Ramses III: Throat Slit As Part Of Conspiracy?

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When researchers ran CT scans recently on the mummified remains of Ramses III, they found shocking evidence as to the cause of his death that had never been noticed before: a deep, wide gash in his throat consistent with being slit.

“The big cut is in his throat and it was very deep and large,” said anthropologist Albert Zink, who was involved in the research. “It would have killed him immediately.”

According to ancient writings called the Judicial Papyrus of Turin, the pharaoh was killed as part of a plot by his second wife, Tiye, to get their son to the throne. It is said that Prince Pentawer (sometimes spelled Pentawere) knew about the plot beforehand and, after Ramses’ death, took his own life after he went to trial for the murder. Interestingly, a second mummy which has been known as “Unknown Man E” underwent a scan, as well, and researchers now believe they’ve found Pentawer. Analysis shows this mummy was very closely releated to Ramses–sharing 50% of his DNA–and that the body was treated very strangely for that time period, as the organs were not removed and the body was covered with a “ritually impure” goat skin. These things could be related to the events that occurred before he died.

“From our genetic analysis we could really prove the two were closely related. They share the same Y chromosome and 50% of their genetic material, which is typical of a father-son relationship,” Zink said.

Although there’s still quite a bit of contention regarding how Ramses died–some say he was attacked by members of his harem in a revolt–the latest discovery is very exciting for researchers, who say it’s possible the throat-slit occurred during the embalming process but that it is highly unlikely.

“Before now we knew more or less nothing about the destiny of Ramesses III,” Zink said. “People had examined his body before and had done radiographs but they didn’t notice any trauma. They did not have access to the CT scans that we do. We were very surprised by what we found. We still cannot be sure that the cut killed him, but we think it did. It might have been made by the embalmers but this is very unlikely. I’m not aware of any other examples of this.”

Image: BMJ

Ramses III: Throat Slit As Part Of Conspiracy?
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  • wendy

    “that had never been noticed before: a deep, wide gash in his throat consistent with being slit.” REALLY lol

  • Mariam

    حاجة كويسة اننا نعرف اكتر عن تاريخنا الفرعونى وعن الملوك القدماء واسباب وفاتهم

    • brutony

      I couldnt have sanskripted it better myself!

    • Catherine

      I like Mariam’s comment the most.

  • kme

    wow glad we cleared that up

    • JPC

      I’m sure glad that the mystery was solved. After all, all of his family relations which with a harem as large as he had, is probably half of Egypt, will be glad to learn that justice has been FINALLY been dispensed!!!

  • OJ

    It was OJ

  • G-File

    I just wasted 5 mi of my life…=(

  • G-File

    I just wasted 5 min of my life…=(

    • Bastet

      Evidently you wasted it twice. :/

    • Donna Hill

      yep, with you on that one!!

    • truth-a-lot

      It took you 5 minutes to read that short article?

  • Nijo

    Now that’s a really cold case file.

  • Bastet

    You mean..he wasn’t killed by a gun? :O

  • doug

    Further proof that They should have taken away the guns along time ago.

  • Gregory

    Speaking about throats. Mines dry. But probably not as dry as his. Nonetheless,I’m gonna go get something to drink

  • Thomas

    Amazing what we learn with each new technological advancement! Amazing times we live in.

  • kaye

    and how many times had they xrayed this guy before……this is no new news people

  • http://yahoo Greit

    Maybe in a few thousand years, they will be able to figure out happen in Benghazi

  • Russ

    Well, he was a little mum about the slit business

    • brutony

      And who were his parents-Mummy and Dead?

  • http://webpronew.com hans

    yes…amazing…we can figure out how a guy died thousands of years ago, but can’t figure our how and why a US Ambassador gets killed a few months ago….amazing

  • brutony

    And then, as Dr Grisson said, after viewing the slit evidence,”I guess this mummy was a real dummy!” Bom bom bom bom WHOOOOOOOOOOOO ARE YOUUUUUUUU!!!!

  • Lee Duhachek

    Not the first man taken down by a slit.

    • Robert K


  • Ronny

    I hope this criminal is brought to just!

