Ringo: Unseen Beatles Photos To Be Published In E-Book

    May 30, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Ringo Starr is about to make some Beatles fans very happy; the iconic drummer is set to publish an e-book, “Photograph”, which brings together tons of never-before-seen photos of his childhood and bandmates.

The images give an exclusive look into the world of The Beatles and of Starr’s younger days; they also include shots of the band while they were traveling on tour and give us a view of more intimate moments behind the scenes. Fans will be happy to note that images from their trip to India are included, as well as some from their last days as a band in the ’70s. Starr says some of the photos were found after his mother died, hidden away in boxes at her home.

“These are shots that no one else could have,” Starr said.

The e-book is being released in conjunction with an exhibit at the Grammy Museum titled “Ringo: Peace And Love”, but there will also be a limited-edition print run out in December of 2500.

  • david

    December of 2500??

  • Gartmore

    Why are they making us wait until December of 2500 to see the limited edition print? That’s not very nice of them.

  • deejay76

    Attention Amanda Crum: I suggest you go back to Journalism 101, or perhaps sixth grade English class, and learn to write a proper sentence. “…but there will also be a limited-edition print run out in December of 2500.” Really? How about “…but there will also be a limited-edition print run of 2500 books out in December.” THAT would make much more sense, don’t you think Amanda?

  • billy boy

    (Ringo’s Mum in the delivery room)

    Doctor “Mrs Starr I have good news and bad news..”
    Mrs Starr “Please give me the bad news first..”
    Doctor “He has a bad cold”
    Mrs Starr “Phew! I thought for a moment it was serious. Whats the good news?”
    Doctor “You’ve given birth to a 7 pound nose..”