Ric Flair Fires Up 49ers, One 49er Goes For Green Bay's Jugular


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Let the NFL playoff games begin! First Hulk Hogan decides to motivate the New England Patriots. Now, Ric Flair gives a pep talk to the San Francisco 49ers!

As an avid supporter in the "Quest For Six," the WWE Champion has made it a priority to share his sentiments with the team. Fox News reports that last night, the world wrestling legend stopped by the 49ers hotel in Appleton, WI to offer motivation for the team.

The 49ers, who are scheduled to face off with the Green Bay Packers at an iced Lambeau Field today, were quite elated to see Flair.

'The Nature Boy's' surprise visit definitely sent players into an immediate uproar.

Several of the team's players went straight for their social network to post tweets, pictures and captions shrouded around Flair's visit.

Pictures started popping up all over Twitter and Instagram.

However, there was on 49er that felt some type of way about it all, and he appeared to be the least bit motivated by the speech. Maybe he was just ready to get out of Green Bay and head back to the West Coast.


But, whatever the case, offensive lineman Anthony Davis decided to seize the moment as an opportunity to take shots at Green Bay.

According to The Big Lead, Davis posted a series of tweets during the WCW World Heavyweight Champion's motivational speech. Some tweets were good, others may have raised eyebrows. But, nevertheless, his perspective was quite clear. He definitely wanted out of Green Bay. However, the most infamous tweet been removed, of course.


Davis' tweeted a derogatory message, referring to the town of Green Bay as a sh--hole. While he thought it was funny, a number of Green Bay fans and residents found it his remarks quite offensive. But, he didn't back down from his opinion, which only fueled those offended even more.


Although Davis' offensive comedic banter ruffled a few feathers, it didn't blemish the 'Ric Flair Motivational Rally'. Davis' teammates continued to flood Instagram, taking pictures with Flair for fans to see.

Image via Twitter | Legacy Talent LLC