Redskins Name Change Won’t Come Anytime Soon

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The Washington Redskins are at battle again over whether the team name should be changed, but it doesn’t look like a resolution will come anytime soon.

Washington Councilman David Grosso says the time has come to make a decision regarding the team’s name, owing to its “racist and derogatory” meaning.

“We have to change it, and I’m calling on [owner] Dan Snyder and the NFL to step up and do the right thing,” Grosso said.

Grosso has even come up with a replacement idea: the Washington Redtails, after the Tuskegee Airmen.

“You can still sing the song and everything,” Grosso said. “Hail … to the … Redtails.”

Grosso has drafted a resolution, which he plans to unveil soon and states that “Washington’s name has been dishonored by association with the word ‘Redskins’. Because it is well known in America and in nations afar that American Indians have experienced utmost suffering and disrespect over the years.”

The Redskins’ name has actually been under review by the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board since 2006, when a group of Native Americans filed a case claiming the term “redskin” was disparaging to American Indians. Before that, the team went through a 17-year long case brought before the Supreme Court over the name that they ultimately won, so even if Grosso manages to convince the right people that things have to change, it could take years to be put into effect.

Coincidentally, a Pennsylvania school board was implored recently by a woman with Native American ancestry to change the name of their school team from the Redskins, as well. Donna Boyle says the board has shunted her case to the side before, but the time has come for change.

“I don’t understand the promotion of a racial slur,” she charged. “It may not seem important to you but it is to those across the country who have Native-American blood in their veins. The school district will survive a mascot change.”

Substitute teacher Donald Gallagher agrees with Boyle and spoke to the board on her behalf regarding the change.

“You not only harm youngsters the public trusts in your care–reason enough to end the old mascot policies–but this dispute also damages the reputation of your community,” he said.

Redskins Name Change Won’t Come Anytime Soon
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  • http://yahoo.com J C

    The Washington Redskins is a privately owned oranization and has the right to call the team whatever it wants. The government has no right or business forcing it to rename.

  • Paxton

    Come on…lets all get over this PC crap. We can keep digging up hate as far back as man’s beginning. Oh!!!! did I say “man”s” and not ” man’s and women’s…..you bet your ass I did.

  • BJ

    I think a name change is due for the Redskins. I mean really, they play in DC so maybe the Washington Liars or Washington Greedy, Deceitful baby kissers!

    • Belle

      Technically They dont play in DC they play in Landover MD. They should Change Name and Location name for this team.

  • Kevin

    They should change it to the Washingtom Foreskins in honor of all the pricks in Congress.

    • George


  • kevin

    i think they should keep their name and change their logo to a redskin peanut!

  • John

    The name is one of admiration, not something derogatory. People don’t name sports teams after something that’s looked down upon. They use names they admire. The name “Redtails” could easily degrade into something such as “Redass” which is what I get when I hear of morons who complain about these things.

  • Andrew Molina

    Yes as a Native American, they should their name … to the Maryland Redskins … be cause they played in Maryland , not DC. The Maryland Redskins and you can leave the tomahawk chop in Florida and Georgia.

  • Tori

    I am Cherokee and am not offended by the name. Everyone needs to stop being so PC and so sensitive about everything.

    • katie

      Just because you supposedly have Cherokee, You may even have a card, doesnt mean anything. Every real Native knows Cherokee enrollmwnt is a joke. Way to let 1/516th into your tribe. That’s not being Native and most definitely gives no clout to speak for the Native community not being offended by Redskins name.

  • http://yahoo Alan

    The Redskins name will change the day after Notre Dame dumps the Fighting Irish…which will be…NEVER!

  • George

    Grosso should move from DC and leave us alone. He should go to Dallas and petition for a name change to the Dallas Cowgirls or Dallas Cowpeople.

  • http://n/a Michael G

    So it’s okay to have a racist mascot in Washington but let someone disagree with the gay agenda and they are called racists? Hmmm??? Sounds like a double standard to me.

