Renee Graziano: “Mob Wives” Star Betrayed By Husband

    March 26, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Renee Graziano, one of the stars of the VH1 show “Mob Wives”, is well known by friends, family, and fans of the show to be a drama queen. That’s why previews of the most recent episode didn’t shock many, despite Graziano screaming and breaking down in her kitchen after receiving a phone call about her father.

What the previews fail to show, however, and what was revealed in last night’s episode, was that Graziano’s on-again-off-again husband Junior Pagan–who was the object of her mistrust for past marital indiscretions–had betrayed her in a shocking turn by cooperating with police after his arrest last year by wearing a wire during a conversation with her father, Anthony Graziano. What was captured on the recording turned out to be enough to arrest Graziano, and that’s exactly what happened.

Renee and Junior share a son, 17-year old A.J., who was nervous about his parents reconnecting after their breakup last year because it was no secret that his father had cheated on his mother.

“My son was my adviser,” Renee said. “I speak freely with AJ. I want him to not do what his father did [in the past]. I’ve taught him to respect women.”

Graziano has said she was suicidal after her father’s arrest but has made peace with it since. She has mentioned on “Mob Wives” that the two of them didn’t speak for a long time because a rift was caused by her appearance on the reality show. As for Junior, he’s currently in the witness protection program.

Renee has quite a few supporters on Twitter:

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When told she was a trending topic on Yahoo!, Graziano tweeted:

YayY!!! I hope ppl see strength in friendship “@angelbaby8589: @reneegraziano u r a trending topic on yahoo”(image) 21 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

  • Olivia

    So fake this show! Anyone else notice Renee had two different colors of nailpolish on while allegedly making repeated calls as soon as she read Jr’s letter???

    • Nika1626

      lol… Yes I saw that, I was wondering the samething like ummm wasn’t she just wearing a dark color nail polish and now a red nail polish

    • http://WHOA WHOA


    • Angela

      Wow… I thought I was the only one who saw that. Purple…. than red!!

    • Greenlee

      Yes, I noticed that too. However, the drama began early in the morning and if you noticed, it went well into the night. Therefore, she had time to remove one color and apply another…

    • Veronica Jones

      Right! I thought I was the only one who caught that! I called my friend and we had to rewind it to make sure I wasn’t seeing things out of the ordinary. SOOOOO FAKE!

  • pebbles

    If this show isn’t fake and scripted, then Renee is now paying the price for being a mob sl__t. These women know what they’re getting into when they marry this garbage.

    • sandra sotuyo

      Excuse me,,,,,!! ??? i am married to a mobster also,,our husbands r ppl too,,just like yur hubnds and or byfrnd,,,,our hubands chose that life,,,and we ,i have marrried into it for love ,,not what they r but who they r,,,and they r not garbage,,,they r strong and show no fear,,yes we know what they r and what they rank,,but they r at the same time great husbands and good fathers,,it haters like u that wish u were in our shoes,,,if u did not gansters ,,,garbage,,like u put it ,,,then why watch gangsta shows,,,????

      • Torres

        Sandra, you need a writing class. Did you re-read what you wrote….. OMG.

        As far as Renee it’s a sad situation. Yes Renee is a drama queen but she wears her heart on her sleeve. She should have saw it coming, she was so concern about the pass that she could not see the future. When I saw Jr. get in that car it look like he was trying to get the hell out of there before some one saw him and that note he wrote he wrote it a while ago he did not just write that note that morning. He new he was not going to see her ever again; he put some thought into it. Why would you say your going a way for 7 years and tell her to move on with your life; you know that Renee is a Ride or Die B****cth. That should have been a clue then.

        I just hope that Renee can channel her energy into raising her son AJ into being a true man.

        God bless you Renee.

        • Bo bo

          These are the biggest morons alive. They do not make very good criminals since they keep getting caught and thrown in prison. Wouldn’t you try a new career if you were a consistent failure at your current one?

          • shankydank

            Boo you need a writing class too. The word is Past not Pass. You illiterate savage!!!!!! Don’t judge what you don’t know.

