Rice Recall: Mars, Inc. Recalls Uncle Ben’s Infused Rice Products

    February 10, 2014
    Meaghan Ellis
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The massive rice recall may leave grocery shelves bare of Uncle Ben’s rice products for quite some time.

Government officials are currently investigating a number of illnesses that have been directly associated with the brand’s infused rice products.

Mars, Inc. has voluntarily recalled the infused flavored rice products “out of an abundance of caution” after being notified of illnesses that occurred at three different schools in the Houston, TX area.

At the time, the dominant complaints were “allergic-like symptoms of mild flushing and rash.” The incident resulted in the company removing all infused rice products from its supply chain.

“Our network of distributors, brokers, and sales associates immediately started notifying their customers and collecting the product,” Mars Foodservices said.

Once the massive food processing company noticed that “a limited number” of sales were completed through websites and wholesalers, the executive decision to announce a massive recall was enforced.(image)

“Therefore, we initiated the voluntary recall to ensure that anyone in possession of the product is aware that it should not be served or eaten, but returned to where it was purchased,” Mars Foodservices said.

However, the problem garnered national attention when health officials also reiterated the recall on Friday, Feb. 7 after students and faculty members became ill at a school in Katy, TX.

The El Paso Times featured a report issued by The Associated Press that revealed students developed specified, allergy-like symptoms such as burning, itching, rashes, headaches and nausea. Although the symptoms passed after approximately two hours, health officials are dedicated to uncovering the direct cause of the problem.(image)

According to the Food and Drug Administration, a possible overdose of an essential vitamin may be the cause of the mysterious allergy-like symptoms linked to the Uncle Ben’s infused rice products. However, the information has not been confirmed as of yet.

The Recall Product List Includes:

– Uncle Ben’s Infused Rice Roasted Chicken Flavor (5- and 25-pound bags)

– Uncle Ben’s Infused Rice Garlic and Butter Flavor (5-pound bags)

– Uncle Ben’s Infused Rice Mexican Flavor (5- and 25-pound bags)

– Uncle Ben’s Infused Rice Pilaf (5-pound bags)

– Uncle Ben’s Infused Rice Saffron Flavor (5-pound bags)

– Uncle Ben’s Infused Rice Cheese Flavor (5-pound bags)

– Uncle Ben’s Infused Rice Spanish Flavor (25-pound bags)

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  • CrimsonLover1

    don't buy or eat that crap. It's garbage. Buy Lundberg Organic Brown Rice. No GMOs, healthy and good for ya, makes you big and strong. Support local area farmers, not conglomo's. Please!!!

  • Ann Gates

    shit on a fork! gmo junk. poisioning the people.

    • Darci Habighorst

      EXACTLY!!!!! Proof once again what our government is forcing us to eat cheap, crappy, unnatural food. The food that's not poisoned is a lot more expensive.

      • JT

        So there is a government official who kidnaps you, drags you to the grocery store, forces you to buy a product you dont want, then drags you home and forces you to prepare and eat it?.. Damn.. Sucks for you.

        • Darci Habighorst

          What I'm saying it the government gives HUGE subsidies to farmers who produce this GMO crap. As a result, this GMO crap is super cheap, which is what most people will buy.
          No one forces you to do anything. However, the government can manipulate prices with subsidies as well as allowing our farmers to grow this crap.

          • JT

            Would it surprise you to know that this product is not GMO?

          • Darci Habighorst

            If it non-GMO, yes, I would be surprised.

          • JT

            It is.. That said, if they have too much Niacin in it then they obviously have some problems with their production process that need to be corrected asap before more are hurt.

  • Jane

    Yes, always buy "local." For me, local is anything grown in the U.S. and with additatives – fresh or frozen and without sauces, or seasonings.

  • Tom

    The symptoms sound like what happens when you take a high dose of Niacin (Vitamin B3).

    • dbrat

      I live in Katy, Tx, and this was definitely the case!

  • 1uncleduff

    Notice: the only rice products under recall are the flavored rices. Continue to enjoy your favorite Uncle Ben's products.

  • Bee

    I don't eat all that flavored stuff. I just eat the basic white rice. So I guess I'm good.

  • Alan Barnes

    They won't let Uncle Ben sell his rice? It's because he's BLACK, ain't it? That's just RACIST, man!

  • Jim

    Just had the microwave version!

  • TopGuy

    I thought this was going to be a story about protesters wanting to change Uncle Ben's name, features, color, or something.
    Glad to see it's not but…
    It's coming.

  • ScotA

    Sounds a lot like what niacin does when it's in the form of nicotinic acid (which is not at all related to nicotine, despite the similarity of their spellings).

  • thaddeusbuttmunchmd

    Uncle Ben.yer an Uncle Tom!

  • Xiong Suez

    You cant trust a black man to do a white mans job in this country.

    • Lum Loy

      They did the white man's work for 3 centuries without pay or benefits.

  • Guy Karr

    Well this should do it. Surely now liberals will start complaining about the use of a black man portrayed on a box of white rice as racist.

    • vrocco

      Are you a liberal? Because you're the only one I saw mentioning this…

  • Nanananoah

    I just had some Uncle Ben's rice pilaf the night before last, no rash, no itching, no burning, maybe the victims are just gluten intolerant

  • Marlon Louie

    What the heck is "infused" rice?

  • lee

    if uncle Ben wasnt black this wouldnt be happeng

  • http://Islandmix.com/ Adrian Khan (The Soca Warrior)

    Nothing makes me happy as a black person then to see a characture of black people on white owned products.Eat a dyck and die to that garbage.

    • vrocco

      Slow down, Kanye-wannabe – if you're going to use fancy "white man" words like caricature, be sure to spell them correctly in your rant. Now go eat some pancakes with Aunt Jemima syrup while you watch all the white kids buying Kanye albums…

  • AlanA

    I love this stuff! I've been eating it all my life, along with Spaghettios, Beefaroni, all manner of canned soups, and pre-packaged you-name-it. My weight, cholesterol, blood-pressure, etc., are all perfect, and I'm an old fart, too! Guess it must be a slow poison. Looking forward to out-living all of ya!

  • Zing Om

    I had an interesting experience with Uncle Bens Rice- I called their hotline to inquire if the rice was GMO or had GMO ingredients in them. The lady on the other end told me "we cant confirm it but it could"….then she asked me what MY name was so she could record it(intimidation tactic)

    • JT

      It's not GMO.. No commercially available rice is GMO..

  • uselesscompanyatjobfair

    His acting sucks and now his rice sucks. Thanks a lot Ben Affleck.