Rebecca Black Supports Mexican Presidential Candidate Enrique Peña Nieto

    May 31, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Rebecca Black, the dodgy Internet pop sensation that everyone loves to hate, has decided to bring her support to Mexican presidential candidate Enrique Peña Nieto. Confused? Don’t be. According to the Los Angeles Times, Black is half-Mexican, which means she’s qualified to endorse the man on his political quest to lead the nation. Okay, you’re free to be as confused as you please, because I’m right there with you.

“I personally think that it is very important for youth and teens to be so involved in politics,” Black stated during the press conference. “Even though I’m only 14 and won’t be able to vote for another four years, you don’t want to be 18 and not know anything about what you are going to vote about.”

Since Black doesn’t speak Spanish, her thoughts and feelings had to be translated to those in attendance. Her mother, who speaks the language, stays by her side throughout the entire video. Truthfully, the whole thing feels like some sort of bad joke, though I’m not entirely sure at whose expense.

“This girl is not Mexican, she is not well informed (on the country’s politics) and for the PRI to believe that because she is famous, young people will follow (her views) is almost offensive,” entertainment reporter Astrid Capon said in her videblog. I’m sure this sentiment is shared with countless others.

Is this some sort of ultra-bizarre publicity stunt to help support Black’s latest single “Sing It”, which hit iTunes on May 7th? Honestly, it’s anybody’s guess at this point. If you’re curious to hear what the teenager’s latest musical endeavor sounds like, investigate the video embedded below.

  • Jogn

    So she’s getting involved. Is there a reason i should continue to assume the worst about her? One bad song only makes you as bad as one webstory makes you a hack. think about it. and if she’s not mexican or is mexican or w/e she is as long as she’s not voting republican, i think she’s going to be alright.

    • Trevor Gowe

      Anyone making fun of this girl is a complete loser. She’s thirteen for ***** sake. You people are pathetic.

      • ac

        Exactly as to why a 13 year old is commenting on Mexican politics. Besides, the candidate she supports is best friends with the president Mexico had 15 years ago who stuffed money in his pockets, screwing the country over. Piece of shit Salinas.

        This candidate has also been accused of killing his wife and his party is extremely corrupt with cartels..

      • Juan Segovia

        Exactly. She’s thirteen, no actally she’s fourteen, and she says it’s good to be involved in politics, she doesn’t even know what she’s talking about. Just a stunt to get her more famous. She should not bee making the amount of money she makes. She does nothing but annoy the heck out of everyone.

      • Uh Duh

        Oh gosh. Who cares? That’s life and she knew what she was getting into when she kept making videos. Get over it.

    • Joon

      You my friend have no taste. You realize another reason she’s hated- because she is a publicity maker and nothing but an arrogant witch.(She’s also made tons of terrible songs following Friday too) What’s wrong with voting republican, Mexican politics is none of her business with the American economic crisis. You can work at CNN if you have a degree for god’s sake, your comment was so biased.

  • http://yahoo Luis

    It’s sad she doesn’t know a drop of Spanish, and the mother has to translate and also add other comments. So If you want to convice a spanish speaking audience and country, please learn some spanish. We are proud of your mexican background, but please learn the language!!!!!!

    • Astrid

      What is the reason you think it is sad she doesn’t know any Spanish?

      She definitely would garner far more credibility/respect from her Mexican ‘audience’ if she would at least learn enough Spanish to conduct herself (w/her Mom’s help translating just to ‘proofhear’) during this press conference.

      If you agree that she should learn the language when speaking to her ‘homeland’, then you’d agree that the Mexican Immigrants (both legal AND illegal) that try to make a life here in America would do themselves (and the existing US public) a great service by, at the very least, learning basic ‘speaking’ English.

      If I were to move to France, especially on a permanent basis, I would definitely learn French.

      PS – I think it’s great that she (at 14) is learning about politics as early in life, as possible. The sooner she knows that here vote/endorsement is a sham, the better (regardless of political party). She’ll soon realize that most, if not all, politicians are corrupt & will do just about do anything for money or political favors (which = money, in the long run).

      The old saying is tried and true: for centuries, one only has to follow the money, and you’ll almost always find some type of corruption (and there is usually an ‘elected official’ involved somewhere, somehow). And if accused of any wrongdoing, that elected official/politician is trained to ALWAYS deny involvement to the VERY end (and by end, the end being a trial).

      And if convicted, said politician usually only apologizes for not being able to ‘play the game’ correctly (aka: getting caught) instead of feeling any actual remorse for screwing the taxpayers or his/her constituents for doing a crappy job and subsequently becoming a convicted criminal.

      Politicians = criminals but most escape that label due to their connections, etc. It’s irony, at the utmost level.

