Real-Life “Jaws” Off Hamptons Coast, Is Being Tracked

    January 31, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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A great white shark is currently prowling close to the shoreline on Montauk, and a group called OCEARCH is keeping tabs on her whereabouts just in case she decides to get closer.

There were several shark sightings reported last year due to warmer-than-usual weather–one attack in Cape Cod left a man wounded but alive–but because the water is so frigid this time of year, it’s highly unlikely anyone will be affected this time around. Still, because of the shark’s size–16 feet long and nearly 3,500 pounds–OCEARCH is keeping a close eye on her.

Mary Lee, as she’s been named, was tagged last September in Cape Cod and later made her way down to Florida, but she’s managed to swing back up north in a fairly short amount of time.