    • Ronny

      I hope this criminal is brought to justice!

  • brooke bond

    That means he was the Titanic of his time.

  • Wulf

    Even back in those days power and greed was in the consciousness of the political class.

    After 2 or 3 millineum man has not changed that much.

  • Bob

    Guy with 102 children and they name a rubber after him?

    • jill johnson

      Ha !! Good one :)

  • Robert Whitaker

    Mum’s the word.

  • Levi

    Pretty cool article. Good comment Mariam! Nice scripting also. The writing has a very artistic component to it. I think it is neat.
    المادة جميلة باردة. مريم حسن تعليق! لطيفة البرمجة أيضا. الكتابة على عنصر فني جدا لذلك. وأعتقد أنه هو أنيق

  • John

    Oh please….it was very common to remove the internal organs and slit the throat after death to get as much blood out of the dead person. They would then spread salt about the inside and outside to help in the preservasion process. All this from Wikipedia!

    • Kathleen

      Wikipedia isn’t always the most reputable source. While that makes sense, I’m sure they would’ve pointed out if slitting the throat was common practice. They are the experts here…

  • Forensic Patholigist

    “Deep wide gash in his throat consistent with being slit”

    I can just see the son’s defense on the witness stand,

    “look, dad choked on a piece lamb, we were trying to perform an emergency tracheotomy and things got a little out of hand.”

  • noah

    damn mexicans,,,,lol

  • http://Yahoo stacye

    It’s all a conspiracy by the US government to get us focused on some mundane historical data so we won’t be keeping our eyes on our politicians as they slit OUR proverbial “throats!” beware, the ICE Man COMETH!

    • http://soundcloud.com/dashiellhouse Dashiell House

      You’re awesome. Keep those guns

  • CeM

    Question: Could the cut neck have occured postmortem as a crude means of draining blood from the body before prepping it for mummification?

  • Gary Elliott

    Dang, we should’ve outlawed knives a little sooner. LOL

  • henrietta ramirez

    I like the comment about your throat been dry. I was just thinking the same thing. All that talk about the throat mayed me dry. Cheers! lol lol

  • STEW

    The song remains the same: Hell hath no fury….

  • http://scogostology.wordpress.com Scogostology, SGSG

    These researchers ought to said that their findings are speculations because there could be a number of other plausible explanations for the slit. Only an eyewitness to his death could say for sure what happened!

  • http://Internet Bernabe

    I think it is a disgrace that their tumbs were even opened in the first place.

  • eric

    people have already looked at this but all of a sudden this one dude says different embalming cuts the throat but now he was murdered? whatever – he wanted to die anyway to gain immortality – he got his wish we’re still dragging his name up

  • Hey Gee

    great news that we finally found out…..now what about Jimmy Hoffa?

  • tom56071

    i guess their was no knife or gun controll in those days it goes to show that politicans should not be allowed any type of weapon

    • Steven

      Oh-I see what you did there-yeah, I agree-no weapons for anyone, politician or otherwise !

      • Jack Russe1l

        No Steven, you still don’t see. Probably never will … dolt.

        • http://webpronews,com Minx


      • Jack Russe1l

        No Steven, you don’t see. You probably never will until a criminal breaks into your house and you have no recourse. Then you’ll begin to see. You’ll see that its impossible to legislate guns out of existence. The framers of the Constitution have a great deal more on the ball than you. They guaranteed you that you have the RIGHT to keep and bear arms. But, the best part of it is that they did that so you could keep the GOVERNMENT in check. Protecting your home and your family is just a little side benefit of the 2nd Amendment.

        • Madeleine

          You may be able to protect yourself and/or your family with your precious arms which the second amendment may or may not guarantee you but if you think for one minute you can stand up to the armed services of the U.S. in 2012 with your arms you best think again. Look back at Ruby Ridge and Waco. This government has ALL the best, shiniest and newest arms.

