Reagan Daughter’s Lesbian Novel Self-Published on Kindle

    March 22, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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It turns out that not even having a U.S. president for a father can guarantee a publishing contract.

This week, Patti Davis, born Patricia Reagan, self-published a novel in the Kindle book store. Titled Till Human Voices Wake Us, the book deals with a woman’s lesbian relationship with her sister-in-law. From the book description on Amazon:

In the empty days after her son’s death, left alone in her grief by her husband, Isabelle Berendon falls in love with the unlikeliest person in the world: her sister-in-law.

Davis has previously written 8 books, including The Long Goodbye, which chronicled her father’s, Ronald Reagan’s, battle with Alzheimer’s disease. Now that she has penned a fictional novel (and one dealing with lesbianism at that), she states in her author biography that she finds herself in the same boat as other authors who can’t get an offer from a publishing house. However, she is also embracing the self-publishing model that ebooks are making more possible:

I’ve written a lot about my famous family, the Reagans — maybe this non-autobiographical novel was too much of a departure for publishers to wrap their heads around. But now there is KDP and the room to publish a book yourself. It’s exciting to me — a new era in publishing. Most writers have books they have labored over for years and long to put out into the world. Till Human Voices Wake Us is one of those books.

  • http://google Lynell Lentz

    She is just a nut….

  • Susan j. Sager

    Well, Lynell, you said it straight on. And, please, NO ONE give me that balderdash about how “she is still trying to find herself.”

  • Chase Sheridan

    Congratulations, Patti Davis! I find it almost unbelievable that no one would publish it, not so much because of the author’s name, but she has already published successful books…..why would they think they wouldn’t make money on this story? I have a Nook, but I will go get a Kindle if that’s what it takes to buy Patti’s new book.
    Looking forward to reading the story….

    • Robert Monrocsol


      Gay people will not go back into their closets. It does not matter one fig whether it written in the bible. The bible is a fairy tale book and to take it that seriously, does not say much about you.


  • http://yahoo Guadalupe Smitha

    So this one says shes a lesbian. Who give a crap. If on one gave homosexual’s and lesbians advertisement they would go back in hiding.
    They are an abonimation to God. The Bible clearly states quote:
    “A man shall not woth a man or a woman with a woman”

    • Wes Ellis


    • http://yahoo Toni

      People like you do not have their own words. You are hiding from REAL LIFE. Get over yourself. I have never been in the closet I paid the price but LOOK who’s on TOP HA My relationship is forty six years.
      WITHOUT approval from ANYONE.

    • JBean

      You are an abomination to the universe – why don’t you crawl back into the hole you came from you uneducated, bigoted, moronic excuse for a human being.

    • JBean

      Oh, and Guadalupe – look up the word latency, and amoeba. Both apply to you. I’m sure you’d love to bed a woman one day, once you get over your lame ass homophobia! :)

    • Ray Workman

      If one should REALLY follow the bible, then no one should eat shell fish, slavery would be acceptable, and Noah really got on an ark with 2 of everything. The Bible is fictious!

    • Chace

      amen on the truth.

  • Lawrence Woznicki

    If the book is worth reading it will eventually find an audience and do well…
    In the end when it come to publishing one may have marginal “success” because of having a famous but the number of people that purchase material for that will be limited and the sales will die off quickly. If the material truly has merit it will last no matter who wrote it and why.
    I will her the best…..as I do to all.

    • Pamela Hirasawa

      The only conservative child Reagan was Michael. Michael may be adopted but he is a true son of Ronald Reagan. Patty Reagan Davis and Ron ‘Ronny’ Reagan are more like a preachers kids. A lesbian book does not have my interest.Sorry.

  • Sphincter Man

    I must apologize…I thought she said she liked to eat tuna tacos.

  • Debra

    Dear Patti Davis:
    Wondered where you & your brother went. Glad you take the Bible “so seriously” as someone commented; I know your father did. I will check out your book: The Long Goodbye, as I loved your Father, Ron, as a person and as a fellow-follower of Jesus Christ. Plus, my father also has been diagnosed with Alzhimers, and like your Dad, mine (Jerry) had a photographic memory all his life until now.
    I will pray for you…Deb p.s. You look a lot like your Mom I think.

  • Moe Trubble

    I blame president Obama and the liberal media for lesbians, Patti Davis and Patti Davis being a lesbian. I also blame him for my high cholesterol, I never had high cholesterol when Bush was in office.