Repeal Obamacare Bill Introduced by Michelle Bachmann

    January 4, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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The 113th U.S. Congress were just sworn-in yesterday, and already House Republicans are reiterating their feelings about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, colloquially known as “Obamacare.”

Republican Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann has introduced a bill that would repeal Obamacare “in its entirety.” She also notes that her bill, currently known as H.R. 45, is the first bill introduced in the 113th Congress. Though the text of the legislation hasn’t yet been released by the Government Printing Office, the bill’s title – “To repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and health care-related provisions in the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010” – is fairly self-explanatory.

The bill could be seen as Bachmann and other conservative Republicans’ attempt to re-frame themselves as populist Republicans after some in their party compromised with Democrats for new higher taxes during the recent “fiscal cliff” showdown. However, bills to repeal the health care reform bill have popped up repeatedly since the legislation passed in 2010 and none of them have even come close to passing a full house vote. It’s more likely that this is another seasonal jab at the president for the benefit of constituents in Bachmann’s and other conservative congressional districts.

Bachmann was proud enough of her bill that she tweeted her about it:

Of course, Twitter isn’t the most friendly environment for politics, and especially politicians. The responses to Bachmann’s announcement were full of sharp, to-the-point criticism:

  • Dearld


    • Mike Hutton

      Nice to see the retards rallying around Backman. You must support your elected retards and you are doing a very good job.

  • John R. Conley

    Obama Care needs to be killed before it completely kills small business and the entire economy. For the US government MANDATES that business’ specicically small business, buy health care for its employees is socialistic—COMMUNISTIC. We were founded as a nation of the free. “OBOZO” care is NOT FREE.
    Good for Ms. Bachmann!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://yahoo ron b

      John you are 100% correct, what is amazing is the public has no clue at what will happen with Obamacare. What is more amazing in the four swing states with all the seniors on medicare and the doctors getting a 29 % pay cut, they still voted for the president. The Presiden has taken 716 billion form Medicare. People wake up. It’s already to late make sure you get a good hold of the toilet seat

  • skylar

    Its Bachmann. No one will take it seriously.
    Seriously, they wont.

  • Greg

    Again???? Maybe we should repeal everything–and start over? This just gets sadder and sadder–won’t these pests just go away?

    • Against Stupidity

      Don’t even get me started on the aboslolute stupidity and arrogance of those n the left. You morons our feeding our country to the dogs! What part of “WE ARE BROKE” do you people NOT understand? What part of morality and personal responsibility did your mothers not teach you? You are the single most dangerous people this country has ever faced.

      • Mike Hutton

        I believe it is you who is the stupid moron. do you have stock in a company that produces coat hangers?

        worry about your own morals and I’ll worry about mine. I’ll let you have your morals as long as you let me have mine. You want to force me to have your morals which is against all that this country stands for in the first place.

        If you like legislating morals, I suggest you move to a communist country as that is what they do. You don’t belong in the 21st century in America.

  • Jack Whetstone

    “The Ronald Reagan Brigad”

  • Ed Walsh

    She is doing the right thing. Since there are flaws, especially legalized killing through abortion and it’s origination, this justifies the repeal of the law. A new law better focused on values, principals, just law, truth, and moral right should be introduced and better perfected. She serves God, you don’t have to be successful; you just have to keep doing the right thing. And more important, for that, you will take and have directed at you ignorance, hate and opposition. Even so, you got to do it.

    • http://yahoo ron b

      Ed, the President lied to the 7 senators about the abortion part of the bill. he said he would sigh an exective order, and that was the only way they would vote for Obmacare. No exective order, shame on the Senators they let down there own voters in their district.

      • Mike Hutton

        Yes, bring back the coat hangers and the butchers in back alley slums. Rich people will always have access to hospitals and doctors for their abortions as it was before Roe.

        Send the poor and middle class folks to the butchers resulting in deaths and infections, etc. Idiots

  • http://yahoo ron b

    Derald, most american want a free ride, and for now they are getting it, at the middle class expense

  • Forrest

    Its neither the US governments nor my responsibility to provide health care coverage for anyone person or anyone’s family. Its the governments responsibility to ensure that every person in this country has the same oppurtunities to provide health care for themselves and their families. I know for a fact that it isn’t my responsibility to pay for someone elses health care or that of their family. Take advantage of the oppurtunities provided like a RESPONSIBLE ADULT and PARENT SHOULD DO and STOP WHINING1

    • Mike Hutton

      I know this takes a leap of logic for people that have only a passing aquaintance with logic, but, you are already paying through the nose for people that don’t have health care.

      I’m not going to explain it to you because you obviously get your information from Fox News which makes people more stupid than what they naturally are.

      • Gene Folta

        Sorry I hit the wrong link…I meant to agree with Forrest

    • Gene Folta

      Ty very much…. And I do agree.

  • laura

    All people have the right to affordable health care. Before I get attacked I have my own health care coverage at work so i am not looking for a handout. What is wrong with people now a days? Congress wasting time and money of something the Supreme Court has all ready ruled on. Come on Michelle do something better with your time, quit wasting tax payers money and time.

    • Mike Hutton

      I guess it’s too much to hope for that she will take up swimming with the sharks? But maybe the sharks would reject her as to nasty to eat?

  • Paul C

    Ms Bachman……… GOOD FOR YOU!

  • Broadside

    That 2nd amendment bimbo queen is back? I have a left over bottle of chocalate flavored Nose Dipping Sause for thos who want to show off they voted for the 1%. Well, I am part of the 99 per Stand Our Grounders. F.. with the falcon, get the beak!

  • Mike Hutton

    It’s nice to see that the idiots of the country have a champion to represent them. It’s also reassuring to know that even if you are an idiot you have a chance to be elected to Congress. Gives meaning to the phrase “equal representation”.

  • micheal

    Obama care should never have went through. I need more money not more takin out of my check.
    If you look at the Obama and Biden bumper sticker they look like They say Osama Bin laden.
    How could people vote for anything these people have when you can get there names mixed up with the worst person in the world.

    • J Adams

      Seriously? You can’t even spell your OWN name. Just because you can’t read doesn’t make them bad candidates.

  • Dennis

    Evidently the lobotomy did not work. Only option due to the low capacity braincase is a walnut transplant.

  • John Habernathy

    If the entire bill is repealed, my health care…will be stopped. I am covered under my wife’s insurance based on the pre existing clause. I am in treatment for blood cancer and am scheduled for a Stem Cell transplant. I think the bill should be looked over to see what parts are already in force and think about the people that have coverage now.

  • Bob Reynolds

    Fine job, Michele! Keep the pressure on. A majority of the population doesn’t want Obamacare. Death panels and government run healthcare will be as efficient as Medicare and SS and continue to lead us down the road of bankruptcy.

    • kaitlyn marshbanks

      Bob Reynolds, you’re being sarcastic, aren’t you? For surely you know that in ’08, Candidate Obama criss-crossed this nation top-to-bottom and side-to-side promising to work for a Health Care Bill til he was HOARSE from saying it. Barack Obama then went on to win BOTH the POPULAR Vote AND the ELECTORAL COLLEGE — something George W. Bush could only DREAM of in 2000 — since he “won” NEITHER — but was CHEATED into office by Karl Rove and other operatives! Ergo, the people who elected President Obama expected him to do what he promised: Work to pass a Health Care Bill. The Supreme Court crazily even decided to weigh in — and wonderfully ruled that the Health Care Law is Constitutional. It’s popularity was never in doubt — even though some loud-mouths egged on by the Koch Brothers — were screaming about it!