  • USSpartan

    LOL this guy won’t win now with such a loser “supporting” him.. ofcourse i read it wrong and this is the election in MEXICO.. he will never win in the US with Black’s support *facepalm*

  • lantenec

    Another sign of the end times….

  • JEsus V

    I’m glad that she’s half mexican so that in four years she still WON’T be able to vote in Mexico since she’s American and not Mexican….i’m all “Mexican” but born in the US and can’t vote so it’s pretty irrelevant who she supports

  • http://mickeymouse.com Mickey Mouse

    Did anyone consider that maybe her mother (the one that speaks Spanish fluently) had a strong influence on Rebecca’s endorsement? Give the girl a break. She’s ADORABLE! PS. I LOVE HER!

  • msdjf jkjasd

    So, by the way people act toward Ms. Black, bad singing equates to a bad person. This is why I hate people in general. Thanks for proving me right every day people of the world. Die.

    • Tom

      You’re going to die? That’s so sad.

  • Scott C

    Hope she now comes out and supports Mitt Romney.

  • Albert

    At 14 she should knowe alot about politics

  • Courtney

    Dear Editor,
    It would be nice if you wrote and fact-checked your OWN articles. May 7th is long and gone.

    Unsatisfied Reader

    • Christopher

      It seems that “unsatisfied reader” means that you don’t know how to read…the article makes it quite clear that the song already dropped on May 7th, but perhaps this was a ploy to get people to remember her, flock to itunes, and purchase the song…weird how one tries to sound intelligent by judging others and ends up sounding quite the opposite!

  • m

    Well, aftr listening to her new song, I’ll give her “some” credit. She’s gone from hideous/annoying in her first song, to below-average-mediocre in this new song. So she’s headed in the right direction. Now if she would just take some singing lessons and learn to sing without the help of auto-tune (which they toned down this time), it might be an actual improvement.

  • Tom

    Clearly, this is not her doing. What 14-year-old girl actually cares about politics? It doesn’t matter if she is not universally well-liked by everyone. Her name is being used for politic support, which is absolutely ridiculous. Her mother most likely put her up to this and she should be ashamed of herself for exposing her daughter to the ugly world of politics. This whole story is just another publicity stunt.

  • Bleweyes

    Let’s set the record straight as you people should do your homework before you speak as well this reporter who spoke out. Ms. Black was born here in the USA. Her mother who is a Doctor came to USA after her graduation from veterinary School in Mexico. She married a white American Doctor who was against having their kids allow any Mexican culture as to not learn any spanish. But has many roots in Mexico from her mother side of family is very strong in the political arena. Ms. Black is very upset what is going on with the killings in her families country. As for a 14 year old to be concern and have the chance to voice her opinion, should be admired. As for you Astrid Capon from the L A times, I just don”t know how you got a job.

    • money559

      Are you 12? You seem to be having trouble with the putting together of sentences and proper use of punctuation. So before you criticize anyone on anything, learn basic English first. That way people may actually take you serious. Plus, don’t believe everything you read on the internet, you will fail in any real debate.

  • Jc

    I watched the video for only 30 seconds and aghhh burp!!

  • Larry

    I’m of half German ancestry, so I guess that qualifies me to endorse Dirk Nowitzki as the next German president, chancellor, or whatever supreme ruler they have over there. I support Dirk because he’s the only German citizen I can come up with right off hand. And I’m pretty sure I’m every bit as educated on German politics as R.B. is on Mexican politics.

  • Hikari

    OMG. The Mexican reputation is bad enough as it is. But supporting Pena Nieto? Rebecca Black? Do you know how stupid that pile of trash is? Yeah clearly you don’t, you’re too young. Stupider are the people who vote for this piece of S***!

  • Sweet Dove

    Here is very succinct and profound explaination as to why Mexicans don’t really understand politics. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKpqOilYsjc

  • Gus

    With Rebecca Black on his side, how can he lose??

  • Darcie

    No matter what this girl does, she is a magnet for Youtube dislikes and hate.

  • Alex

    OMG! This has to be the stupidest thing In the whole world. Ok so Rebecca had a terrible song . . .and a horrible video, shes still not hurting anyone. Enrique on the other hand, has spent millions on publicity, stunts and “gifts” such as bikes and other stuff in exchange for votes, and he’s one of the single worst people in humankind. He can’t read, he doesn’t know any foreign language, he was one of the worst governors in the entire country(and that’s saying a lot), he doesn’t have a plan for the country, he’s buying votes, he’s been kicked out from school conferences by students, he has the press lying for him in his favor and he can’t read! This guy is a complete moron! The country will collapse because of this idiot!! And what’s worst of all, stupid people will vote for him because he’s “pretty” FFFFFFFFF-