Reddit Grew Leaps And Bounds Last Year

    February 9, 2012
    Zach Walton
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Reddit is huge – that fact can not be understated. The site has turned into one of the largest hubs of information on the Web where people keep each other informed or share stories of life’s triumphs and trials.

Just how big did Reddit grow last year though? Reddit provided those numbers to The Daily Dot who made a handy infographic that charts the Web sites up and downs last year as it grew to the 35 million unique visitors a month giant that it is today.

It’s amazing to see how much Reddit grew last year despite its many setbacks. It’s a true Internet success story that is hardly ever replicated.

We here at WebProNews wish Reddit another great year of growth and hilarious memes.


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    • John Papadopoulos

      Reddit doesn’t like spam marketers like you.

      • Julian

        What he said

    • Bob

      Marketers should also be aware that Reddit is very hostile towards those that try to game the system and fool people into believing the content they submit is authentic and not marketing.

      All users hate marketers, and many of the more savvy users actually spend time and effort to reveal marketers and their ploys and shut them down. Then of course they also risk igniting the internet hate machine, and while you may think that any attention is good attention, you would quickly find out how wrong you are.

      Reddit has a legit advertising channel, people still reply and comment and read threads started by advertisers…so you can still get that traffic, but you gotta pay. Otherwise you’re risking a whole lot of trouble.

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