Refrigerator Perry Death Hoax Sweeps The Web

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Refrigerator Perry, the former Chicago Bears defensive lineman, is alive and kicking according to his Twitter account. Earlier this week, the death of a different William Perry sent rumors flying across the web that the NFL legend had died.

“I guess someone called Michael Dean (Perry's brother) and said that someone found out that someone named William Perry died, but it wasn’t the Fridge. Someone from Clemson called us as well and said they had been getting a lot of calls and stuff," Perry's agent, Adam Plotkin, said."He is completely fine."

When word got around to Perry that he'd passed away, he took to social media to let everyone know he's still around.

"I heard the rumors that I passed away online #SMH. Just wanted to let everyone (know) that they are not true and Im doing fine. Thanks guys!" he wrote.

Though Perry was a seemingly indestructible force during his golden days on the field, his health has declined in recent years due to Guillain-Barre syndrome, which affects the peripheral nervous system. The football star was confined to a wheelchair for several months four years ago after a brief hospitalization. Fortunately, it takes a lot more than that to slow him down.

Amanda Crum
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