Randy Blythe Arrested: Lamb of God Singer Brought Up on Charges

    June 29, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Randy Blythe arrested: The story has caused quite a stir withn the metal community, as it would suggest that bands are responsible for the actions of the people who come to see them perform. “Lamb of God” singer D. Randall “Randy” Blythe was detained in Prague this week in regards to a 2010 incident that left one of their fans dead.

According to reports, the victim repeatedly rushed the stage several times during a “Lamb of God” show over two years ago. However, during his third attempt, the individual managed to bypass barricades and security, leaving Blythe no other choice but to push the overzealous fan back into the crowd. It was around this point that the guy fell and hit his head on the floor. The man reportedly died later from his injuries.

However, certain details surround the arrest are conflicting. Some have claimed that Blythe has already been charged with manslaughter, which could find him spending five to ten years in prison. However, others are simply reporting that Blythe has been brought in for questioning, and that nothing official has taken place.

In an effort to prevent the rumors from flying out of control, the band’s long-time publicist has issued the following statement on the matter:

As no formal charges have yet been made and the case is only in the investigation stages, it would be premature to make an official statement filled with false truths or innuendos.

Having said that, management wished to address today one false piece of information that has been included in many of the news stories released so far,” she continued. “Under no circumstances was there a fight of any kind involved. This incident deals with a fan that three times during the concert jumped the barricade and rushed Randy during the performance. It is alleged that the third time, security was not able to reach him and that Randy pushed him back into the audience where supposedly he fell and hit his head. Again, until the investigation is concluded this weekend, nothing more will be released, but clarity and the facts needed to be addressed on this one reported point which is totally inaccurate.

People leaping on-stage with their favorite bands has been an extremely touchy subject following the death of legendary Pantera guitarist “Dimebag” Darrell Lance Abbott in 2004. Abbott, who was performing with the band Damageplan at a venue in Columbus, Ohio, was shot several times in the head by Nathan Gale after he made his way onto the stage. Gale manage to kill several other people before he was taken down by police.

In order to show their support for the singer, “Lamb of God” fans have started tweeting the hashtag #FreeRandyBlythe. You can sample some of their reactions to this story by having a look at the comments embedded below.

  • qweewqewq

    He is a killer. And should stay in jail

    • Omerta

      @qweewqewq Seriously he is a killer? The guy disobeyed the rules at the concert. People crowd surf and mosh at metal shows all the time. People get hurt at metal shows all the time whether they are in mosh pits or crowd surfing. If you do these kinds of things in your own fault if something happens to you. I’ve been kicked and punched and had people fall on me all the time at metal concerts. He did this two different times and security managed to catch him. He did it again and ended up hitting the floor. After Dimebag Darrel was killed by someone getting up on stage rules have changed at concerts. If you don’t obey the rules It’s your own fault. Every time you take a risk there might be consequences that follow. That’s life!

      • http://twitter Helen Gardner

        KUDOS!!!!!!!!!!! to Omerta, you ROCK!!! As for qweewqewq, The men with the large white nets should arrive to pick you up soon!LMAO!

        • Saintan

          You people are stupid. There is a review of that show that states the little fag from Lamb, beat this guy onstage then threw him to the ground. Get your facts straight you bunch of metal homo’s. Long live PUNK ROCK!!!!!

      • Scott

        One deadly incident in the history of metal, and suddenly it’s OK to use violent force to remove a drunk guy who is stage diving? Blythe is not a murderer, but his actions directly led to someone’s death, which is manslaughter. If he pushed a guy off the stage with such force that the impact caused him to die, then Blythe needs to serve time.

        • cheyne

          where do u guys come up with this crap seriously , IF THE GUY DIDNT GET ON THE STAGE 3 FN TIMES THEN HE WOULDA BEEN WALKING HOME the fault lays with him and him alone,
          id you have to go over a barrier then through security then climb onto the stage THEN U AINT ALLOWED UP THERE , sucked in to the retard and well done randy i recon , blame the actions of the real cause (a mindless idiot hat is dead through 3 times of his own faults)

        • Omerta

          Scott if there is a barrier between the stage and the crowd that means Do Not Cross! If the guy was so inebriated that he couldn’t control what he was doing and not obey the rules at the venue then it is his own fault. It is sad that a life is lost due to this, but everyone is responsible for their own actions. If anyone should be punished it is the venue for serving the guy too much to drink if alcohol was served there.If he wasn’t inebriated than the venue should have removed him from the show for his actions. Every action has a consequence.