    • Gaysha

      I agree with you on that one……
      Our society has become a bunch of hyprocrites…..

  • Paul

    This is crap… The Eagles are offended since Philly is mainly city and they cant fly there

  • Jamie

    Wow..People are way too sensitive..Who freaking cares?

  • chet

    Change it to the Washington Whiteskins.

  • kimdi01

    Mr. Grasso, if you ant the team to change it’s name because you, for some strange reason, are offended by the prestnt name, then buy the team and change it. If not, shut up and leave well enough alone. I don’t really think you are offended by the name. Are you a Native American or are you just a politician trying to get his name in the media? I go with the latter.

    • http://Yahoo Bob

      AMEN preach it!!! And Mr. Grasso how about the blacks who would be offended by the name Redtails or is it not racist because it pertains to African-Americans or what ever you & PC crowd want to call that group of people today.

  • lee

    Oh give me a break…Everyone is so self righteous all of a sudden? If people are so up in arms over the teams name then GIVE THE DEED TO YOUR LAND BACK TO THEM! That’s right i didn’t think so..bunch of hypocrites Isn’t it more offensive that they were killed for and forced off their land then over a name of a sports team?

  • aaron

    How about the “Washington Foreskins”

  • Chris Blue

    Okay my last name is Blue and I am offend by any team that relates my last name to devils (Blue Devils) And although I am not an Indian (of any nationallity or tribe), are they also going to be changin g the name of the RED-Sox.
    And althought the ‘ Skins are my team, I like the comements by Kevin (foreskins), Alan (fighting Irish)

  • Chris Blue

    call them ‘skins and find another team to play called the shirts.

  • Ricky Sears

    Are any american natives complaining about the Redsikns team name? In Florida, Florida State University mascot is the Seminoles (a native american indian people) The Seminole People love the name and don’t ever want it changed.

    • katie

      Not arguing the logo. The name Redskins is offensive! To call someone or a Native Seminole is not offensive. Two entirely different things. Nice try though.

      • katie

        And I am Pawnee. I am offended.

  • James Forrest

    people who complain about this nonsense are anti-sport, anti-football, and anti-American, and certainly anti-capitalist. You people have too much time on your hands.

  • Greg

    I like the name just the way it is!

    • bill tatman

      come on people it’s only football no one disrespects the American Indian ( oh excuse me,) Native American. Get real leave it alone

  • stephen

    Now there giving RJ3 a hard time because he doesn’t agree with the name change . This pc crap has to stop and the politicians need to be flushed down the toilet head first.

  • Mark

    I think, since its DC, the name should be changed to the “Washington Libtards” and a jackass as their mascot.

    • http://Yahoo.com JJ

      i heard that

  • http://Yahoo.com JJ

    The name should stay and the politicians should focus on the economy or something else worth while………………

  • ProudNativeFromAZ

    Oh Brother…Not Again!
    Actually, we’re more brown skin then red…I think if you asked some Native Americans what they think…not many would have an opinion on this, because it doesn’t really bother us. Of course, seeing some dumb white guy running around in faux Native garb, is kinda stupid…Don’t do that…I get embarrassed for you. I used to be a Redskin’s fan when I was young, because of the Native American on their helmets, but yeah…I’ve moved on. I say ‘KEEP IT’…it could serve as a reminder to the politicians of Washington the way they lied and treated my ancestors, but how they are lying and treating ALL OF US now…my fellow Americans!!!

    • bill tatman

      I live in Arizona and I have many native American friends and none of them care about the redskins name. To me the name and logo on their helmets represent courageous men with honor and a duty to their community and country and represent the Native American in a great way. They participate in community programs they give lots of money to hospitals,charities of all sorts,feed the homeless, kids camps they volunteer their time to,I know the Arizona Cardinals donate lots of money to Native American programs and I could go on and on but what is the use grosso(gross) and people like this clown in politics will always find some reason to start some crap and they don’t give a damn what culture it is so they can get their ugly faces on TV after all without out all the bullshit they would be out of work we really don’t need people like this our Country is screwed up enough with the people running it.