        • mary

          I think u are crazy. Any woman who get with these mobster desever everything coming to them and there family.

          • shankydank

            Just like the man you’re with right? You deserve everything you get too. We ALL make mistakes. Let’s look into your closet of love. I bet you got shit hanging on wire hangers.

        • brenda

          really sandra sotuyo ? how ignorant . sad actually . look up the meaning self worth . god bless you . smh

  • http://yahoo ThePoster

    Renee creates her own problems. If she’s so devastated by her dad being arrested, she needs to quit the show. That’s the reason her dad wants nothing to do with her.
    Real mafia keeps their mouths shut. They don’t have TV shows. She hangs onto to Junior, like he’s a trophy. How’s that working out, Renee?? He’s a RAT!!!

    • sandra sotuyo

      True,,,very true,,,we don’t speak about things we know,,,to begin with it is againts our rules,,I married into ganster life,,,what they do is their business,,,we marry them for love not for who they r,,,,I have never heard renee say anything about junior and or her fathers affixings in the mafia matters,,,,nothing that anyone can take info on ,,,,,although they do get carried away on the show about their attitude and acting,,,because we sa mob wives act normal being married to a mobster surely does not change our way of life we were before marriage,,,yes Reenee sure does get carried away,,and so do others on the show,,but remember they r on camera,,,they have to put the acting show on,,so when something does happen to their real life on screen they have to relate to the natural feelings,,,duhhh???

  • Melissa

    I love the show. What happened to renee was horrible. I do believe these woman know what they got them selfs into. Its truely all for ratings anyway.

  • donnaca

    I feel for Renee I’ve never seen some one so miserable that life is hard on everybody. I can’t believe that Junior did this to her father and to there family. I wondered why she was so upset last night wow she must be heart broken and he told her he loved her not to long ago. Terrible!!! Hang in there Renee!!!!

  • LT

    Witness Protection….REALLY…After his face has been all over the TV?? Where can he hide?

    • lalin

      Good point!

  • Shieroc

    That was total and complete betrayal. But what I don’t get is WHY would Renee be with him after betraying her father. I think She makes it even worse. She might as well have snitched also if she stays with him. (Junior)

    • TG

      WOW your really smart! Renee found out after the fact. Heeellloooo. Do you really think she would have been with Junior if she knew he wore a wire on her father? No, she wouldn’t. And all you haters need to realize that Renee was born deep into this lifestyle. She was not sheltered from it, she lived it everyday, so that’s all she has known. Don’t knock her because she married a man like Junior. What do you expect? Judge not lest ye be judged!

      • Ashley

        Yeah you’re talking about judging but you just wrote “wow you’re smart!” to someone who was confused.

  • Carol J

    I can’t help but like this show. It’s really entertaining

  • Trish

    JR=a teeny weeny weenie

  • Gregg Schneider

    THE most scripted “reality show” on TV by far!! Oh, and I think Jr is in witness protection to save him from Renee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Emilio Bertoni

    This show is a freaking joke. I noticed, too that Renee had two different nail polishes on during her phone call frenzy. In one scene dark, in another scene red. These women know exactly who they married, they condoned it, and supported it. They should be embarrassed by their choices. Lesson: Marry a criminal, have a shitty life. The End.

  • Illona

    what a load of bull!!! The producers of this show without a doubt pay these broads extra money to act like ass–les! I mean who really acts like that??? It’s all scripted and all phony, that just goes to prove they’ll give anyone a reality show, even if it aint real!!! And the mob is dead, over, they’re not as powerful as they once were. New york had become run over by the Russians, Albanians, Ukranians, and gang bangers from south america.

    • janine

      When the director yells “Cut!” they all probably start giggling and hug each other.

  • Melinda Kelly

    my heart goes out to Renee. She is such a compassionate person who really loves her family. Who doesnt???? Stay strong Renee!!!!!!!!

  • http://webpronews concerned

    Renee, Just want to give you a big hug !

  • Lona

    SHEESH… Jr. is a low-life. He abandoned his wife and son, and gave his wife’s father as well, to save his own sorry ass.

