Regular Guy Tricks NYC into Thinking He’s a Huge Celebrity [VIDEO]

    August 23, 2012
    Josh Wolford
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It’s undeniable that Americans are a celebrity-obsessed bunch. Take a look at what’s trending on Twitter or Yahoo, or any other online service that tracks buzz and you’l notice a trend; Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Katie Holmes, Snooki, Snooki’s baby, Kim Kardashian again. Reality TV remains popular because it gives everyone the hope that someday, they too could be a star. People Magainze flies off the shelves. Girls trample each other for the chance to touch Justin Bieber’s shirt.

It’s a giant fame circlejerk, no doubt.

But are we more attracted to the famous people themselves or simply the idea of fame?

Brett Cohen decided to answer that question by becoming a celebrity for one night. If you haven’t heard of Brett Cohen, don’t feel bad. He’s just a dude. But he though that by dressing up like a celeb, hiring a couple of bodyguards as an entourage, and having a half dozen “papparazzi” snap some photos, he could trick New Yorkers into thinking that he was somebody. Anybody.

And it worked – like a charm.

As the crew walked over to Times Square, the crowds around Brett grew on each consecutive block. Very few people even questioned who he was, where he was from, or what he does. Brett took pictures with nearly 300 people before the stunt ended. The video even includes interviews with people who had just taken a picture with Brett, and puts them in an awkward position when they’re asked questions such as, “Where do you know Brett from?” and “What’s your favorite movie he was in?” Many of them were overwhelmingly excited over Brett’s walk through Times Square, and it showed.

Check out the social experiment below:

Why the hell does everyone seem to think he was in Spiderman?

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  • josh crumpton

    did i see weeman in there?

  • Jack Madison

    I did this in downtown Seattle ten years ago. A tour bus stopped at a light and some lady screamed something loud and pointed at me.
    This was a “stop point” for the bus where they would stop for 30 minutes so people could hop off or whatever. I began to cross the street and a mob of people starting following me from the bus. I was downtown at a meeting and two security personnel from a building knew who I was and came out asking if they could assist me. Well all this did was fan the flame of anyone who thought I was someone.
    I stood with the security guys (they wore suits) and said “let’s see what happens.”
    Low and behold because some lady from London though I was so and so more and more people gathered and started taking pictures.
    And, it wasn’t long before people started requesting photos with me.
    And that was it…..lasted about 15 minutes and the crowd was gigantic by that time.
    it’s the same reason Americans make me sick.

  • Rinden Hazyood

    Nonsense, well done for pulling this off but it was done more than a decade ago by Adam and Joe (BBC) in Tokyo and it has been copied a number of times since. I think what was meant to be said at the beginning of this video is: ‘I had a crazy idea, why not steal someone else’s idea and then pretend I came up with it myself, to pretend to be a celebrity for a day. Parrrrp.’ Lolly bit of boueff.

  • Count Buckulese

    You must be an idiothole or sutin

  • Dr Secksi

    My friend and I pulled this off to much greater effect a decade ago in a small Japanese town called Tokyo. And I don’t even look remotely famous.

  • Boggins

    Aye dere is loads a peoples doing this mash patater walls bangers and dis ameicant dooch is well late for dis anf gravy with lumps and stuff so a finks dat he should credit dr seckshi and da adam an da joes coz well dey dun it first an stuff innit ooooodats nicea nicea lorry cuppa chukka

    • Chrysknife

      bro, I’ve got a friend who types just like you. Are you from Jamaica?

      • Bloggins

        Wat is wid dis bruvva, A not be from a lolly cuppa Jamaica, but aya jamakin me crazy with all da trimmin poleese. a fink credit wer creditz is due ohhh tastes a like boueff but its a chicken, you be kiddin me?