    • JPJ3016

      How is he responsible for a guy rushing the stage multiple times and then defending himself? If you want to blame anyone blame security for not tossing him out of the venue after the 1st time.

  • http://Twitter.com Austin Garrett

    Please no Lamb of god is the only band in the metal industrey that puts out real music.We hope the best from the metal family!!

  • michelle

    Free Randy he is not responsible for what other people do, How can that even be legal?

    • JPJ3016

      Welcome to eastern Europe.

  • Rebecca

    It started way before Dimebag. John Lennon, President Reagan, Rebecca Schaffer…all killed or injured by crazy fans. If you love your band, show them the respect of not breaking the rules, disturbing the show they work hard to put on for you or freaking them out by acting like a nutjob. They have more then enough precedence to feel the need protect themselves as they see fit. Its utterly ridiculous he’s even being given a hard time about this. And if you question my objectivity, I have never once listened to the band.

  • http://twitter Helen Gardner

    “qweewqewq”, apparantly you are not a CHRISTIAN! GOD says “Judge not lest they be Judged”. I think it was just one of those bad things that happen. We are born to live and ultimately die. You cannot prevent it, if it is your time, life over. It is extremely sad the way it happened and also painful for everyone. My prayers go out to the family of the deceased, but also to Randy Blythe and the band. Randy blythe did nothing wrong by protecting himself and his band mates and his fans. The fan was wrong by rushing the stage, we all have a right to protect ourselves, and our country.Let Randy Blythe go free, as he should be. GOD bless to all!!!!!!!!!!

    • John

      Helen, you didn’t finish the scripture quote. You only used half of it, now finish it. Half finished, it’s taken out of context.

  • Rich

    Manslaughter is someone dying due to an act by another individual — u can’t just push people off a stage at least a 4-6 feet fall backwards and just hope he’s ok — security fucked up but IF this is true Randy Is in trouble. If it was in the states he’d be charged the same way — ive seen dudes get in fights and knock someone out cold and there head hits the ground and they die — that person catches a manslaughter charge — I hope this isn’t true though !!!

  • Adam Raines

    The f**king idiot shouldn’t have breached security randy had every right to push his stupid ass off stage. After dimebag died you CAN’T trust a f**khead jumping on stage ever again.

  • KREePyKiDD

    Let us not forget Vince Neil killed a person and only served 30 days and Sid Wilson from Slipknot jumped from a balcony and killed someone how is this any different I mean come on this had to wait 2 years before something was said for real??? #FreeRandyBlythe

  • t1darkangel

    RandyBlythe will rot in hell dam murderer…There is a dead guy because of that idiot.

    • Dr. Rock

      Dear owner of website, please remove comments that are stupid. as in the one saying that randy is a murderer.

    • cheyne

      no the idiot in questioon is the wanker who got on stage , if he didnt go on stage do u think randy would have pushed him, dont be a fucking idiot youself you midnless fuck , and i hope he does go to hell at death so he can have a beer with me down there and play some tunes \../ rock on randy

    • john

      you are a complete douche bag the reason there is a man dead is because he was completely childish trying to rush the stage not once not twice but three times what was wrong with that moron and what is wrong with you you moron

    • NY

      I see…so if some crazed person was rushing toward you unexpectedly and went past security and tried to get on stage with you (with possibly a gun or knife), and you pushed him to get away after 3 warnings, you would just let him attack you?? You’re the idiot that should be rotting in hell.

  • nefleheim

    They say manslaughter, I say self defense. 3 tries to get to them is a bit obsessive. Person could have had a shank or something. It amazes me that those who want to call Randy a murderer can’t see the flip side. When we go places, disregard the rules & safety protocols the consequences of those actions should be our own. This is a tragic event. No band would wish for their fans to die at their show or have any death laid solely on a band member. I’m sorry for the deceased and his loved ones. I’m sorry for Randy, Lamb of God and their family, friends & fans. However charging him for protecting himself and his band mates is taking a horrible tragedy and compounding it. I say set Randy free!

  • Justin Jacobs

    I would just like to say RIP DimeBag because of a fan who rushed on stage.

