Ric Flair Shocks WWE World By Endorsing The Shield

    April 29, 2014
    Ann Casano
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A legend returned to the WWE Raw ring last night. Everyone thought that Ric Flair, AKA The Nature Boy, would be talking up Evolution. Instead, one of the sport’s most popular wrestlers ever was there to endorse The Shield.

Monday night’s main event featured Roman Reign versus Randy Orton. But before the wrestlers hit the mat, Flair emerged to talk about what makes a great stable, and he believed that he saw those fine qualities in The Shield.

A stable, for those of you not in the know, is a group of three or more wrestlers joined together as allies. Evolution, founded in 2003, currently consists of Triple H, Batista, and former WWE Champ Randy Orton. The Shield, a much newer stable which was founded in 2012, features Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose (the current title holder), and Roman Reigns. The black-vested group preaches teamwork and the fight for justice.

When Triple H attacked The Shield last Monday on Raw, a feud erupted and both sides have agreed to wrestle in a six-man tag team match for Extreme Rules on May 4.

Flair, a 16-time heavyweight champion, helped Orton and Batista learn the ropes. Additionally, Flair was instrumental in putting together Evolution’s all around attitude and style. However, it’s clear that the group has moved on, and Flair has attached himself to a new stable.

Tom Clark, a featured columnist for The Big Lead, described the feud between the two stables, “But today’s Evolution is not the limousine-riding, jet-flying faction that they once were. This Evolution is out for revenge. They’re out for blood. And they will not stop until they erase The Shield from WWE. Their intensity level is at an all-time high and there can be no chance for fans to even remotely find them fun. This is not a DX reunion; Evolution will not be tossing glow sticks to the crowd or prompting them to recite their catchphrases.”

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  • Eugene Saxe

    I called that even before they announced Flair for RAW. Evolution is devolving.

    • Ole Buck

      Rassleing has been devolving rapidly since McMahon got control; of WCW. It is now nothing but a cartoon.

  • Reggie

    Dean Ambrose not the champ only US champ which really means diddly squat.

  • Scott Crawford

    Since when is fake crap on t.v. news?

    • mikeydoesntLikeit

      Not sure. I stopped watching that wrestling crap when I turned 12.

      • Dieter Wickert

        I guess you didn’t stop watching when you turned 12, you still are watching you moron…..

        • mikeydoesntLikeit

          only the commercials for whatever event is supposed to be coming up. Oh and thanks for letting me know that i’m a moron. I didn’t realize that you were credentialed to make that decision.

    • Maurice Frediere

      because everything you watch on tv is real lol

    • Larry Lollerson

      I hate to break it to you, but all TV shows are fake. Believe it or not, ‘Breaking Bad’ wasn’t a documentary. Sorry to blow your mind.

    • DW

      You mean like every time they do a report on Game of Thrones?

      Or is that real to you?

  • Artful Dodger

    What is “The Shield”? Is that some sort of an(a)l protection device against gay wrestlers in the shower?

  • Jeff Johnson

    I saw Rick Flairs name on the top of yahoo Trending now list and this is what came up . Keep sucking up the STUPID America .

  • paul

    The only stable that matters is the Four Horsemen baby! WOOOOOO!!!

  • Kevin Schafer

    I thought the article was gonna be on Ric Flair rambling incoherently in the ring and ruining the whole segment.

    • Slag Murphy

      Right you were!

    • jukejoint

      yeah, that is what i was here for

  • Buddy Burton

    One word—WOOOOO!!!!!

  • Kevin

    Was it just me or did Ric sound drunk?

  • Sean Graves

    Ric Flair is DRUNK…my favorite video is that one on YouTube from TNA after show where he is talking up Fortune, it’s a four year old video and I still fire it up because whether Ric Flair is drunk or not he is the master of the mic period. If you want to see this video search “Drunken Ric Flair in his element”. You will see what I mean lol. Sean 3:16 out 😉

  • Chris Robey

    Its a ploy to set-up The Shield more than likely at the next PPV!

  • brandon

    Wrestling died when I was about 12 years old. This new stuff is garbage

  • H4BAF

    Good God it’s so depressing to see Ric Flair nowadays.

  • SaviorSelf

    Nice article :)


    Ahh hahahahahaha! I can’t believe that there are still people out there paying big bucks, or spending precious time on wrestling! Is it because their lives are so pathetic that they dream of themselves as heroes of the ring in order to forget how trashy their lives are? GET A REAL LIFE! Now I WILL say that these wrestlers are fantastic athletes, and I respect them for all the hard training and long long hours they put in! They have to be in order to perform like trained seals to Vince McMahon’s bullwhip! How many wrestlers have been crippled or died performing in the ring? All because McMahon wants more money in HIS pocket! So in order to keep the crowds of fat mumu dressed, greasy haired, fish smelling housewives and dirty, filthy, lazy inbred uneducated hubbies, or their honey boo boo bratty kids watching, McMahon pushes the limits. Even if it costs life and limb of his trained seals! So sad! So sad!

  • lokilasher

    It may not be news to you, but it is to somebody…

  • you idiots

    you idiots know this is all scripted and fake right?