    Don’t shed anymore tears over this selfish b******! Move on with your life Renee… It’s probably the best thing that could have happened for you that Jr. is out of your life.

  • Barbara

    The different color nail polish was the final straw for me. I know I am crazy for wasting my time watching such trash..but last night was so scripted that I turned the channel for good…I am not that stupid!

    • Jax

      I met a makeup artist that moonlights as a fill in for the show Jerseylicious. She old me the artists on the show are very slow and not very good. It’s the drama that snakes them stars, it’s her work you see on the television.

      I also met a person connected to Restaurant:Impossible. The turnaround is 2 weeks, not two days. They are seamless editors on that show. It’s hard to tell, huh?

      Don’t believe the hype of reality.

  • ton

    what color nail polish does renee wear– the purplish shade? LOVE IT

  • anna

    I think that when she was screaming and crying about her father, she was using a reserve of hurt, from years past. No doubt that she had to see her daddy be arrested as a child. Back when she was a kid, she probably heard things like what Karen was saying; ‘don’t let ‘them’ win, don’t let the feds win”, over and over. When a traumatic thing happens, and one is told to not show emotion, or cry, for whatever reason, that feeling that hasn’t been dealt with or let out, just stays. Years later when a person least expects it, and trauma of the same kind pops up, it just kind of resurfaces, and wham, that hurt kid that you once were is suddenly alive again, and the screaming that wasn’t let out then comes up and out like a fountain. We saw the film was spliced, but it took place over the course of hours. If Renee is anything like my sister, I know she would do her nails over and over simply as a nervous habit, and not being satisfied w/ the shade, so changing it. So the changing nails doesn’t surprise me.
    Now, about these women knowing what they were getting into when they chose their partners; they were born into this lifestyle. At some point, we do the choosing, yes, but when the people you love are telling you that what they do, even if others see it as wrong, they are doing it for you, because they love you, and want the best for you. It’s kind of like a parent saying; do as I say and not as I do. That is something that many people hear while growing up. A parent drinks, and hurts their family. A kid sees it, and say’s they’ll NEVER do that. Easier said than done, and unless you write yourself a letter, and put it away, (to read years later, to remind a 35 year old you, about what the hurt felt like when your parent drank)you probably will drink, and hurt the ones you love too, because we forget the promises made during our youth,
    I do think it’s sad that Renee is hurting so badly that she thinks she won’t survive. Her husband has gone into witness protection, and the life she thought she was having with Jr., is a lie, perpetrated by him when he said that he loved her, and wanted it to work out. She is, after all, a fellow human who is feeling sestroyed. I think in the long run, she’ll be better off though. She was reliving too much of her past, every day, and whether she knew it or not, she was projecting what she was feeling and doing, onto her son. I can tell that he’s sick of the drama. We hear her say stuff like about him missing his father so much over the years that he was in prison, but to AJ, his dad being away was his reality. He never really knew what it was like to have a father around. So to him, when his dad leaves, it’s just dad doing what he always does. AJ will be fine. I just hope that he never behaves the way he’s seen so many times. That he’ll find a nice woman, and have a happy marriage, and children. I hope that he knows enough to keep his own Ma away from his marriage, and if she tries to butt into his life, or his kids’ lives, he’ll tell her to respect boundaries that he and his wife set for her. I just want want him to live a life far different than the lives of his family!

  • http://www.twitter.com/kimberbrite Kimber

    Ok for all of you people saying stupid stuff about how the show must be scripted because of the nailpolish thing I just looked at it and I seriously wonder where your common sense went?!…Renee said herself that he left the letter on her endtable so it was probably next to her bed and she probably read it off camera at first…so they probably LATER put that tiny little part in so they could show her reading it…since it did happen and its a 30 second thing and just happened off camera when the rest didnt its not a mega huge deal to put it in..like wow over nail polish seriously? Get over yourselves, realize that reality tv isn’t watching a documentary..its not all completely real. They do editing and obviously cant follow them 24/7 so they set up scenario’s like at restaurants and such…and certain shows do different things…like tell the people on the show to try to increase ratings n such by creating drama..But c’mon now, what Renee was experiencing was REAL!…she was at her breaking point before this happened and then not only does she think Junior is in jail, but then her father gets arrested on top of it. No one has the right to judge whether Renee was faking that unless they’ve been there!..And I haven’t been in the exact situation, but when my Aunt and Grandmother had both passed away 3 months apart and 4 months later I get the phone call that my Mother passed away(and I was only 22) you better be damn sure I reacted just like that! It’s so easy to judge people on TV when they are people just like us! Go ahead and sit behind your computer and talk all that crap like you know how it is but its funny because your watching it and they are living it!!

