Rihanna/Pattinson Texts: Does She Want A Little Vampire Lovin’?

By: Amanda Crum - August 27, 2012

Rihanna has has a bumpy few weeks, which have been full of rumors and a revealing interview with Oprah which saw her break down and cry at the mention of her abusive ex, Chris Brown. Now, more rumors are flying that the songstress has been sending some flirty texts to Robert Pattinson to “cheer him up” after the news broke that longtime girlfriend and “trampire” Kristen Stewart cheated on him with her “Snow White And The Huntsman” director.

The rumor appears to have been started in OK! Magazine, where a “friend” of Rihanna’s said that the singer has had a crush on Pattinson for a long time, but never made a move because he was attached.

“RiRi thinks he’s very cute, but nothing ever came of it because he was attached to Kristen — and it’s not her style to steal someone else’s man,” the source said.

Pattinson has been very close-mouthed about the cheating scandal and has only briefly touched upon it in interviews in a roundabout way. He maintains that he’s “homeless” since moving out of the house he shared with Stewart and has been crashing with friends (most notably his “Water For Elephants” co-star Reese Witherspoon).

Of course, the texting rumors are just that, and it could be that fans are making a mountain out of a molehill. But if these two are indeed getting friendly, it could be the thing that finally breaks the internet.

Amanda Crum

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  • Elizabeth

    I was not particularly sure that I even wanted to comment. I don’t feel that I can accurately comment without stateing the obvious facts. For one, I am just “a fan” of TWILIGHT. There is no need whatsoever for ANYONE to EVER become so absorbed and involved in the actors/actresses personal affairs really, none…who cares anyway, live YOUR life because at the end of the day, do these ppl really know you or care to know you, seriously. It is so pitiful when ppl become so obsessed. Poor “Seth Clearwater” aka Boo Boo Stewart got punched in the face in a mall (I believe it was) because someone hated the TWILIGHT movies??? Said so right on YouTube anyway, take it or leave it. Either way, that’s diving in too deep if you know what I mean here. Does anyone out there really know how many families are destroyed from affairs, etc.? Not actors, REAL families. There are much bigger problems going on right under folks’ own doormat to be worrying about what the “stars of Hollywood” are doing. I simply enjoy the movies. I have enjoyed reading the books. I do not care, however, who is on whose couch or has had an affair. Just my two cents. Thank you for allowing me to respond.

    • Vanessa

      @Elizabeth- Very well said! I completely agree with you.

      • Enoughsaid99

        Thank you Elizabeth for being the voice of reason. Well said.

    • http://webpronews elaine

      Rihanna is weird, she likes that “dark” sex appeal, she is a strange young girl. @Elizabeth u r right. BUT people, only he knows his own perosnal preferences, so back off!!! This is a new day, people date one another no matter what their color is, if they choose to.

      • msa


      • crazy_dannie

        OHHH MAN! really had to do the race thing? who really cares!!! God put us here with different skin colors not to hate on each other, but to embrace one another’s differences! stop the hate, learn to love….other countries don’t think like, us, Americans. They love diversity in most of the other countries and in some places here in America as well…. just learn to love one another! i could care less who he or any other celebrity dates! I married outside of my race because my husband is sexy, and i fell in love with his heart!

    • cudababa1952

      I agree with you, at the end of the day who cares what these people do with their lives. They are human just like we are, they are not super humans, they make mistakes just like we do, they bleed just the same, share heartaches and go through trials and tribulations just the same. leave ppl ALONE they are not perfect and neither are the ones that’s complaining.

  • http://beaandlavernewentworth@yaho.com laverne b. wentworth

    Lets wait a moment folks. Lets back up & take a look @ our own lives, then if all is PERFECT there, MAYBE we can sit in judgement of others. But for now & ETERNITY I believe that’s GOD’s job.

  • Rita

    Robert Pattison is not into black chicks no matter how light the skin is.

    • Renee

      oh wow like you know what he’s in to??…you dont know him so stop spewing shit and go get a life cunt!

    • Ren

      And you say this because you know him personally, right?

    • Naiomi

      You’d be surprised!

    • Pip

      How to you know “Rita” has he turned you down for that exact reason?

    • renee

      It’s the media pushing this madness! Would they be encouranging this if Rih was broke and from the hood? I think not! But because she has money, here we go again! But I blame Rih for trying to be like the United Nations and embrace everyone no matter where they are from and what backgrund they are from. In America, you can’t do that because everyone here still have rascist tendencies, they just took the sheets off!