  • katie

    Why doesn’t the article mention Suzan Harjo or the very recent Supreme Court hearing because the 2009 decision was thrown out on a technicality and crap.
    And to all those people who equate Redskins as being as derogatory as the Eagles name are immature and ignorant.
    And if RG3 didnt want to concern himself with race and a racial name, he should never have opened his mouth about race. Natives are still around and not a means to get benefits.

  • Tim

    Do you really believe that The Native Americans care all that much. I truly believe they have bigger problems to worry about than this.

  • Dave Marino

    It’s pretty obvious what this is about…some black guy using the race card again to benefit black people. So he wants to slight our American Indian brothers (all that I know thing the name is cool) in favor of a small group of blacks. The owner(s) of the Redskins should stand his ground or offer to move the Redskins somewhere where they are appreciated.

  • Captain Oh Wow

    Seriously – Grow up people. Stop trying to be so politically correct.

  • big dick

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  • warrior!

    I’m a Musculero Apache Indian,& I’m NOT complaining about the Redskins name,no way,as a matter of fact,I’m guessing this BOZO (Grosso)is’nt a Redskins Fan? I like the name exactly as it is,have Congress play the redskins in the middle of the field & who ever wins?? can keep the redskins name…HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!!!!

  • RICK

    If they could change the Basketball teams name from Bullets they can do this as as well….

  • Swampy Waterz

    You must be ignorant as hell if you think the name “Redskins” isn’t racist. In fact, the team’s founding owner, George Preston Marshall, was a known racist. He didn’t allow a single African-American football player on his team until the NFL forced him to in 1962. The rest of the NFL had intergrated back in 1946! And when he finally signed an African-American player, he made Bobby Mitchell sing “I Wish I Was In Dixie” in their 1st team meeting! Oh by the way, a band use to play a song called, “Fight For Old Dixie” at every Redskins home game. Get a clue, people!

    • john Wilson

      It’s “fight for old D.C” (District of Columbia) not for dixie.

  • Bonniigrace

    Politicians need to go back to important issues – I mean what’s next? If Washington changes thier name, then what about, ohhhhh maybe Atlanta Braves? Cleveland Indians? Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish? University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s Ragin’ Cajuns? Central Michigan University Chippewas? Florida State Seminoles, Mississippi College Choctaws, and University of Utah Utes. The list goes on and on and on. I LOVE THEM REDSKINS!!! Dont put the fans opn the War Path

    • Richard

      The fact that you associate “Redskins” with “war path” demonstrates the problem precisely.

      • Mark

        I hope that was sarcasm because if it wasnt you are a total retard! If it wasn’t it was kind of funny.

        • Bonniigrace

          Richard – IT WAS SARCASM! It loses something when you type it and Mark, I could be offened by the use of the term retard. I sincerely hope that you meant it in a funny sarcastic (dumb@$$) kinda way.

          Seems there can be no end to what does or does not offend people.

  • Mark

    This comes from the same people that changed the name of the Washington Bullets to the dumbass name of Wizards because someone didnt like the relationship to guns… One would think they would make the coralation between bullets and fast but they were too damn dumb to figure that one out!

    You know what Washington you dont deserve a pro team for the dumb shit you libtards pull. I suggest they all move out. Since they dont play in DC anyway call them the Maryland Redskins, case closed.

  • David Sands

    Does it really matter anymore !! The NFL, needs to change their name to the PFL-Pink Football League. Here pretty soon they’ll be playing touch football anyways, cause the Commissioner is a total sissy.

  • Mark

    Whats next PETA contesting every team named after an Animal because it promotes animal abuse?

  • John F.