    • Tess

      I’m glad you said what you did about the nail polish because
      I thought the same thing about reading it at a later time. I don’t think you can react in that fashion on que, not to the extent that she did. Renee is so emotional for sure, but I don’t think that she could just act like that. These situations like what happened to Renee is real. While watching the show, I wondered if Junior had something like this going on. He was way to dispondant, and trying to show her he loved her, in his own way. Men aren’t good at that, and especially on camera.

  • Cymru

    I would rather deal with the “Mob” that our police or government or major corporations; they can be trusted to do what they say, keep friends and family close, they won’t steal from you
    and generally deal with you honestly if not necessarily legally.

    • innocent III

      your an idiot

    • Torres


      You are a dumb MFker…..do you really believe what you just wrote….Wow! There is a dam fool born every minute and cymru is on the top of the list.

      Get a life.

  • innocent III

    How about this, her husband and her father are low rent scumbags who deserve what they got. And she is an enabler of this behaviour. I feel no sympathy whatsoever for her or her psychopathic family. If there is a hell they will be there burning forever.

  • Dream

    Junior Pagan sleeps with the fishes!

  • http://yahoo James Haynes

    How phony and stupid do these people really think we are. The show is called Mob Wives. It surprises them when there spouse or family is busted.

  • http://yahoo carlucci


  • http://tmz char

    Renee was here in Florida at The HardRock Cafe in Seminole posing for pictures in her bikini by the pool. So, I guess she’s over it.

  • tammy

    Didnt one of Renee’s ‘friends’ say that Junior was only with her because of who her daddy was? Well then, surprise surprise! That’s what you get for hanging on to a man that clearly didnt want you. You wanted to put your business out there for the world to see and now they saw it. Father knows best!

  • http://www.webpronews.com/renee-graziano-mob-wives-star-betrayed-by-husband-2012-03 respect

    I also noticed the nail polish. I thought I was tripping when I seen a different color. WHATEVER no big thing. What is a big thing is throwing shit out there that is supposed to be private. Real (MOB) GANGSTER FAMILIES keep shit like that a very big secret (from experience). I understand why Renee’s father would not want nothing to do with her or the show. Coming from that life style my uncle’s would disown my ass. I love the show but I would not put my family ou there like that!

  • NY212

    Yes Renee DID have 2 DIFFERENT nail polish colors on durng the LAST episode where she is reading JR’s letter…I doubt even though they could have filmed all day she was SUCH a mess I don’t see her changing her nail polish being that emotionally upset & inbetween smoking all those cigs! Makes me THINK the show is scripted now!!

  • Candy Bryant

    What did you expect to happen on this reality show? I’ve watched it on and off due to too much drama and all of the women fighting but this was an interesting turn of events. I would think that the lawyers respresenting all of these mobsters wouldn’t like this reality show at all as it could give away important information to defend these criminals.

  • Elizabeth

    Renee should have known by now that Junior is not to be trusted, He cheated on her and they were divorced. She too easily let him move back in to her house. Did he show her any real affection, not that I could see. He got himself in trouble again. People like that do not change so finding himself in trouble again he helpes take down Renee’s father. Most criminals look after themselves by taking someone else down. Why should he pay for his crimes when he has an easy way out.

  • sara

    All of these women on the show are fake bitches. You’re fifty god damn years old, act like an adult. You aren’t hard, you aren’t badass, you’re just a bunch of highschool girls with criminal backgrounds that married a criminal record. Get over yourselves, there are more pressing issues in this world than daddy staying in jail.