          Citizens do not NEED semi auto and automatic weapons, never did and never will. The NRA knows this (at least privately they do though they are too mired in their advocacy for the big weapons manufacturers to admit it), the American people know this…even some of the tea-bagging right wing extremist Republicans know it too though they won’t admit it either. The best thing for America is to ban the sale of semi auto and automatic weapons and CONFISCATE THEM FROM THE PUBLIC and no one will touch that with a ten foot pole. Then I would ask, “what does all this rant have to do with Ramses III?”

  • danny warson

    and >>>>?<<<<…..discovering America all over again???

  • danny warson

    and >>>>?<<<<…..discovering America all over again???

  • http://AOL Richard Grey

    It’s true !! Gun control even worked back then !! Not ONE SINGLE GUN in the entire empire, but someone still figured out a way to kill him !! On a serious note, may God bestow all of His love and mercy on all of the innocent lives that have ended as a reult of someone’s evil actions. God bless us everyone !!

    • Robert

      In this case due to the type of weapon only a single kill. to compare that to well over 20 kids is idiotic! If that young man who killed those kids was limited to a knife maybe no one would have been killed but certainly not what happened…you lame gun toting fools are trying so hard to preserve your use of military type weapons publicly…May we as a nation wake up to the sheer stupidity of such iresponsiblity toward our young!

      • Jack Russe1l

        How do you know in this case there was a single kill? In this case, you don’t. But we DO know that in MANY MANY cases multiple people have been killed without a gun. We also know that many more crimes have been prevented by gun-weilding law-abiding citizens than have been carried out. We also know that its far more likely that a criminal will come much closer to accomplishing his objective if he meets no armed resistance. Chicago, New York, London, all have very stringent gun restrictions and all have major crimes with guns accompanied by citizens who can do nothing to protect themselves if they obey the law. That is madness, and Robert, you are mad.

      • Eric

        but you are forgetting that 27 children were kikked in china by knife on the same day

    • Jerry

      This isn’t about guns, Sherlock. Word of advice: posting your rants on non-political boards will always make your side look idiotic.

  • Adrian

    Who really gives a shit who killed this asshole 5 thousand years ago sounds to me like you are running out of news to report. Thats like digging up arafat. Be happy the bastards are dead and let them rot.

  • crackheadhoe

    really no 1 gives a damn

  • Melinda

    that is very interesting. I wish I could know what happened to Ramses I and Ramses II.

  • Jim Burke

    I think we can find alot better thing to do with noney then figure out wha killed a damn Pharoah from 5000 f’ing tears ago. So what if some bitch sliced his throat. Oh well, Sucked to be him i guess, and his kid plotted it, Sound like some reality show, probably be on the nexy episode of Hardcore Pawn or Lzard F’ing Lick towing. HOW CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • snt

      Burke… How stupid and ignorant you must be. First of all,alot is not a word. It’s a lot. You need to spell check and proof read your postings before pushing enter. 5000 what? The only words you spelled right are names of reality shows. How about doing yourself and the world a favor-read a book. This is History and possible ancient answers.

  • oripa


  • http://http//www.yahoo.com oripa

    What is the issue here, he died thousands of years ago, why bother.

    • http://yahoo Debra LaPierre

      He was probably removed by his wife so through her son she could run the show but obviously with the son also killed that did’nt happen. The rest will be speculation.

    • Mark

      Some people thirst for knowledge, while others troll on internet message boards.

  • OldCat


    Evidence shows that there’s a %50 chance I just crapped my pants.

  • SeanyJ

    This is very interesting and shows great history. Money well spent.



  • Shirley

    You know, all this happened thousands of years ago……………….why are we wasting money and time on this????Put the time and money to better use.

    • Niel

      There is a saying that goes: “In order to arrive to the future, one should know the past…” Knowing the past (history), today, enables one to better prepare or to plan for the future.

    • anderson williams

      As a history buff I found the article fascinating. I can understand why many of you do not share my interest what I can’t understand is why you choose to villify the scientists and historians who share my interest. If you don’t care what happened to Ramses III why not just ignore the report?

    • jake the snake

      you bunch of liberal democrats, tell us dumb republicans this… besides the air you breathe, what is FREE?

  • sal

    Who gives a shit?

    • Lori

      I see there are a number of third grade dropouts making really ignorant comments on this site.

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