Richard Engel Missing: Twitter Reacts To NBC Blackout

By: Amanda Crum - December 17, 2012

NBC News foreign correspondent Richard Engel has gone missing while on assignment in Syria, along with a Turkish journalist who was working with him, and NBC has reportedly issued a media blackout regarding coverage of the news. However, several media outlets are reporting on it anyway now that it has gone viral on social media sites like Twitter, and some wonder if having so many major news sources report the story will put the men in danger.

Engel and fellow journalist Aziz Akyava? were last seen on Thursday, according to Turkish newspaper Hurriyet. Twitter users are following up their wishes for the journalists’ safe return with questions of why the media blackout was issued in the first place, but NBC has yet to issue a statement.

Ominously, one of the last things Engel posted on Twitter was a relay of events around him; his last post was on December 6th, about the Egyptian pound vs. the American dollar.

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  • Vic Frome

    Richard is by far the best news reporter I’ve ever seen in my many years reading, seeing, and hearing current events. He is my hero. No one could ever equal Richard’s tallent, honesty, and accurate information. We could have used someone with his tallent to cover the Vietnam War when I was serving as an Infantry Officer on the front lines.

  • Lila Vos

    I sent this email to MNBC and TODAY:
    Why aren’t you reporting on where RICHARD ENGEL is? You are blacking out this vital story. What is going on? A multitude of people believe he was captured in Syria and yet you remain silent. SHAME.

  • johnson

    Richard Engel is a neocon and hopeless propagandist for the Israeli Lobby.

    Just as I would have wished with Cheney or Bush if they were kidnapped – I hope he doesn’t come back

    I’m serious. Engel was foursquare with netanyahu on trying to hoax the US into a war with Iran.

    Supportive of warcrimes, iow

    • ann

      What an evil twit you are, Johnson.

      • johnson

        Same feeling I would have with if it had happened with Cheney, Adolf, netanyahu or anyone who thinks it’s fun to wage aggressive war

    • jane

      Maybe we can send u over there to look for him Johnson. See how brave and mouthy u r then!

    • Teo Lauday

      To johnson about your December 17, 2012 at 8:29 pm comment:

      You are a heartless, souless, person to say what you said. Regardless of your political beliefs, right or wrong….whatever. Two people are missing. They could be held captive or dead. It doesn’t sound like you care about that or humans in general unless it was a loved one of your own but perhaps not even that would bother you if they have beliefs different than yours. The Internet is a semi-anonymous place that many people take advantage of if they just want to say cruel things or think they are completely hidden. A hacker could find me if he wanted to. I don’t post on the Internet because it is like spitting in the ocean as I am doing right now. You won’t care about what I have just said. The only thing was that what you said was so incredibly inane when it is about some missing human beings that I had to get it off my chest. Ok, I’m done spitting. The waves will take it out into oblivion. Then again this video may help you think differently about what ever the differences in human beings.

  • Alex Safieh

    We pray for the safe return of Richard Engel.

  • Helga

    I think it is time to tell us what is going on.

  • Ted Davis

    What a thought. Maybe we should say the same about you.
    so many of the Aribs have little regard for others lives.

  • http://robin21 Robin Sloan

    I just Love Richard Engel, am praying a million times over that he and his news companion are safe and sound. Almost 5 days since seen in Syria? This is very bad news, Syria of all places. Please be alright…………………