  • Wendy

    Looks like she will be eating peanut butter and jelly a little while longer!! ANYONE who feels sorry for her, or any other female on that show is as stupid as they are. What a gutless spine Jr. is. I also find it hilarious how her son looks at her like she’s nuts,which she is by the way!! I cannot help but watch this show, gives me something to crack up at on Sunday nights!

  • Wendy

    These chicks act like they are in the mob. Drita acts like she is the toughest thing walking, along with Karen, and Ramona? Ugh… Who the hell is she? What a skank. Get with it bitches… It’s 2012- not 1972. No wonder all there family wants nothing to do with them.

  • http://Yahoo Katherine Harpr

    Well Junior found a way to leave Renee AGAIN, and there is no next chapter for them.

  • Iris

    My heart goes out to Renee and her son AJ. The situation that has unfolded is heart wrenching. Betrayal is a tough pill to swallow, sometimes one never comes out of betrayal quite the same as they were before they were betrayed. I see Renee on the show and I see a very strong loving woman who would do anything she could for her family. Why bad things happen to good people, i myself will never understand, but i keep your family in my prayers and hope that one day you will feel the happiness you deserve.

  • mamacita509

    what you people fail to realize is how the system works. let me explain something in case you forgot. Pagan is now in the witness protection program. the only reason why he cooperated is BECAUSE he caught 2 new charges (and very serious ones at that) armed robbery and brandishing a fire arm can carry alot more than 7 years if taken to trial and lost specially with mandatory minimun which he probably would have due to priors) so now WE the tax payers have paid and are probably paying for a complete new identity for this man who would have NEVER cooperated had he not be facing a life inprisonment. so how fair is that one person goes to jail for life the other gets set free of any and all responsibilities in life (including his kid). so lets see can i get any aid from the federal government? i need a new identity the department of education is trying to kill me with these student loan payments…. oh wait…i need to hang out with the mob first and commit a few arm robberies and kill a few people before i can get REWARDED.
    Pagan you are a coward you did the crime now do the damn time.
    and to the federal government… what can I say…you guys are as bad as the guys you catch except you have a badge.
    I’m being extorted right now. i pay taxes so some arm robber can sip on some margaritas in cancun. NICE

  • misscia

    The shows aren’t technically fake. Being on a reality tv show before I know how it works. They are filming real life experiences. The kicker is it’s not in real time. It’s all in the editing. They aren’t filming 24-7. They only film what They possibly may want to air. The breakdown scene with Renee was probably filmed over hours but more likely days. She probably filmed the reading of the letter. Word got out about her father getting arrested and they filmed that. Ie the different polish, no red bracelet etc. You can film something today and then something next week and the editors with edit it to look like it happened in real time. It’s real life situations and even real drama it’s just super edited and staged in the since of putting these ladies in situations they wouldn’t normally be in. I remember taping and then watching the show like…that’s not how it actually happened. O well that’s what u sign up for. I was even called ahead of time and told what I was going yo be doing that day. What happened once cameras rolled was real just some things deleted and somethings added. Lol.

  • nicole

    The show is a joke and a total disgust to family’s that are involved in this life style. The fact that this is aired on Tv for the world to see is pathetic. I truly feel that Renee is totally nuts and over dramatic. Always playing the victim when she continues to engage in the lifestyle. Lets remind oursrlves that prior to her father going to jail she had no relationship with him because she chose to do the show. So its been 2 years since the show has been on Tv and the relationship with her father has been strained and now she is a basket case because her father and ex are arrested? Really? Clearly junior cheated on her forever and had alternative motives by trying to reconnect with her. She is dumb and even more saddening is that she chose to air this on Tv… thinking it would make her a star and it did the intact opposite. Growing up in this lifestyle I was taught to never speak of such let alone on Tv. Its sad…and lots of people and businesses on Staten island feel the same..
    Renews take your mess.. your bipolar!

    • LOL @ you all

      @ Nicole

      You claiming to be involved in the lifestyle? lol You wish!

  • nicole

    Renee take your meds. You are bipolar

  • julie O.