      • Leigh Anna

        exactly right!

      • http://yahoo Dgee

        you got that right and some are still wearing them!!!!!!!!!!

    • Leeza

      And how the hell would you know what kind of chicks this guy is into??? That was a stupid comment for sure!!

    • Jack MeHoff

      I was thinking it but I would never say it…

    • kimmu

      He likes big bottoms and he loves Beyonce and J.Lo. I think he might like Rihanna. I’m also sure that he and this black english interviewer girl used to hook up pre-twilight days.

    • noname

      how do u know? just because ks was snow white.. he cant go black and not cum back

    • Tammy1

      Rita is mad cuz a black chic took her man! Ho Ho Ho

  • plk

    And, you thought Paul Ryan wasn’t into black chicks either, right? What a dumb statement Rita.

  • TunaFishy

    “Hey Boy Boy is you big enough”

    • Tammy1

      lol lol lol! Nice! Cute!

  • Brena

    Oh ok Rita, So I guess you wakeup to Rob every morning and he tells you he’s not into Black chicks???

    • deborah

      Rhianna doesn’t have to be a gold digger she has plenty of her own money. Rhianna is a singer in her own right. If she can find happiness wherever she can so be it.

  • http://yahoo JAVIER CRUZ


    • http://yahoo Dgee

      you are a fool how can she be gold digger 53 mil is what she is worth! and you?

    • crazy_dannie

      Oh my goodness…how can riri be a gold digger? you have to be basically broke, mind you….she is a rich chic, she doesn’t need anybody’s money. I mean where have you been for the last 4 or 5 years? she’s a A-LIST celeb :) DUH!

    • Tammy1

      You suck! Rhianna has more money in her living room couch, than you have in your bank! Azz hole

  • Karmah

    I hope he turns her down flat.

    • http://webpronews katie

      yeah he needs to think about this first and dont rush anything yet hes still pretty sad about k-stew and think about his own needs first

  • Leigh Anna

    He needs to run…& never stop.

  • Mary

    In my opinion I think Riri has way more money than Patti… So i don’t believe shes a GOLD DIGGER!!! Let the girl have some fun!

    • Nik

      Um, I think you are a little wrong there! Rihanna’s net worth is only 12 MIL more than Pattinson (which in their world is nothing) And Robert is estimated to make 40 million on the last Twilight movie making him way richer than her. Also know that Rihanna became popular in 2003 and managed to make 72 Mil till now, and Robert became popular in 2008 and managed to make 60 Million till now, so it took her 9 years to make 72 while it took him4 to make 60!!! Future looks like Robert will double his money in contrast to Rihanna! So with that being said, yes I do think she is a gold digger! Just look at Kim Khardashian! She was married to a BB player who was making less money and than went to kanye who is Balling! You should probably know your facts before stating.

      • barb

        I agree, that’s why a lot of singers/musicians leave and get into movies (more money)ex. justin timberlake, queen latifah, will smith & ludacris

  • http://YAHOO richard b

    cant stand Rihanna! She is like a tramp! I hope he has beter taste and has learned to be more careful with woman!!!!

    • Richard B

      can you use any more exclamation points? She is trying to find a seemingly innocent man so she doesnt get hurt again. i personally feel like if these two got together it would work out for both parties better then anyone expects. you’re a punk using my name and talking this crap on here as well, Dick!

    • cudababa1952

      How do you know that Rhianna is like a tramp, is it just the way that she dresses, or do you know this for a fact? they didn’t call
      Madonna a tramp or whore for the way that she dresses.I think that she is pretty and talented, at least she is not sleeping around to get where she is today, and she is young and sexy, she does not display any more skin than the rest of the young people in Hollywood. People should mind their own dam business, instead of worring about something or someone who has done them no harm, but most of all you need JESUS

  • noname

    it would serve KS right to have to deal with Rihanna. And Chris brown. at least she say she dont cheat. KS fucked up. maybe he wil take her back but thats a felony when u have respect and someone fuck up like that.

  • noname

    at least she dont have to deal with some poor as off street of jamaica blatanly beg for money.. and sell his tool for it as well.

  • sam

    Why is it news?
    Really they are all trash. Didn’t you see Rihanna is a trash girl from her behaviors? Gosh!! Miss the world that good people get rewards, not fame hos!!!