    Fans have rules to follow and why there is security there in the first place. If you pass security your obvious intent is not lawful therefore if greeted by defense of another person should fully be responsible for whatever happened. Fact here someone passed security, fact here someone died, fact here this is self-defense. Come Home Randy!! After what happened to Dime and I was on stage I sure the FUCK wouldn’t stand there and watch someone come at me.

  • bumbo

    Kill all the hebe lawyers. Fucking assholes.

  • Not-too-old

    It’s a shame that idiots can afford tickets! Elevate the stage where possible. People who came to see the show, that’s what you get, you SEE the show. You don’t get to be the show. This ways’t a mob situation, just one guy against a security team. He should have been stopped.

    • kenneth H weeks

      You body is responsible for there own actions, The lawyers are ruining everything for people trying to enjoy a little bit of life

  • NY

    I have no idea who this man is, but I felt strong enough about this to comment. Why on earth would a singer, who was obviously being threatened by someone rushing onto the stage, who was protecting himself by pushing the intruder back, be arrested for murder?? So if the man lived, he would be in jail, yet because he accidentally died, the singer goes to jail?? Warped justice.

  • Saintan

    I hope he goes to jail and is killed by the dead man’s fellow country men. He beat this guy over and over until he was so dazed he could barley stand up,then threw him off stage.

    • roadrashrob

      you sir are an ignorant ass! the dead man,s fellow country men should’ve had his back at the show…plus, if your that stupid to not fall back, repeatedly mind you…then your an adult and your responsible for your own actions.DONT FORGET DIMEBAG AND THE IGNORANT FUCK THAT ENDED HIS LIFE…ONSTAGE!!! FREE RANDY BLYTHE!!!!!!!!

  • Dave

    so, was he supposed to wait until the guy stabbed him or shot him or tried to bite his ear off or something? If you rush the stage that many times with determination, that isn’t fan…that’s a threat. This isn’t just some guy on the street, this is an artist…and how many artisits have been attacked, hurt, even killed by the very fans they entertain. Like Keith Richards said when he smashed the guys face who charged him on stage “”When a cat gets on your turf, you gotta chop him down,”…suck the fan died, but could have just as easily been the other way around.

  • set2failsdca

    Anyone who says Randy deserves to be in jail or deserves to die can GO FUCK THEMSELVES. Randy is a good guy and does not deserve any of this. After the murder of Dimebag on 12/8/04, why should he trust someone who rushes up on stage after being stopped by security twice? This person is not a fan. This person’s a jackass who wants to be seen. This person was responsible for their own actions and if they’re dead, it’s their fault, not Randy Blythe’s. Randy would never mean to kill anybody. Free Randy Blythe!

  • Matt

    At least it seems like the majority of people have a shred of common sense and realize that Randy is not at fault whatsoever for this accident, that’s just all it was, an accident. Hopefully common sense prevails and Randy comes home soon to his family and loving fans.


  • Descending

    Before you know it no one will be able to even drink at these shows. Underground shows used to seem like the crowd were united; fun in a very lapse atmosphere. People help people out when they fell or got into trouble. Now they just push, throw elbows and kick others like they’re trying to be badass ass or something. It’s their own fault when they get their asses kicked and if they get pass security, rush a band member then whatever happens, well they deserve it! Sure I have sympathy for the family of the boy that died but it’s pretty obvious that he shouldn’t have been up there. I say free Randy, electrify the baracades and treat them all like stupid farm animals!

  • Oscar

    Anyone saying Randy is a murder is wrong, he got on the stage and tryed biting is ear off, and you can see Ur not allowed on the stage, Randy is not response able for his actions, it was self defence, Yes I agree, the security could of thrown him out the first time he tryed, He was breaking the rules, end of the guy was in the wrong randy was not.

  • xiii13

    Yeah, totally…I mean, look how many fans Dethklok has killed?!?!!

    To be honest, I don’t like Lamb of God…I could go into detail as to why, but I’m too old to be starting arguments with children and such. Randy Blythe is innocent, and there shouldn’t be any question about that. It’s just another case of stupid people dying for their own moronic actions. We should all rejoice, for there is one less idiot out there…and I hope he suffered immensely before he died. All stupid people need to die.

    • xiii13