    Omg, really? You think her dad and ex husband agreed to do a Vh-1 reality show that wrecks their family name and reputation to the country and most of all… THE MOB?!?! When this happened it was all over the news! Oh wait, the media must be in on it too, right?!?! Yeah… Right…

  • LOL @ you all

    Of course the show is edited – what show isn’t? The clips take place over a week, then the producers edit the pieces out of order and cut things out. That’s the price any reality personality pays when they sign up for one of these shows. So this crap about the different color nail polish … PLEASE! lol… To the person who said the Mob is dead – you are a fool. The mob is just as strong as it was 20 years ago. You have bosses from the biggest families running the show from their cells. Many of the old time gangsters have recently been released from prison or are about to get released. Maybe you should do your research before posting on the internet because you sound like a nutjob. Is Rene as drama queen – hell ya. Do the mobwives over act on the show? – hell ya! They all have their own reasons for doing the show. Maybe they are broke and trying their best to make some cash since their hubby’s are behind bars and many mobwives DO NOT WORK! They are suppose to take care of their men. With their men in prison it’s hard for them to show any income (legal) … so it’s possible they didn’t have much of a choice. They needed to make cash. The show is certainly entertaining. You do have to take it with a grain of salt. Are these women connected? Yes, they are. Look at Rene… Anthony “The Little Guy” Graziano ( Rene’s father) is still consigliere of the Bonanno crime family. Her “Rat” husband was connected until he turned Rat. He might be sleeping with the fishes soon… who knows… Then you have Karen… Her father was the underboss of the Gambino crime family. He only did 5 years but he went right back to the life when he was released. Now he’s doing another 20 years in jail. Her ex and her brother were all arrested for the lifestyle. Then you have Ramona…. You notice that she only speaks about her grandfather- reason for that is because her entire family is part of the Bonanno family. She speaks about her grandfather because the entire world is aware of his situation because of the movie Donnie Brasco. However, the rest of her family is not mentioned because they are well… figure it out. Drita… she’s nothing.. lee is not much.. Drita is not mob although she likes to think she’s a badass…. Angela Raiola… Connected in everyway… including getting charged along side of many mobsters.

    These women are connected… the producers edit the show to their liking not the women’s liking. Personally I think the show is a hoot. I would rather watch these women on television than have them doing other bad shit. At least they are trying to make some cash… as far as I am concerned they are no worse then anyone else on any other reality show wanting their 5 mins of fame… Let them have it! If you don’t like the show and think it’s bull… then don’t watch it. Stop wasting your time posting on all these message boards badmouthing it… get a life that doesn’t revolve around knocking a show you clearly dislike…

    Have a nice day!

  • nicole

    If I see or hear anything else about “its a lifestyle ” ill scream. I have no sympathy for anyone on that show or involved with the “Mafia .” In black and white these people are criminals, you can put as much sugar on top of it but its still the same crap underneath. Everyone can take whatever path they want in life, they picked a life of crime. I feel the show is a walking contradiction, one and if not the most important rules of the mob revolves around secrecy but yet you get on national TV , announce to the world you have mob ties. I think they failed “mob rules 101″.

    Also to the person who said she is currently married to a “gangster ” and how they are just like any other husband, boyfriend, brother or father. Negative my husband, brother, father or boyfriend don’t break the law, they are smart enough and man enough to know that its impossible to run your household from prison. They take care of their family and responsibilities the legal way.

  • Bluestar99

    Do you wonder how she didn’t know he was wired, especially if they were “sleeping” together? Does she know about the nail polish discussion? I agree it’s a life and you know how it works, then i see how you have to be for reality tv. So one that isn’t a part of this life it’s hard to know what or why or how it all is happening. Where is Junior now and if she didn’t think it was real why would she think he could just vanish, i think it’s sad how in that counseling session she brought up how he couldn’t look at her while intercourse, to find out this might have been the real reason.. but what a sicko that needs to burn if he got her back by being there for her when she was on her death bed (or was that mad up? and carla knows more and it bothers her because shes mad now and wasn’t around then) and how he moved in etc.. how would she not have noticed the wires??? or while checking his phone find more things?? confusing..