    Hey Grosso! Do you even know the history of the Redskins?! I’m an old BALTIMORE Colt season ticket holder (who now is a fan of the Ravens)and was born and raised in Baltimore for 63 years. Even I know the team used to be the Boston Redskins and their head coach in 1933 was Lone Star Dietz, a NATIVE AMERICAN!!!!! Having been to D.C. countless times, I suggest you concentrate your efforts on cleaning up your rat hole of a city, a city that without the fact it’s the nation’s capitol would be in deeper crime and disrepair than what it is.

    • Mark

      Bravo John

      • John F.

        Thanks Mark, I had to get it off my chest. These local pols who don’t have the gonads to fix what IS broken in their cities always tackle fluff that doesn’t mean s##t to a tree.

  • Ashby H. Mason

    I am of Native American Ancestry and I see no reason for them to change their name. There are a lot more important issues for these dim-witted politicians to concern themselves over that affects all of us, regardless of Creed, than this. People who let something this trivial upset them attach too much importance to themselves or just have too much free time on their hands. Find a cause that matters so you can use your time to greater avail!

  • Harold

    If I were the Redskins owner, I would tell the City Council, “Sure — I’ll be happy to change the name of the Washington Redskins. How does “the Los Angeles Redskins” sound?” Anyway, the problem isn’t with the name Redskins — heck, there are redskin potatoes, after all. To me, the problem is with the logo, which has an Indian on it. Make the logo a redskin potato and everyone is happy.

  • Leslie

    I believe we can compromise on a name that represents both the current logo and the demographic in the DC area.

    I propose, ‘The Uncle-Tomahawks’.

    Thank you very much.

  • john cobb

    Racist huh? If you are racist you would never, ever use the name of the group of people you are racist against to proudly represent your team to fans you want to support you and buy tickets to go see your games. I guess the Philadelphia Eagles are against eagles then, too huh, so that is why they called themselves the Eagles. I guess the Dallas Cowboys hate and are racists towards cowboys and that is why they call themselves the Cowboys. Oh and damn those Miami Dolphins for hating Dolphins so badly that they used the name Dolphins in their name. Grow up people and find something useful to do with your time instead of playing these dumb children’s games.

  • John

    What is a “disgrace” to our nation is the way our once-great cities, including Washington, D.C., Detroit, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Atlanta, Birmingham, Cleveland, the list goes on and on, have degenerated under the control of black people. Councilman Grosso would be far better advised to inquire into that malady than to interfere with the intellectual property rights of a professional football team.

  • Dowtin King

    Hopefully the Redskins owner has some balls and tells this moron to eat sand. Then says if I offended anyone …..I am glad….go screw your self.

  • http://theolympiareort.com Jeff Rhodes

    The author tips his bias in the article’s lead. The controversy won’t be resolved soon? On the contrary, it’s resolved now.

    Just not with the outcome he’d prefer.

  • JayCee

    Councilman David Grosso appears to be the little boy crying wolf. Shouldn’t he be doing something productive in his community ? How does this little publicity stunt change anything ?
    Are there any American Indians that can’t sleep nights because of a hundred year old name to a baseball team ?
    This little boy in Councilmans clothing needs a life.

  • JimNasium

    Every time we succumb to political correctness, terrorism wins. This is JUST as ridiculous as the Devil Rays having to change their mascot because of a letter from a preacher. What lies in store for the hockey team from new Jersey?

    Look, don’t like The Redskins, root for another team. But in the meantime, STFU!

    • Stephan Volkle

      AMEN congress just can’t settle with fing up the country now they want to mess with the NFL. Washington Jefferson and the rest are rolling over in their graves the way this country is heading

  • http://econofix.com George Scott

    Suggest the “Washington Gollywogs”

  • Mo P

    Yes it is racist. Yes it is political correctness putting itself up there. To me it’s just a name, but I can understand if people are offended. I don’t see the “rednecks” as a team name… or a term referring to african americans, or of course caucasians… but i could be mistaken. “orientals”? “Euro’s”. To “group” humans with team names typically reserved for animals is rather dumb. These names originated when people were ignorant. Time to change it?

    • Rick

      Exactly, a lot of native americans like them because of the name

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