Real Lightsaber: Science Has Made Star Wars Reality

    September 27, 2013
    Tobias Roth
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Thanks to scientific advancements, humans on a planet in a galaxy not so far away have developed a device that bears a striking resemblance to the famous lightsaber that everyone knows from the Star Wars film franchise. What used to be science fiction is now starting to become a reality, due to the hard work being done by professors at MIT and Harvard. The technology is still being developed, making it hard to tell exactly what these tools will be able to do, but they are sure to be very cool and will definitely excite all of the Star Wars fans out there.

The new development was done by a scientist at MIT, helping to develop real life lightsaber molecules. He says the discovery could lead to amazing scientific advancements. The words scientist and lightsaber being used in the same sentence will certainly intrigue anyone who is a fan of the popular film franchise and we will all stay tuned to find out more. Vladan Vuleti, a physics professor at MIT said “We use laser beams and shine them in from 6 sides and these laser beams actually cool the atoms.” He has been able to bind together those light particles, or photons into a single molecule, according to CBS Boston.

The scientists have in fact discovered a new form of matter that works just like the lightsabers in Star Wars. CNET states that, when the researchers fired a few photons into a vacuum chamber with a cloud of extremely cold rubidium atoms to take advantage of an effect called a Rydberg blockade, the photons started getting close together and even left the chamber together as the first “photonic molecule.” It is the bond between these two particles that creates the new matter. Mikhail Lukin, a physics professor at Harvard, says that “The physics of what’s happening in these molecules is similar to what we see in the movies.”

There is no mention of turning this new tool into a weapon in comparison with the lightsaber in Star Wars, but Lukin also suggests the breakthrough could one day lead to technologies that allow for the creation of complex 3D structures, like crystals, made out of light.

Star Wars geeks shall celebrate the victory, as lightsabers will no longer be simply a thing of science fiction.

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  • Stephen

    Student: “But,professor, why is your lightsaber red?”
    MIT Professor: “I have not been myself. Lately, I’ve been feeling a little…bad.”
    Student: “But, master, you know the ways of the force. Whatever will we do? You are the only one with a lightsaber.”
    MIT Professor: *Activates lightsaber* “Don’t worry, I will make sure your death is quick.”

  • Rob

    Um so. What ever happened to using science to save the world? create food, water, cure diseases. stop pollution. etc.

    if u gonna do something from a movie. Make a Gundam or something like Pacific Rim.

    then ill care.

    • Boo boo the fool

      Gundams have beam sabers

    • Josh

      No, Science and technology ROCKS. I love future sci-fi technology. I wish we could fund NASA and other agencies here in the USA with BILLIONS of dollars (or even more!) so that could develop even MORE future technology..

      The day we have space-ships as a normal will be the best day mankind ever had.

  • Robert

    Can this “news anchor” not sound like a complete condesending slut who thinks technology is a joke? Find out at 11

  • Bry

    ^womp womp…

  • Scott C

    Ok, during the segment, Darth Vader is heard saying in a clip, “The circle is complete…” The anchor replies, “Not so fast Jedi…” Uhhhh, check your scripts, but Darth Vader is a Sith…not a Jedi…he WAS a Jedi when he was Anakin Skywalker….but he was a Sith at that point when he confronts and strikes down Obi Wan….c’mon…get it right for us tech geeks…

    • Monica

      Time to get out of your mommies basement Scott!

  • http://yahoo bob

    real bad idea!…..thinking really dangerous !

    how about a foam one with the best sound effects instead, lol !

  • James G

    The physicist told the reporter his discovery could make today’s technology 10,000 times faster, and all she got from it was a way to make her story relate to Star Wars .

    hahaha she seems kinda clueless

  • Steve

    They say that the light saber is a reality yet I didn’t see a lightsaber once in that video, except the ones in the actaul footage from star wars…

  • Reality

    According to Michio Kaku, we are a long way off from developing a true light saber like the ones in Star Wars. I am more apt to trust him than anyone. The man is brilliant.

    The problems are the compact power source and how do you make the beam stop at an appropriate length.

    Keep on researching though….. of course once they come out with it, there will be a push to ban them just like they are trying to do with guns.

  • Hmm

    If they have this technology, they reversed engineered it from a real alien craft because nothing on earth can create the power needed to sustain such a weapon and like the commenter said, there is nothing that can stop a beam or pulse at 3 ft. without it being surrounded by some sort of advanced tubing.

    Of course though, many of the technologies we have today were advanced by alien technology. We went from the vacuum tube in the early 1940s to advanced circuitry within 15 years. What happened in 1947? The Roswell crash. Oddly, that is when the NSA was established as well. Right after that crash. Read Corso’s book on how alien technology was put in existing research programs — that is actually how it happens.

    Everything is so compartmentalized that a scientist may literally get a package on his desk and have no idea where it came from. That package though may advance his research 10-25 years.

    • You Are Right

      We went thousands of years before we invented the car. Yet, in the past 100 years we invented advanced space technology, nano-technology, genetic manipulation, and many other advanced sciences —- we got help somewhere along the way.

      The average American doesn’t even realize what is on the way — there is stuff that will blow people’s minds. Yet, like you said, 60 years ago we were watching black and white TV.

      We simply got help along the way. I don’t know why people are so resistant to this fact. We know there are 100s of billions of planets out there that may have been around for billions of years. On earth, we pursue the exploration of space and the search for life. Why wouldn’t another very advanced society do the very same thing?

      People have no idea how easy it is to slip things into research programs. They don’t know how the environment works. In a nutshell, they don’t know what they don’t know.

    • I Agree

      There is nothing that small that could generate the power needed. Relative to the power source they have layering technology at the nano level but it is not that advanced yet. The beams also have to constraints 1) how do you stop them at a specific point in time and 2) how do you keep the beams from crossing each other (remember light will pass through light).

      In fact, another person mentioned Michio Kaku — he did a whole television show on this very topic. It was very interesting.

      I too believe there is reversed technology in a lot of products. We have really advanced in the past 50 years or so. Oddly, it does correspond with the Roswell crash. In fact, the Project Blue Book authorities did believe there was credibility in many of the cases they researched. Publicly they denied, but behind closed doors there was a lot of concern. There will be a documentary coming out next year about this entitled 701. In fact, Blue Book compiled well over a 1,000,000 pages of evidence in Blue Book. You don’t gather that much evidence if things are fake. Problem with that much evidence is that it is hard to go through — but what better way to bury the real cases.

    • http://www.webpronews.com Dylan

      Actually no, you underestimate humans. We advanced so fast from 1700 to 1800 it was amazing. Then once we had these inventions it made inventing new stuff a LOT faster and easier. As technology increases the speed of progress increases. Aliens… LoL. We are not retarded monkeys walking around not knowing wtf we are talking about dude. Seriously people are smarter then you think.

  • Doug Irvin

    DOH! The speed of electricity IS the speed of light! Talk about dumb reporting. Electricity may be slowed by the medium it flow through, but the speed of electron transference is 186,274 MPS or 300,000 KPS.

  • http://www.chimpout.com Captain Pinchard

    F**K you Mace Windu! Now I’ve got a Lightsaber 😀

  • Sean

    Cancer still not cured. Just throwing that out there.

    • Genius

      Good luck curing “Cancer”. We have cured some CancerS though…

  • Jack Trition

    Howard Wolowitz… what are you trying to pull off here?

  • c12

    May the Force be with you young Jedi knight Join me and the Power of the Dark side