Rambo: The Video Game Gets Another Trailer

    November 5, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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It would have been easy to forget that Rambo: The Video Game was unveiled back in July. The game’s first trailer was met with scorn for its dated visuals and lack of gameplay. In the months since then gamers have been treated to plenty next-gen game footage that makes Rambo seem like a joke.

However, the game is still alive and publisher Reef Entertainment has been working on the game ever since (though the game’s release date seems to have been pushed back to early 2014 from it’s original launch window of sometime this winter). In fact, Reef is offering gamers the chance to get a limited edition bobble head-looking Rambo figure for pre-ordering the game.

A second trailer for Rambo was released today, showcasing the gameplay fans can expect when the game is released. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that the game’s visuals have improved in the past few months:

As the trailer shows, Rambo: The Video Game will cover the first three theatrical Rambo movies – First Blood, Rambo: First Blood Part II, and Rambo III.

If the lack of gameplay in this gameplay trailer seems confusing, keep in mind that Rambo is being billed as a “fixed perspective” first-person shooter. In layman’s terms, this means most of the game will probably be an on-rails shooter resembling older arcade games such as Time Crisis or The House of the Dead. In addition to the obvious machine gunning, the game is touted as offering “stealth killings” and “knife-play.”

  • http://www.flaminghotmedia.com FHM

    I read about this game a while ago, and thought they were just trying to cash in… maybe they are, but the game play in the video looks not bad. It’s not as slick as some game, and I’m sure this could be tidied up, but I’m looking forward to playing. Loved the film series.

  • http://www.disney.com Jimminy Snippit

    this trailer looks like it came from maybe 2006. honestly who would play an on-rails shooter on a console in 2013? ESPECIALLY without some sort of light gun.

    • http://I JasonLewis

      Have been looking forward to this game since I first came across it on the web. Then I saw the first trailer of it, admittedly it looks a little dated compared to the new systems on the market at the moment but guys come on,this is Rambo, I grew up with this one man killing machine & nothing you say will make me not purchase this game