  • tina


  • http://yahoo Dgee

    It’s a shame that race is the only thing that you people can complain about. And then complain about someone using the race card and your the FIRST ONE that start using. And why it always black and white is that all you see in the world. Your all sick complainer’s. GET A LIFE OF YOUR OWN!

  • Nikki

    Rita sorry to burst ur stupid ass bubble but once you go black you never go back, and i should know. Let the two YOUNG people be its none of our business, its their life so let them live ok.

    • Shannon

      Nikki you must be black yourself cuz I tried it once and I ran afterward. Between the ashy ass skin and the stink. No thanks! Stay white because its right.

      • charles

        Wowww…. Thats just not right. I mean Nikki that was clearly stating facts that aren’t proven or w.e. But Shannon… Thats just horrible to say about a whole race.

      • vampfan

        I agree they r just gross!

        • NoName

          you two got with the dark kind because the lighter side of black aint like that

      • Thomas

        Shannon, really? How the hell didn’t you smell the “stink” before you went out with whomever and you didn’t notice the “ash” as you called it BEFORE? If not, you are the one with the problem not them. That is if I’m to believe anything you just stated in the first place.

      • Simply Scandalous

        Shannon, I don’t believe you’ve ever lifted a finger, let alone your skirt, to help a black person. I’m guessing you picked-up your rhetoric at your last KKK hoedown.

        And Nikki, no one respects what you say because you don’t make valid points. You proudly spout a stereotype, assuming it’s true because it happened to you. It takes more than your life experience to make it true. Also, you weren’t too keen on staying out of “these kids'” business when you came trotting on over to this page.

  • ivy

    i believe they are both old enough to know what they want from what they need, and i like RIRI so much,and she have the right to be happy, so why all this BS from people criticizing her every now and then, if you have any problem with Rihana, why not go settle it with her and stop all this sick talks about her….

  • T


  • tim

    ya he’s not in to loud purple pinks

  • nilla

    I have to agree with Rita. I don’t think he’s into black women. My rationale stems from what he said in the Details magazine article a few years ago. Ain’t nothing wrong with tasting that brown sugar, Rob. However I’d be willing to bet Robert Pattinson won’t do it. Maybe he’s intimidated by how strong we are??? Who knows!!!

    • barb

      What did he say in Details magazine?????

  • Rumple

    Pattinson should totally get with her. She’s cute. They should make and interracial sex tape and send it his ex.

  • Babigal

    Well, we thought Brad Pitt was only into white women! But? Again i say but a black woman drop kicked his behind to the curb, not the other way around! I and a few females i’ve known have also dropped kicked a few good white men!!! Sorry…………. Its just not the same as my nubian, strong, fine black brothers….damnnnnnnnnnnnnn..

    • Simply Scandalous

      You are entitled to your opinion, but it’s based on a racist premise. No matter the color, some people are worth keeping and some should be cast aside. If you and your buddies “drop kicked a few good white men” then you should me sorry. Biracial couples deal with this backwards thinking often but are brave and intelligent enough to know a good guy/girl is a special find no matter his or her skin color.
      Furthermore, I think you would be the first to cast a stone if I were to brag about drop-kicking a couple of good, black men simply because they aren’t my Caucasian, strong, fine, white men. Unless you think we should stick with our “own kind”.

  • mike

    really really. even in Gossip people bring racism into it. take a good look at yourself grow up this isn’t the 19 hundred’s anymore.

  • sassy

    A lot of white men are into black women, always have been and still are. It’s okay to come clean with your feelings.

    • Halaluani

      Race is irrelevant here. It can sound ignorant and uneducated to bring race into it. This is something some people used to do. If the people you’re around still do this you’d probably benefit from expanding your horizons.

  • Kaitlyn

    The radio station I listen to, and E! kept saying she was at a party with Rob KARDASHIAN getting it on.
    I don’t believe she is with either Rob!!!!!!

  • adamcai

    I want to be the reason for that smile on your face and that one guy in your life who can never be replaced. Come to ——A g e Matching.CoM——and find your true love.

  • Agent P

    Ain’t nothin’ wrong widdat vanilla stick – C’mon now…

  • jcs

    Run Robert Run haven’t you had enough of American women!!! Run man Run and never look back! Get a real woman from another country!!! Trust me!!!!!