Rielle Hunter Spills Dirty Secrets In New Book

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Rielle Hunter, mistress to former presidential hopeful John Edwards, is about to unleash a book on the world that could very well spawn the best Lifetime movie ever made.

Hunter says the book was written for her daughter, Frances Quinn, whom Edwards reluctantly admitted to fathering well after her birth and the scandal that ensued once news of his affair with Hunter broke. She says she wants her daughter to "have one entirely truthful public account of how she came into the world. After all, this is her story too."

But the premise of the book and the juicy details surrounding Hunter's relationship with Edwards will certainly propel it into the limelight in coming weeks, especially given the passages that have been leaked from its pages; it seems Edwards--shockingly enough--has a long history of lying about women, especially to other women. Hunter claims that Edwards told her detailed fabrications about his other "mistresses" in an attempt to keep her from getting too attached to him, and that it had worked with his conquests in the past.

...Johnny went on to tell me that the three women he had told me about the first night I had met him were, in fact, not real and that he had made them up... My mind was racing... He had told me detail upon detail. I remembered the ups and downs of emotion I had felt the night he went to Chicago to break off his relationship there, she writes. My reality in our relationship had been ripped out from under me.

She then goes on to offer up a pseudo-defense for Edwards.

...Johnny didn't do anything out of character. He has a long history of lying about one thing only -- women -- and I mistakenly thought I was different.

Hunter also makes no attempt to hide her disdain for Edwards' wife Elizabeth, who died of cancer in 2010. Hunter says Elizabeth was a "venomous" woman and a "witch on wheels", especially after she discovered his second cell phone and used it to call and harass Hunter daily.

Since Edwards was recently involved in an explosive trial regarding whether or not he used campaign donations to fund Hunter's lavish lifestyle and keep her hidden from the media while his wife was alive, the new book, "What Really Happened", may just fly off the shelves when it's released on the 26th.

Amanda Crum
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