Rex Ryan Poll: “I’m The Guy They Want To Play For”

    November 8, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Rex Ryan is fairly well-known for not keeping quiet about much of anything, so when he took the news of a recent “overrated coach” poll and flipped it to show how he’d beaten rival Bill Belichick, no one was shocked.

The poll–taken anonymously by about 100 players from various teams–was a study in the most overrated guys to lead the NFL’s teams, and Jets coach Ryan took the top spot, right over Belichick. Finally, he said, he beat the Patriots’ coach at something.

“My first thought was, I looked at it and I saw who was second,” said Ryan. “I was like,Hey I finally beat Belichick in something.I knew it would take time, but I finally got him.”

Leave it to Ryan to take it as a compliment. He also said that it didn’t bother him in the least, because he felt sure that, if given a different poll, the same players would have very different answers.

“I wasn’t offended by it. Poll the same players about who they’d want to play for, and I’ll probably end up where I always do — right at the top with (Mike) Tomlin,” he said. “It would be either me or Mike Tomlin, one of two. We’re the guys they want to play for. I don’t think that would change. I don’t care. As long as they want to come here and play, if I’m overrated, that’s fine.”

Ryan was joined by his boy Tebow in a separate poll concerning overrated players.

  • http://georgebrown.skyeyegroup.com Dan Little

    More B.S. piled higher and deeper by the minute. Ryan the lying gasbag would resign if he had any decency. But the man is shameless. And two-faced. I would hate to be stuck hoping for him to watch my back. He is a serpent.

    Now, from the Coach who couldn’t figure out how to make the Wildcat work with a left handed QB who can’t throw—his next brilliant idea? Bring in Mike “The Coach Career Killer” Vick. Priceless.