myself to the best of my ability. I grew up in the day where you fought, and you were friends the next day. Now people will shoot you, or they’ll kill you or they kick you when you’re down. No respect for human life.”

Road Rage: Orlando Police Looking For Murderer
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  • Steve B

    Sounds like some details are missing, such as why the guy followed the other guy out of the store. It doesn’t sound like road rage if the problem starts outside of their cars.

    • Jeff

      These incidents are becoming far too common. People are constantly angry and irritated everywhere you go, and their body language suggests they are loose cannons waiting to explode. I try to avoid pi$$ing people off, especially in traffic. The world is going to hell in a handbasket, and FAST…

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