Rihanna Sex Tape Scam Travels Around Facebook

By: Josh Wolford - February 28, 2013

If you’re strolling through your Facebook news feed, bored by all of your friends’ lame breakfast statuses and baby pics, and you happen to see something about a Rihanna sex tape – keep on strolling.

Sophos Naked Security blog tips us to a new type of a very classic style of Facebook scam – the celebrity sex tape. This time it involves Rihanna.

What’s a little different about this one is that it hides inside an event: [VIDEO] RIHANNA SEX TAPE. Once you access the actual event page, you’ll be met with the text “I lost all respect for her after watching this” and a y.ahoo.it link. Don’t click it.


Rihanna isn’t the only celebrity with a recent sex tape scam on Facebook. Earlier this month, a viral scam made the rounds suggesting that Taylor Swift’s iPhone had been hacked and a sex tape had been leaked. Clicking on the provided link directed curious Facebookers to an online survey scam that phished for users’ personal info.

As always, be vigilant. And don’t let your curiosity cloud your better judgment.

Josh Wolford

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